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Обзор BIG DIPPER 4 – что YINHE сделали для топспин-ориентированной игры?

December 9, 2019

My greetings to all
table tennis lovers! Hello! I think, it’ll be a holiday for
table tennis lovers, as well as for us. We are going to try long-
expected Big Dipper 4 by Yinhe. Big Dipper 4, as you know,
Big Dipper is constellation. It’s about astronomic
terminology of this firm. Sergei, it’s 4th version,
so what do you expect from it? Everything moderates, so which way did Yinhe decide to move? I think it’ll be like explosion,
equal to supernova explosion. I hope so. Quite philosophical answer. I think, most think, that it’ll be faster,
stronger and with more spin. And with more control. What do you think?
Will it be so? I guess, we shall check it. On what are we going to try it? We are going to try it on beautiful yellow
blade by Yinhe – 970XX kevlar carbon. With 38 and 40 angles degree to check
the softest and the hardest sponges. Won’t it be hard for you, 40 degrees? I get used to it. But it’ll be
hard for Chinese players, I guess (kidding 🙂 Let’s start with pushes. Let’s go. Let’s try. Usually, before trying
some rubber and blade, we play for a few
weeks or even months, to understand all the nuances. Considering, that Sergei has played a long time
with previous version, we decided to put on new rubbers at once. So there are our very fresh impressions. So, Sergei, pushes.
38 and 4 degrees? It’s hard to see the difference
between these two degrees, and between new and old versions… I want to emphasize short game. It feels great. Even after shortening,
Maxim directed a few balls into the net. – So spin is good.
– Yeah, the spin is great. So the short game was at high level. And chops for defenders may be great as well. You may play superheavy
underspin with long move. You know best,
as you are a defender (kidding 🙂 Let’s try drive.
No spin game, etc. Let’s see. Before Sergei speaking
about his thought on drive, I want to say, that it was hard for
me to play with pip-in rubbers. I had to train. So, Sergei, what may you say? Of course the bounce of Big Dipper
in no spin game is not fast. As the rubbers are hard. And it was very controlling. It was more comfortable for
me to play with 40 degrees. The ball was more energetic. And I remember, when I started
to play with new-from-package Big Dipper, half of the balls were
in the net after drives. But here the balls weren’t in the net. Yeah, they flew away from the table. So, this aspect was improved. I don’t think that creators of Yinhe
thought about improving drives. Or no spin game. Especially considering players. Players, who play top spins. So, let’s try topspins. It’s interesting, who tries
topspins: people or robot? Well, now you are going to try. So, topspins. Let’s see. As you see, Sergei is breathing hard, so… that’s why I advise putting on pips. So, Sergei, topspins.
Balls were heavy. There aren’t pushes and drives. Balls good, both in 38 and 40 degrees. What may you say? This rubber was created for topspins. And with correct technique,
the ball will fly very fast, like lightning. Any tensor rubber will not allow it. Okay, Yinhe sometimes creates
36 and 39 degrees rubbers. And they are completely different
rubber, despite the same name. That’s why there are amplifi-
cations: soft, medium, hard. here we have 38 and 40. What may you say? Here situation is different,
as rubbers are almost alike. 38 degrees rubber has softer sponge. And has more control. 40 degrees is harder and faster. But speaking about difference,
they are not very different. There are only slight variations. I know you don’t play with such rubbers BH,
But I would like to try topspin BH. I want you try BH looping. I want to note, that on
the package it’s written for FH. Not everyone knows what it means. So, let’s try topspin BH. Well, you even scored in BH. It was quite powerful. What may say about difference? I saw it was powerful, maybe,
harder, though you scored. Well, I didn’t get used
to play BH with such rubbers. But I know, many players
put on hard rubbers to play BH. I would advise this rubber those
players, who like to spin with pauses. Not from the table, but who like
to come off from the table. One may put on Big Dipper BH
and FH, and play heavy loops. It was more comfortable for
me to play with 38 degrees. As I got used to playing with softer rubber BH. But it’s subjective thought. From what I saw, there wasn’t
any difference in counterspin. Now we are going to try
Big Dipper 4 in opening attack. It’s also interesting to try 38
and 40, hard and soft sponges. To see it in opening attack. Let’s see. It was again powerful and strong. – What may you say?
– Maybe it was all me? Maybe you. So what
