😤TWICE!😤 #12 Every Premier League Manager Reacts

November 14, 2019

Every Premier League Manager Reacts! Matchday 12! That mistake from Buendia was a nursery mistake! So as a punishment… …from now on I’m going to make him train in a nappy! We beat them away! We beat them away! How BLEEP must they be? We beat them away! Pulisic scores again! What a player. He’s the most lethal attacker from America since Ted Bundy. Zaha completely disappeared today! The last time I saw a willy disappear that quickly was when I went skinny dipping in the North Sea. We were right back on it today! The intensity was immense! Though I hope none of the lads get pulled for a random drugs test Just before kick-off I made them all have three cans of monster energy drink and a line of speed… Holy ballbags! My goalie is so bad I’m even considering a January loan move for Loris Karius. The king is dead. Long live the king! That result hurts. I mean REALLY hurts! Even more than having a swab down your japseye. Well, it was close, but unlike my prediction, we DIDN’T draw 1-1 this week. I’m a man of my word At least we have Arsenal next. If we don’t beat them… I’ll eat my anus! We are staying up say we are staying up! I’m not getting sacked! Say I’m not getting sacked! I’m furious! We really should have stopped their equaliser! Where was our defence with the block? And where was Heung Min Son with the dislocated ankle inducing tackle? Crap! BEEP VAR! BEEP VAR! BEEP VAR! It was nice to beat a team like Arsenal – but next up we’ve got a much, much harder game. Against Brighton. LOL Good ebening. Good evening, Unai. How do you respond to the Leicester fans who were singing Sacked in the Ebening? Well they can, in the words of Granit Xhaka… BLEEP off. Just like I will be BLEEPING off in the international break. It’s time to go! Adama Traore. What a performance! That’s Exactly what I want to see from him. But only every 4 or 5 games. I don’t want any of the big clubs trying to sign him now do I? Dean, sum up that performance In a word… Poop Ole, after that fine win, do you think you’ll finish in the top… Four?! Absolutely. Coz Ole’s at the wheel! I was going to say top half WHAT?! There’s no shame in losing to Man Utd. Really? NO!!! There’s lots of shame in it! So much shame!!!! Pep, when you said thank you so much to the referee and linesman at the final whistle were you being sarcastic? No, not at all. And may I say, what a superb question that is. You really are an incredible journalist. The Pulitzer Prize, here you come! Three cheers for this man! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! For he’s a jolly good fellow, for… 26 straight wins to go!!!! Jaaaaa!!!

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