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제 23화- 원핸드 백핸드의 그립별 특징, 밸런스, 스텝 및 장단점 (Grips, Balance, Step, Pro and Cons of One-handed backhand

February 11, 2020

Hi! This is coach Juseung Park! Today’s lecture is on features of one handed backhand, about its grips, balance, steps, pros and cons. For grips, At the beginning, tennis started at glass court, continental grip was common. As you can see We can contact the ball with much opend face. This grip was popular in the era of older seniors, they are very much used to this grip We call drice(drive + slice) for it It should hit slightly like a slice shot. The pros of this grip is that it is comfortable to hit low ball! The cons of this grip is difficulty to add top spin and handle high ball. Becuase, if height of contact point rise, the racket face will be more open Second is backhand eastern grip! It is common grip for one-handed backhand It is be easy to hit low ball Also, would be comfotable to hit high ball compared to continental grip However, Contact point should be open like this So, it will be tough to hit high ball! The last of grip is semi western backhand grip! Wawrinka Thiem use this grip… As you can see, contact point would be flat faced! Natural angle of wrist will commonly make contact point like that It would be easy to add top spin~ And more the racket is also faced flat when hitting high ball… Often, we can dominate the ball with racket faced down! Nowdays, many player hit high balls often, for this reason many players use this grip! and high performance players prefer to use this grip So, you had better know the character of three grips, so you can play well~ And more Depending on grip and situation, you have to adjust the sort of things Acctually, I got a lot of useful information from coach Min-jun Jung who works as taster of KPTA… He explains theory that process of thinking is faster than sensing. when we hit backhand volley, the contact point would be open with weak continental grip! But when we hit chance ball with backhand volley, we change to continental grip from weak continental grip, and do heavy volley! we can change the grip in the short of the time like this… using this underlying brain science, we normally use eastern backhand grip, when faced with high ball he says we have enough time to change to semi western grip! Semi western grip is tough to hit low ball! So, we normally use eastern backhand grip for normal ball, and then use semi western grip for high ball By the way, when we approach this in a view of brain science, it makes more sense! We change grip while we hit backhand volley… Why not backhand stroke? So, if you know characteristics of grip and apply them, you will hit diverse backhands suitable for each situation. Let’s move on to physical characteristics of one-handed backhand Its contact is made at a bit more distant from the body So, it would be comfortable to adjust distance of the ball when contact, your arm has to be straightenend! The source of power in one-handed backhand comes from arm pushed through after the hit, left hand doesn’t follow with upperbody! As I explained in Biomec,

using opposing force, left hand should be stretched in opposite way! That’s how it helps to make balance. So, the balance is made on this body alignment, you should stay alongside after hitting That is the reason the body doesn’t recover as efficiently as a two-handed backhand but you stand still, or with the help of inertia, you manage to move like this! Therefore, relatively, one-handed backhand can’t use crossover step naturally, it is less efficient way to make recovery! But one-handed backhand has a few pros, in spite of difficulties in balancing, recovery, First, it helps to develop natural one-handed slice and backhand volley! Becuase one hander uses one hand~ And more Slice and volley are easy for one hander It helps transition to the net more naturally and easily! many of one handers are good at slice and backhand volley that is the reason why transition to net position is easy for one handers like Roger Federer So, many Serve and volley players are one hander! Becuase they find it easy to use one-handed technique Add 1 more tip to you in advanced country for the tennis They teach one-handed backhand to two hander players who are young, So the players practice one-handed backhand! Long time ago, KTA hosted a class of coaches workshop At that time, I asked to a instructor Why they teach one-handed backhand to two handers? The answer is… “we train backhand volley” “And backhand slice” I asked why it can be practice for slice and backhand volley? “Players can learn backhand slice and backhand volley naturally with this practice” That is the reason hitting one-handed backhand can help young players to develop slice and volley! And more, In physical view…contact point is made at far distance from your body You can hit the ball with slow feet Whereas two-handed backhands place the ball nearer, One-handed backhand can hit the ball with farther distance! I think most important reason is… As you see Roger Federer, One-handed backhand looks awesome! in a sense, it can be unreasonable reason Acctually, one handed backhand looks better. For the summary of the lecture, Continental is easier to hit low ball, But difficult for high ball. Eastern grip is comfortable to hit low ball, Also, high ball is difficult! Semi western grip is moderate to hit low ball, and is advantageous for high ball! That is the reason… Professional players use semi western grip or… Change the grip for the different height of the ball! The characteristic for the one-handed backhand in terms of balance… is to create power to use arm extention with sided balance when hitting one-handed backhand the body stays closed That is the reason we use opposite force with nondominant hand! And then one hander should balance by one leg it cuases to avoid squaring up the body immediately, but maintaining balance for a while, and then you can take crossover step That is the reason it causes recovery slower than two handed backhand If the ball comes into outer side, you will hit and then square up your body Originally, to make a side step for the one-handed backhand after finish is not natural! Pros of one-handed backhand is it is easy to develop one-handed backhand slice and backhand volley! And it looks more awesome! If you understand characteristics of one-handed backhand, it will be more effective to motivate learning one-handed backhand and to easily learn one-handed backhand Thanks!


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