may say about difference? I don’t want to deceive
viewers and myself. In loops against pushes there was
no difference between 38 and 40. You just hit with all strength
and opponent comes to pick the ball near the wall. Both 38 and 40 degrees. I think technique is important here. Of course. I also liked to play spinny loops. Some players calls it
(untranslatable). (means very bad for the opponent) (opponents can’t cope with it and don’t like it) – Let’s then try countertopspins.
– Yeah. I think it must be
the most interesting to try. Sergei, it’s known, that counterspin
is one of the most difficult moves, the ball may be at high or low trajectory,
in the edge of the table or in the middle of it. What may you say about counterspins?
As these rubbers were created for this move? I may say, that playing with Big
Dipper requires some mental practice. – Mental?
– Yeah. You should develop in yourself
braveness, confidence in topspin… I forgot what wanted to say. I wanted to say, that you should
move your hand forward bravely. with conviction So you want to say, if your hand shivers, like,
you think you’ll return somehow, – the ball will fall.
-Yes, probably. Yeah, most likely,
the ball will fall in the net. You have to counterspin confidently
and bravely after a pause. If you try to fluff up, you will fail. So, 38 or 40? I would choose 40, but it’s subjec-
tively. You should try on your own. – So, for you for counterspins 40 degrees is better.
-Yeah. Let’s conclude then. Sergei, I took your blade,
so, 40 and 38 degrees. And with 38 jump-off is higher. But 40 has more spin. So, there is a classic idea: softer one has more
speed, but less spin. But the difference is minimal. Sergei, so what may
you say about Big Dipper? I would like to, not compare, but to make
an analogy with an old Big Dipper. Like, people would ask, what for I need
new Big Dipper, if there is old one? Why shouldn’t I buy old one? There is an answer:
you shouldn’t buy the new either. It’s not the revolutionary
discovery in the table tennis world. It’s just another good rubber. It even
has different name – Big Dipper 4. That’s why, may be it will suit you:
you will add strength and spin. May be old Big Dipper suited you better, and new one won’t be so pleasant. So I can’t say to throw away all
old rubbers and buy this one. It’s a matter of taste. Okay, Sergei, we are
talking about hybrid. It’s a hard rubber,
for counterspins, as you said, you should spin confidently etc. In this wide array of, I don’t know, Hurri-
canes, other hard sticky rubbers, which place does it take? Firstly, it will suit two
categories of people – uncompromising…
– You meant players. Yes, categories of players, not people. So the first category is uncompromising topspin lovers, attackers, who heavily topspin
FH from 3/4 of the table. And the second category…
I know many amateurs, who don’t move much
and don’t spin heavy, but who like Big Dipper due to its effect. Which effect? Well, you may play
inconvenient (for the opponent) block, placement or even chopblock due to its
stickiness and hardness. Play heavy topspin, or play
topspin with weak spin etc. So they like it due to this two poles. This rubber may be put on for
children or progressing players (not beginners) To learn them better spin the ball. So, there are many ways
to use this rubber. For defenders as well. That’s why possibilities are endless. Well, that’s it. We are Sergei Baranovskii… – And Maxim Cherepnin.
– See you!


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    Вниманию всех теннисистов! В нашем магазине сейчас огромное количество скидок! На продукцию от YINHE, DONIC, DR NEUBAUER, ANDRO, STIGA, Der-Materialspezialist, DHS, MIZUNO и многих других фирм! Заходи выбирай покупай и снова заходи! И друзей позови!

  • Reply PINYO B2 December 2, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    38 is too soft for FH but it can be a good for BH.

  • Reply Максим Вахненко December 2, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    А как на счёт того факта, что после снятия пленки накладка не играет так как должна какое-то время?

  • Reply BadArt05 December 2, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    Пожалуйста. Говорите чем играет оппонент, когда рассматриваете накладку

  • Reply Vladislav Vysotsky December 3, 2019 at 9:31 am

    Здравствуйте. Вопрос Сергею и Максиму. Что Вы можете сказать о накладках Apollo 5 38* и BD IV 38* , если их сравнить (тоже самое – с губками 40*). Пару предложений. Буду благодарен.

  • Reply Евгений Капуста December 4, 2019 at 10:34 pm

    Это Сергей Барановский?

  • Reply Sergey Semyonov December 5, 2019 at 5:27 pm

    Посмотрел… Отличное видео??
    Уже заказал себе Накладку…. ?

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