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10 MORE Rocket League Skills Every Pro Player Must Know

November 17, 2019

Rocket League…Rocket League never
changes. Except that’s b*llocks, innit? Because the ten pro skills you’re about
to learn weren’t even things when we made our last video on the topic back in
2016. So apologies to all you Grand Champ wannabes – reaching the big leagues is now trickier than ever. Remember, the tips in this video are mere launch pads; quick
intros to moves that each have entire skill ceilings in their own right. So
what we’re gonna do is link the best full tutorial for each move in the
description. We’re helpful like that! Anyway…
Here. We. Go. Back in the day, nailing a flip reset meant you were literally Jhzer, and could quit the day job and release sick freestyle montages on YouTube all day
long. Now, they’re a competitive necessity. Defensive rotations are so tightly
drilled, that the only way to score sometimes is to make yourself unreadable. So if you’re mechanically skillful enough to land all four of your car’s wheels on the
ball at the same time, then you get that all-important dodge back. From there, you
can scoop it up by flipping straightaway… Scoop it up, then continue an airdribble… Give it a sec, smack it again,
this time with feeling… Link it with 18 other high-level mechanics like whatever JSTN does here… Or even option D: none of the above. The
good old ‘flippy r’ fake. Best of all, just like the phrase “are you kidding me?!?” casters *love* ’em. “Here comes Radoko yet again – he’s feeling it! Going back to RADOKOOOO!” “No way! ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!?!??” The smaller the car, the easier the move.
So if the Batmobile just ain’t cutting it, there’s no shame in switching to the good ol’ reliable Octane. Wanna go pro? Well you gotta go fast. But it’s not Sanic Hedgehog that gave this move its name. Instead it’s his tennis and Olympic Games buddy Mario. The rocket league community ripped the term ‘wavedash’ straight from
Super Smash Bros, in which that gorgeous Italian plumber – and his far less muscular
buddies – use wavedashes to slide gleefully across the screen before brutally
murdering each other with hammers and fire. He’s too good for Princess Peach
anyway. Rocket League’s ‘wavey d’ is way less brutal, but it’s equally important. Wavedash by dodging forwards when your back wheels hit the floor – usually after
jumping off the side of the arena – for a quick and instant speed burst. But unlike
my crazy house parties, they’re not *always* off-the-wall. You can *force* a wavedash at any time. So why bother, when you could just dodge? *deep breath* One because it’s cooler. Two because you can change your mind in midair and pull out. Three because you can nudge the ball to the side at a more extreme angle. Four because sometimes with a dodge you’ll have to decide between either gently scraping the ball with all four wheels, or waiting a split-second longer and ending up being beaten to the ball entirely. 5 coz it can give a sweet dribble an explosive end. And 6 because it really is cooler. *another deep breath* You can even go full speed skater, and
bust out whatever this thing is. Not sure it’s competitively viable, but it sure looks fabulous. Almost good enough for mah baby boi Mario. The year is 2016, and future RLCS champion 0ver Zer0 has just scored the greatest Rocket League goal of all time en route to beating Markydoodah’s Flipsid3 Tactics in the Grand Finals. Just look at the mechanics! Just look at
what it means to them! Fist bumps all around, chums, we really can win this
thing! Fast-forward three years, and airdribs have evolved even beyond when we
last mentioned them. They’re still more for gaining territory though, and good ones relieve a tonne of pressure at the highest level to this day. Buying your team the
time they need to rotate back to defence… Grab themselves some boost… Watch the entirety of Game of Thrones… And rage on social media about the
woeful eighth season. How did they mess it up SO badly? Airdribbles can be launched from the wall or the floor, and there are a tonne of packs to practice with. Check the
description for our favourite. And remember: the less boost your opponents have, the more effective your air dribble will be. Even at the pro level, air dribbles can still sometimes lead to goals, usually by
sprinkling in a little extra dash of fanciness. Like faking they’ve run out of
boost… Tempting a defender to challenge for the ball, like poor old innocent
Turbopolsa here… And then yeeting it late (yeeting it late, is that the term?) into the far corner. Or by doing whatever the hell *this* is, courtesy of our man JSTN. My favorite though is
when these monsters time a dodge so they reach the ball at the end of
their flip. It sticks to their nose like gum on nice jeans, allowing them to
airdribble on their merry way at full speed. When a pair of pros dive headfirst into
the ball, it ain’t no coin flip. What you’re actually witnessing is a
delicate ballet; a brutal tug-of-war; and, yes, an impassioned prayer to the gods of
RNG all at the same time. “Nobody cheats on C9, and the way I cheat is once the ball is killed I usually try to take it to the corner because everybody
guards the net and you can easily get past one person if you just go to the corner a lot of times.” So am I trying to say that challenges are an exact science? No. More of an art. But take the most famous example in history: game seven of
a bracket resets in RLCS season five, zero seconds left. Was Fireburner aiming
for this precise spot? Of course not. But what he did do was consciously jump
*after* Turbopolsa, thus using his car to force-pinch the ball upwards instead of
straight down. The term ’50/50′ just don’t do it justice. This one works both ways.
