백스윙이 느린 이유. 테니스 라켓 빼는게 늦어!준비가 늦어! 라는 말 들으시나요?

December 10, 2019

because your back sing too slow usually we only focus one thing one by
one so even by sea I say what backswing to is slow right but you’re
one to into slow how you’re gonna focus on to ask you if you’re looking like
this easier watch it you stop you see ya and watching like this easier
to see oh this way easy yeah yeah la so why when you’re looking
the body you’re doing like that you have sideway only you can see you’re not
that’s why and then why you cannot your back swing
by your arms well back swing by a way you know
where’s the different this is your back swing okay but the standards one okay okay they say yeah this is your way this
is your way to back swing and try the proper way also you’re running like this
easier run right this way easier not that’s right so wait this one easier to
can see the ball ah your body done correct you see 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 let’s say you slow then also you see usually we don’t need
to backswing very big you see you ready like this right see when the ball coming faster you just
do like this right but when the ball very is slow how you got time right right low and don’t shake
are you moving like this there’s no need no necessary. standing in front

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