September 17, 2019

【When table tennis players change their rubber】 I want to change a new rubber on the racket. ① They often think when they change the rubber. But when? ② They think long time. It’s now. Come on, honey. It’s enough. ③ First, they use a glue a little. Spread kind, honey. ④ They use a dish sponge
not use a sponge made for table tennis. Not enough! ⑤ Finaly, it is not enough. OK. I have to dry after this. Not yet? Not yet? ⑥ It’s similar to wait a cup noodle
when we wait to dry it. I can’t wait! ⑦ people who can’t wait it use a hair dryer. You are so clear, honey. Reday. ⑧ They use their arm. I will cut your hair. What? ⑨ It’s hard to cut
when the side of the racket is chipped. OK. I failed. ⑩ They are sad when it’s not good to cut. It’s timeeee! Practice!Practice! ⑪ The motivation of practicing increases. Good. Good. I’ll ask to a staff
at the table tennis shop next. ⑫ It’s easy to ask the shop staff
when the rubber changes.

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