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테니스 스텝훈련을 할 때 중요한 ‘이것’ / tennis step / 서정한 테니스 레슨 127회

January 24, 2020

Even if you run fast to the ball, you can’t create an accurate, constant swing or impact.It’s very difficult. Hello, I’m Seo Jung-han.
I’m going to give you a lecture on tennis steps today. Today’s class isn’t about how you’re supposed to be doing with your tennis step. It’s about the fundamentals of every step of the way you trainings work. I’m going to let you know. I’m sure that if you’re one of our fellow citizens, you’re training this step very hard, I think it’s a very small number of people.ten thousand But it’s important to train the step.
No one would think no. It’s just annoying. I’m sure most of you, your friends, are missing out on this step. Well, I’m just gonna have to get down to the minute. We’re doing the steps.
Let me think about the reason first. Why do we play side step, split step, cross over step and so on while playing tennis? To keep the ball steady and fast. And most of the people in this room, they’re talking about the ball in a stable, fast way. Focus a lot on “to chase the ball fast.” It’s right to step up to get more efficient and faster access to the ball. Don’t forget the word “stable” in front of it. Usually, you take step training with a sense of complacency about this stability. What it is that you train step-by-step without paying attention to the fixed force of the upper body. Not to mention when we chase the missing ball, when the lower balance collapses. Upper body balance too, if you go after the ball against a broken opponent, It’s very difficult to create accurate, constant swings or impacts, even if you’re following them fast. But it doesn’t make any real sense to re-create the upper body balance just before the impact. The first step is very important in the tennis step, just as the first step is important. So when I was in the step training, I was thinking that I was actually playing tennis. You need to train your steps with the feeling that your upper body balance is holding and moving quickly to the lower body. So let me tell you in advance that there may be a little over and over so that you can see the wrong parts. If you do a step training without holding your upper body, your shoulders will be limp and your up and down will be big. I’m just saying you can’t do this.
Your upper body doesn’t seem to be thinking. It may be a huge difference to the eyes, but it’s like this when the upper body is held tight. Only through step training can you feel stable when you chase the ball fast in action. It looks like your upper body is preparing for something. You feel that way, don’ like, right Same thing you do when you go next to me. It’s good to have a good upper body and do it quickly, but if that doesn’t work, I’m sure it’s a good idea. And even if you slow it down this way, you can feel the steps in a stable upper and lower body position. You should feel it first, and then speed it up more and more.


  • Reply Dan Smith January 22, 2020 at 11:28 am

    스텝 훈련의 중요성을 절실히 느끼고 있습니다. 좋은 동영상 감사합니다. 준비 동작이 늦으면 볼이 밀리는데 볼의 스피드에 따라서 테이크백이 달라야하는지, 대처별 테이크백을 소개해주면 감사하겠습니다

  • Reply Kim Bongin January 22, 2020 at 11:27 pm

    서프로님 감사합니다
    항상 핵심을 찌르는 강의 최고입니다

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    좋은영상입니다 감사합니다. 기초가중요하죠역시ㅜㅜ

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    현대테니스는 피지컬의 중요성을 강조하는데 기본스텝의 기초훈련 영상 참고하면 좋을것같네요

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