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【slice serve】Swing method for the players who are unable to make a side spin[tennis answers]

November 19, 2019

We have received an inquiry from our subscriber about a problem that being unable to make a good spin. I would like to explain for the players who are struggling to make a good spin even in a practice. The cause for the many of these players who are being unable to make a spin is that putting their focus on only hitting a ball. The player hopes the ball will travel far and move the racket towards the ball. However, in the case of a slice serve, the direction to swing through is
the right direction if the player is not getting used to it miss the shot or unable to touch the ball properly. This might be the case. The player is giving up because when attempting to hit a ball
but not touching a ball at all or just whisking or framing shot or miss a shot and considering he is not good at it then giving up on the slice shot. These cases are many. I recommend when you practice a slice serve, not to use a ball and practice only the racket movement. From the stance, use the flat face and when you want to hit a ball to the front the racket movement is from the back and comes out to the front like this. In the case of a slice shot, you are swinging to the right direction and the racket should be moving like this. The key point is the racket face is flat and only the movement is different not directly to the front, move diagonally in the right direction. This is a subtle distinction. If the side of the racket is at a right angle
to the ball, it’s cutting then become a miss shot. I suggest that the racket faces straight and only the arm moves to the right direction. If it is a flat serve, hitting straight like this. If it is a slice serve, it is like this. Practice this movement completely. When you are able to do this movement, start practicing with a ball using only the upper movement. Since the power is generated
by swinging properly from the position, it is practically not generating a power
but practice this as rising up the elbow and just swing. The position of the arm, if it is a flat serve, it’ll be this position but this is a slice so this way, diagonally right direction and position the racket
on the back against the ball. From this position swing the racket.
Make this position, toss the ball and hit it. Practice like this. The racket face should be straight. If you make a right angle against the ball
it’ll become a cut. This is cutting.
it’ll become a framing shot or a cutting shot. Make sure the racket faces the front. Not straight line against the ball, facing the front. If you swing like this
it is a cutting. The racket head is facing the front
and the direction is right. Swing through in the right direction. This is the movement. I’ll demonstrate it. As you can see, many of those who are unable to make a spin serve, the problem is always think that you have to hit a ball. Practice without a ball first to complete the swing to make a spin. When you complete the swing without a ball start hitting a ball. Thank you for watching this video clip.

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