All those times you cursed the old gods and the new when the ball pinched directly
into your own net from the opponent’s half? Not bad luck you dumb balding ginger. It was a bad *challenge*. You need to read your opponent to the extent that you can still manipulate the ball when they’re taking a chunk out of it too. And unlike that hilarious clip of me streaming – over at – you need to be aware of where each player is on the pitch at all times. Last man back best just go for that fake challenge coz if you go for the wonder-dunk,
*this* could happen… Talk about an absolute gift, Dodging used to be as basic as yo momma, but now even that’s become complicated af. Don’t believe me? Check these out. One: early dodges, aka preflips. Mostly used when leaping off walls, an early dodge locks your car’s verticality, meaning you float majestically into the target like
a manatee nuzzling its nose into an idea ball. Early dodges are great at
maximizing boost, and can help you beat your opponent to the ball even if you
have none. They’re super tough to time, as you have to judge the ball’s flight to
perfection. Dodge too early – or too late – prepare for an inevitable, and
embarrassing, miss. But time it right…and you my friend…will become a god. There’s also pre-flipping from the
flo’. Where dodging earlier lets you flick the ball in unique directions, as
you use parts of your car that your opponents never see coming. Tricky to
nail, but even harder to defend. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance. Numero two….Flip cancels. Dodge into your hit all you like, but if your car ends up making sweet floppy love to the wall you’ll end up miles out the play while
it finishes. Even if you can land on all four wheels you might still be locked
into that pesky flip animation during the time you could be boosting towards
that all-important second touch. This is where the flip cancel – which you may have thought was only used because it looks cool, and to be fair sometimes that’s the
case – comes into its own. just flick your stick straight down
after dodging forwards, or straight up after dodging backwards, and you’ll get
the power of a full dodge without going full flip mode. If you’re struggling to do this, increasing your deadzone can help. The extra control this brings can lead to the awesome goals that you’re seeing right
now, all of which were scored by the much more mechanically talented players in
the SubPar Discord! Which you should totally join, because our community is
officially (unofficially!) the best in rocket league. There’s a link in the description. Número three…stalls? Yeah, we don’t really teach that sort of thing here. What you
wanna do is type stall tutorial into the YouTube search bar. Good luck with
the septuple flip resets though. I believe in you dude! Despite the way it looks, this is not
flying. It’s falling with style! And no one’s ever used a ceiling shot to
generate more buzz…or more Woodies than our very own Evil Emperor Zerg himself:
Squishy Muffinz. Here is the most famous ceiling shot of all… So quick summary of what made that goal so special… Dodge usually run out. Fall from ceiling equals dodge no run out. That mean dodge whenever. Season 4 RLCS defender no able get block. Goal. If your opponents have boost in the tank and good defensive positioning, they can usually block these now with absolute ease. But
if they’re stretched, or they’re not expecting it – maybe you got bumped up
there – they can still be devastating. To do one, hit the ball
away from the wall, about 45 degrees, when it’s just above the ramp. Then drive up…fall down…panic your opponents…dodge whenever. Sometimes you’ll need to speed
things up by jumping up to the ceiling. Sometimes you’ll need to jump *off* it. But don’t forget: if you *do* jump from the ceiling, your dodge will once again run
out. Forcing you to connect with the ball within that time frame To the untrained eye, the in-and-out-save
can seem showoffy, and ultimately very pointless… But it’s actually a great
way to reach top corner boomers without wasting a shred of precious boost. Great
for boost management, *and* the environment. No problem, polar bears. This save’s a
great one to bust out when you’re sprinting desperately towards your own
goal and a shot’s about to fly in. Thankfully the in-and-out-save has your
back. But wait, there’s more! The so-called Squishy save also lets you dodge the
ball in any direction of your choice, potentially starting a counter-attack
which, by the way, your car is already travelling in the right direction to
continue. So if any of those silly old teammates claim that your use of the twirly whirly goalmouth save was unjustified… Tell them to f*ck off. There once existed a gentlemen’s agreement that ensured that you’d only get bumped
on the ground, usually when waiting in goal. Those really were some good times… Nowadays, it’s a gosh-darn bloodbath. Nothing compares to the absolute sense of helplessness you’ll be forced to feel when your ball-bound battle car is unceremoniously barged into by some bloodlusting beast
on the opposite team. One second you’re sailing peacefully to get the block. The next, you’re scared and disoriented, somewhere in the center of the map, never even
knowing what hit you until the replay confirms that some absolute meanie decided to come along and spoil all your fun. Next time you’re watching the pros, keep
an eye on how often they go for each other. Bumps are interwoven into the very fiber of the upper echelons of the game.
