🎾 Top 5: Best Pickleball Paddle Review 2020

February 9, 2020

in this video you will get five best pickleball paddle if you want more information just follow description box link and don’t forget to subscribe our channel and press the bell icon to get next video finding the best pickleball paddle to suit your game can be a tricky task as pickleball continues to explode in popularity across the United States more pickleball brands are releasing the latest innovations in pickleball paddle tack never has it been more difficult to select the paddle that is right for you we have compiled the ultimate guide for reviewing the best pickleball paddles we look at a host of factors from player reviews affordability paddle weight grip core material paddle size and more ensuring that we provide you with the most comprehensive guide online for picking your next pickleball paddle and if you’re looking for something more specific we even give you our top picks when it comes to choosing a pickleball paddle that meets your specific needs let’s have a quick look on the top 5 best pickleball paddle number 5 Onix graphite pickle ball paddles Z 5 this pickleball paddle continues to be extremely popular in the pickleball world it’s solid construction is very attractive to players and used within the highest levels of competition the Onyx graphite Z 5 offers great control in a large hitting area due to its wide face weighing seven point five to eight point two ounces players have found this to be a comfortable weight for them the handle length is about five inches offering comfort grip it’s no surprise this is the best-selling paddle in the onyx line it offers great touch and superior ball control we cannot overlook its stunning design which features a honeycomb graphic background with a giant Z on the face of the paddle this item is available in several colors including yellow pink blue orange red purple green and white number four head radical Pro pickleball paddle this paddle is constructed to offer players high-performing features while keeping noise to a minimum perfect for a wide range of players the radical elite offers a larger sweet spot for power as well as a thicker core in an Ergo grip for great playability head engineers have optimized the tubular construction ot see of the polypropylene honeycomb core to create perfect playability feel and sound suited for all levels of play this lightweight pickle ball paddle features heads fiberglass hitting surface that offers excellent feel and ample power for the competitive player the design is very popular among players making their paddles standout for all the right reasons this paddle is available in blue gold red or purple number three pro light crush power spent the name as this paddle says it all it is a powerful racket used by beginner to advanced players achieving a great spin on the ball as one of the benefits this selection brings the crush power spin not only looks great but they are masters when it comes down to performance the graphic design of this paddle involves splashes of Blues to give it a vibrant look while it’s a great-looking pickleball racket it’s also very functional as well it definitely stands out from the rest by offering a light head weight for faster returns and smaller grip size to add control made from quad core temp our polymer honeycomb cell technology they withstand any challenges on the court it is lighter than the previously mentioned paddle weighing seven point four to seven point eight ounces additionally players will benefit from its durable SP int a/c surface designed to enhance spin control number two Onyx composite z5 there are certain pickleball paddles that will never go out of style and the Onix pickleball composite z5 is one of them this racquet is commonly used by players and easily accessible online and even in retail stores a Nomex honeycomb paddle with a wide body and graphite base it will most likely always be commonly sought by players of all levels about 8 inches wide the wide body part of the paddle is ideal for beginners since missing the ball are less likely it’s also a great selection for advanced players due to its lightweight but hard faced offering a large sweet spot this paddle gives you powerful hits with just the right amount of spin the Onyx z5 weights about eight point four to eight point seven ounces placing it on the heavier side it’s four and a quarter inch grip size is great for players that already have good ball control but need that extra pop from the baseline number one engage encore pro pickleball paddles this pickleball paddle offers several unique features and characteristics placing it on our top 5 list as you may already know engage pickleball as a commonly known USA based brand that designs paddles intended for this sport they are a leading brand when it comes down to pickleball equipment their products are used by beginners to professional players this paddle is among the best pickleball paddle for spin made from polymer honeycomb the skin’s material is fiberglass its design enhances the feel of paddle ball contact to maximize the time the ball stays on the paddle additionally the rough skin maximizes the spin placed on the ball additionally this paddle is categorized into the mid weight category weighting from seven point eight to eight point three ounces it’s medium sized grip is four and a quarter inches in the paddle face itself is specifically designed to allow for a good amount of spin when serving or returning shots you can purchase this in any of the following four colors black red purple or green that wraps up our top 5 best pickleball paddle we hope that after watching our featured items you were able to find the product of your choice that will give you a bang for your buck thanks for watching if you found this video helpful consider to subscribe our Channel if you have any question about these top 5 you can leave a comment below I will get back to you as soon as possible [Music] [Music]

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