Медведев – Зверев 2:0 прогноз|13.10.2019|Medvedev – Zverev 2:0

November 5, 2019

I welcome all tennis lovers
world tour and now practically Shanghai final match ends
tournament and Daniel Medvedev will meet against alexander zverev you are on the channel
sports betting marca let’s see on how
tennis player went to this finale on October 9 the beast in playing against shardy fats we
see that match lasted quite a long time
because the tie-break was played and everything could have turned out differently here if
chardy jeremy at least one tie-break took but it’s worth noting that the animals
showed character and won with a score of 2 0 a day later, the animals meet with Andrew
ruble first set he wins 6: 0 and makes it clear that in this meeting
beasts and in the second set will be able to gain victory but again we see that in
the second set of rubles imposed by the struggle and everything comes to a tie-break again
Further, on October 11, the beast already occurs with Roger Federer here
first remains for the beast but already in second in tiebreaker
turns out to be stronger Roger that Federer may after the second set
to break outcome win the match but beast again
shows character and wins with 2: 1
October 12th plays against berretini and wins in two sets the principle of the match
it was clear that the animals were much better ready and in terms of physics in terms of
mastery of the bears we played nasty norri cameron easy match and
victory 2-0 and on October 10 follows match against vasheka wrote here as well
the first set is pretty stubborn 9: 7 in a tie break and, accordingly, a victory
2: 0 a day later, another bear will win against they are not the first set occupied by in
the second had to torment her again was not close but missed missed not a tiger
and accordingly lost 2-0 and the most probably such a key match it was
match against tsitsipasa here 1 we have a tie-break after the bear but the second
he managed to replay 5: 7, respectively 0: 2 it seemed that the beast had a path
a little more complicated here and Federer here and chardy fats and here but Medvedev also
had their worthy rivals in the face tsitsipasa and fognini and therefore I
I think that this finale will be equal rivals in bears representatives
Russia beast representatives
Germany you see that in the ranking they almost next to each other beasts
one year younger and therefore not clean in these everything is ahead but now let’s move on
for bets, I think that in such confrontation must choose a head start
since we already have a personal confrontation tennis players have we see that in all
beast beasts and beasts I think understands how to play against Medvedev
Medvedev has something to strive for he will win this match personally I will
cheering for him but still put on Beast odds +1.5 coefficient
1.54 patency of this option i I estimate as much as 90% I do not believe that
dry beast can lose but you write your opinion in the comments
like it and the review was helpful subscribe to the channel and up to new

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