Dribbles and air dribbles become acts of aggression; rotating defenders sniped in
an instant; three-man plays only require two to
actually go for the ball. “I always do that when I’m in offence, I always look around for the demos, I always look around for what kind of opportunities
I can create. What what kind of demos. So how does this translate to the real
world? Well you should do what they do, and
train yourself to regularly flick ball cam on and off when those pesky
opponents are chilling in your blind spot. And if they’re the last man back and you and your teammate are 2v1 – one of those
rare occasions where you really should be scoring… Or you’ve just made contact
with the ball and you have the time, space and defensive cover to get in
front of it… Or, most commonly, you’re retreating already, and going for the bump won’t
pull you too far out the rotation… …then you should never be afraid to desecrate
your enemies no claims bonus. “I’m behind ya.” “I’m back post.” “I’m dead…he’s killed the whole team!” If you’re in public, then turn to the bloke next to you – that’s right, the one with the teardrop tattoo – and flick him in the ear
as hard as you can. He probably won’t be impressed, so quickly explain to him that
it’s a metaphor, and that all we’re trying to do is demonstrate how
frustrating it is to come up against an absolute mother-flicker in Rocket League. He’ll understand. There are tonnes of He’ll understand. There are tutorials out there, but basic flicking
is letting the ball roll onto your roof, and then dodging diagonally. Better the
timing, the further and harder the ball flies. It’s cool, but it’s basic, but there
are so many variations, but they’re really hard to do. But pros can nail them all. Tornado flicks, musty flicks, wavedash flicks. 45 or 180 degree flicks. Guaranteed-to-score-a-goal-every-time-no-matter-how-good-the-defenders-are flicks Even…fake flicks. “It’s all about mindgames when you get one on one, and boy does he get Speed to bite…” These are all important skills to have at high levels so you can mix up your floor play.
And as my girlfriend always says: ‘good floorplay is the key to any good finish’.
So practice your net flicks… …and chill. Sometimes the pros bust out the pixie
dust, and just…do…things. Deevo, Season 5, landed on the background and just did
a thing. Same season, Garrett bumped onto the roof, reflexively did a thing, ball ended up in net. RLCS Season 7 league play: Chausette does a thing that chained a ceiling wavedash – something we didn’t even mention in the
wavedash section of this video – with a flip cancel, to force a greater
angle and send the ball down into the net. And then… …there’s this. The beauty of this is that you *can’t* just teach this stuff. These players were born with it. All we
mere mortals can do is sit back, relax and witness Garrett, Gimmick, Squishy, JSTN, Kuxir, Bluey – insert your favourite flair player here – do what they
do best, and maybe try and replicate them as best we can. Until next time, SubPar out. Alright? If you enjoyed this video then
make sure to sub and all that boring stuff, but also, more importantly, get
yourself in our Discord and we can discuss future video ideas and Rocket
League esports and how cute your pet cat is – it is a very very cute cat I’ve gotta say – the link’s got pride of place right at the top of the description, so give it
a click, and give it a join, and hopefully we’ll see you there. Farewell.


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