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유선호(YOO SEONHO) – 나날의 선호(SEONHO’s Everyday) #2 : 세월은 흐르고 선호는 성장한다│ENG

January 23, 2020

I can’t do it. Okay, I’ve done my best. I don’t know. I’ll shoot again tomorrow. Bye~ Seonho’s Everyday #Ep. 2
Time Goes By & Seonho Grows Up Experience is… Experience is
the Best Teacher Yeah~ Self lighting Hi~ I’m now taking a walk at night! What time is it now? It’s 1:24 am~ Yes~ Hmm~ I came out to take a light walk because I had ramen earlier. So, to help the digestion… Without this light, you can’t see me, right? (Talking to himself)
Yes. A person… Nobody will be here, right? It’s fine weather to take a walk! Let me show you my walking even though you can’t see my face. (Indispensable to Seonho’s daily life)
I’ll take a walk listening to music~ (So excited!) You can’t see me well, anyway. Let me see… Doing like this…?! We Can’t See Him But… He’s Thinking Hard Trying This & That Nothing can be seen. No point of filming it, huh? A Shot Filming the Air
(No surprising scene at all) Should I light it up like this? (A very beautiful neighborhood)
This is my neighborhood~ I can’t see anything. Maybe, later in the daytime again… Should I take a walk in the daytime again? Well… I want to film it now… First, listening to a song~ Nope! Just… It’s a bit harder but… If I flash the light to my face,
it’ll be okay! It’s meaningless doing it like this. Am I holding it correctly? Not backward, huh? Trying His Best Adjusting>>
(He’s filming it now) I’ll go around once or twice lightly. Wait, my arm hurts!? Wait a sec~ Gosh! Don’t drop the camera~ Sir~ Be careful~ Trying His Best Adjusting>>
(Watch out for feeling sick) Hold on for a second!! Trying His Best Adjusting>>
(Watch out for feeling sick) Handsome Face How can I pose comfortably? Wait… I think I’ve messed it up… Wait…! Can you see my face clearly? Aren’t all the scenes being edited out? I think I should come again to film it
tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Nothing is seen at night, huh? Gosh~ It’s so dark now, anyway. (Dunno how he’s filming it now)
Okay! Huh? Comfortable to shoot now? Okay!! Oh, it’s comfortable! OK!! I must have the light, huh? Oh, wait… As long as my face is seen well! I think I can go to the beach・ * For reference…
The best padded jacket is… TBJ Brand It’s kind of fun
to film like it alone, huh? Seonho’s Vlog, Ep. 01~ Ah! It’s glaring in my eyes! Glaring~ I can’t see anything
because it’s so glaring Sunshine~ Today~ Gosh;; So many after images in my eyes. It’s so glaring. It’s okay! Okay! Yes!! Gosh, I can’t do it. Okay, I’ve done my best. I don’t know. I’ll shoot again tomorrow. Bye! If I do this,
you can’t see me anyway, huh? But I can see you well. I’ll shoot it again later! Finishing the Walk;; Gosh!!! This is the way I can do it, huh? I have a night shot function? Oh, wait…! Why didn’t I…? Oh, hold on! Trying to turn off this phone!
No, what’s this? Trying to turn off the camera,
I pressed a wrong button, right? And I’ve found such a nice one, huh? Oh~~ Nice, right? Good! But… It’s too cold to go to the beach. I’ll go there tomorrow
putting on warm clothes. Gosh, I have a night shot. Oh, good, good! Yoo Seonho (18), a Citizen in Siheung
Well… Do I look like a celeb? I need to clean the lens… Ah~ This is the way I can do it, huh? Good, good! Why did I make my eyes hurt? Gosh… Such a cool function, huh? Which song should I play?
(One More Round Right Before Going Back Home) Oh, night shot, I didn’t know it. What did I do all along? Wait, my arm hurts!? Oh, hold on! Wait…! No point of filming it, huh? Okay, I’ve done my best. I don’t know. I’ll shoot again tomorrow. Wait!!! It’s Okay A Chance Comes Without Expectation It’s a good experience, anyway. The light is still simmering in my eyes. Oh, the night shot function is so cool! When I moved to this town,
how old was I? At five or six? A bit older, at seven? Anyway…! No, when I was at five or six!! About for 13 years, in this town… Though I’m not living here briefly… I’ve lived here for a long time! I become most relaxed when I come here. I love it here! Mm~ After raining, the air is fresher! Feeling somehow clean? MAKTUB –
VOICE OF THE FOREST(Feat. Lee Raon) The weather has got so cold. Gosh~ Time flies~ This place is… Adjust the Focus! This place is where I played baseball when I was little. Everyday in Elementary School
and Sometimes in Middle School It’s a tennis court. Leaving Memories Behind,
Taking a Walk Again It’s so dark here and I’m scared. Wait;; Gosh, I don’t think I should go there;;;;; So spooky, huh? Wait… Short & Quick Steps Getting Faster Looking Back Once Again and Far~ Far~~ Away~ So spooky, I think I hear some sound;; Safety First Okay! Now… The shot from my, my, my point of view! It’s like I’m a director, huh? (Tramping)
The Shot from Seonho’s walking point of view! On the Way Back Home… He Stops To Look at Something? This is the boat playground! I don’t know what it is called now. I think there was a big boat here when I was little. As far as I remember… Standing and Searching>>
(Enjoying the Leaves While Searching) Is it the boat playground? Dunno. I called it the boat playground anyway~ When I was little~ Dude~ There was a boat this much big! And the ground was not urethane like this~~ When I was little, it was a sand field! Hey, did you guys eat some sand? LOL The playground has changed a lot~ I didn’t have these rides when I was little. A Sigh of Longing for the Past Whenever He Comes Here,
the Neighborhood Makes Him Relaxed But with Old Things Changing One by One And Images of Little Ones Playing There He’s Going Back the Way He Was Heading for
Missing the Past It’ll be okay to introduce my neighborhood, right? No problem, because it’s a nice place~ Tomorrow~ I’ll go to the beach, to Sorae Port. I need to go around more often now. No? Yes. I shouldn’t be a stay-at-home. I need to get around・ A Day in Winter 2019,
At My Neighborhood Guys…! I am now! I think I’ve discovered my personal talent. Doraemon’s voice! Listen carefully! Again, again! Bam… Nobody’s here, right? Wait… (Imagining Seonho Preparing His Personal Talent
While Filming It) Bam… Wait! Haha~ LOL~ Wait, again! Bamboo helicopter! Gosh! (My voice) Too loud, huh? Oh, nobody will hear it?? My neighborhood… Haha~ Hehe~ LOL~~ Jin-gu! Haha~ Hehe~ LOL~~ Okay! That’s it- No more!


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