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[배달이 배드민턴 리뷰] Badminton racket|요넥스 아스트록스 88s 라켓 두번째 리뷰

December 11, 2019

Now you can watch subtitles on Badminton Master tv with YouTube CC. Smartphones are on the top right Three dots, one and two, three Click on the part to watch Korean and English subtitles. You can watch. If you are on a PC screen, Press the CC button at the bottom Badminton Master tv You can check the subtitles of YouTube. Hello BB. I’m Badminton Master. I finally got my second review video on the Astrox 88S. I know a little more when I use the racket Racket’s tastes and Through the real game video We will have time to check with your eyes. First, when promoting the Astrox 88S, Lee Yong Dae said, He said that part. I have such experience I often felt while playing a game. Let’s take a short video. As you can see from the video, of course, If you concentrate and defense Even if it was not for this racket, it’s possible. You can think. But Especially when the ball was received,
the load on the wrist was small. I think that. The second time I entered the Yonex Korea site If you look at the description of the Astrox 88S LYD participates in development,
for the best performance of doubles players The original design, Astrox 88, A strong attack from behind creates an opportunity
to break opponents “From here” As a decisive attack in front of the net It creates doubles play to connect with score. In this part, I am particularly interested in the Astrox 88S I felt a lot of features. Take a look at the video. Finally, when evaluating this racket I think it is especially important. Head heavy type racket, Smashing me a little more than
I think playing back is weak Fly heavily, even with the same swing force You can press the ball a little more It’s not the style that hits hard from the start. Once, twice, three times Because I play with the idea that I can hit enough The more power I give I can press a lot of balls and The ball is flying strong against the opponent I had a feeling. Let’s take a look at that partial video. It’s the elasticity of the shaft. On the Yonex Korea site, Although it appears to be Stiff Although it appears to be hard, Compared to other rackets I’ve used in the past More, of course, Stiff Still more flexible, especially when defending I was able to confirm the flexibility of the racket. Even if I get the same ball, Straight line and once diagonally It’s a little less powerful, Of course I went this way More on the same power I had the feeling that I could send the ball sharply. One of the features that I think is a feature of this 88S It’s a holding ability. When I defend, Especially, I use it a lot. The holding ability to allow the shuttlecock to stay
in the head It was especially nice to control with this racket. And when I attack, I swing More flexible shafts make the ball sharper Able to fly. The elasticity of the shaft But because it is more flexible. Clear Even the same force when I hit I was able to swing comfortably for a long time. So I hit clear When I saw the ball fly, do not have much strength. Let’s take a look at that part
of the ready-prepared posture again. The second of the Arrox 88S into three points I prepared a review. Through the game video Look at the parts I felt directly with my eyes. I will look forward to seeing you in the next third review. Bye~~

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    드디어 아스트록스 두번째 리뷰영상을 업로드 했네요! 너무 늦었죠. 기다리신 분들께 죄송합니다.!! 저도 영상 올라올때까지 기다렸는데 갑자기 주차문제로 나갔다 온 사이에 끝나버렸네요. 아무쪼록 아스트록스 88s를 구매하셨거나 구매하실 분들께 도움이 됐으면 합니다!
    UAENA.상진 : 카운터까지..!! 감사합니다.
    사람 : 또 뵙네요~! 반갑습니다.

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