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101 Things To Do in Grand Theft Auto V

November 14, 2019

Los Santos and the San Andreas area are a
great place to visit – and whether you’re interested in the beautiful coastline, serene countryside, or the glamour of Vinewood – there’s plenty on offer. If it’s leisure you’re after, we have it in
spades – with miles of glorious beach to enjoy. To cool off, you could go for a swim, help out the lifeguards, go scuba diving, or indulge in some other water sports – you’re
in for a good time! Back on dry land, there’s a host of other
activities – you could go for a leisurely jog. If you’re feeling more active, you could go
for a bike ride – and if things get too hot, don’t be afraid
to take your top off either! Find your inner centre with Yoga, or the perfect swing with a round of golf. Work on your backhand with a game or two of
tennis, or stay indoors and play some darts instead. Take a more leisurely pace by walking your
dog, play fetch with a ball, or teach him some new tricks. Take a trip down to the Del Perro pier to
see the sights atop the ferris wheel – although thrillseekers might prefer the more
frantic action found on the roller coaster alongside. Take the action off the rails by riding a
mountain bike on the terrain that suits them best, or go for the two-stroke option and power
down on a dirtbike instead. If you’d rather be swept off your feet, there’s
no bigger thrill than parachuting down that same mountain – or perhaps keep yourself tethered with a spot
of abseiling instead. If you’d really like to learn how to fly,
fear not – lessons are readily available. After a busy day, you’ll be sure to desire
some refreshment – whether it’s the infectious taste of e Cola, or a freshly-blended healthy dose of juice. If intoxication is more your scene, there’s
nothing quite like sucking down an ice-cold Pißwasser – or if you prefer hard liquor there’s always
a fine whiskey. If smokeables are more your scene, relax with
a cigar, or indulge in the greener side of life with
a fat joint, or take a hit from a bong: and if that’s not enough, huffing gas will
certainly take you where you need to be. If you’re into culture, you won’t be left
wanting – whether you go to the movies, enjoy some street entertainment, or just watch some TV – there’s no shortage
of cultural diversion. If you want to get even closer to the stars,
take a Vinewood tour for a professional insight – or look through a telescope if you want to
do a little more literal stargazing. There are many scenic views in and around
Los Santos – on a clear day you can see for miles. If you’d like to take looking through a lens
to the next level, become an avid shutterbug and pursue your dream to be a papparazzo – or, you could just take a selfie, and update your LifeInvader page with all
your cultural exploits. If style is your substance then perhaps here
you’ll find one that suits you – whether you need to smarten up for a special
occasion, or adopt an entirely new identity. Visit the barbers and get a new hair do… Or a hair don’t. Perhaps you could even grow a full beard. Make a permanent inscription towards your
identity with a tattoo – or if that’s a step too far, perhaps you can
express your individuality by just choosing a new ringtone. Of course, style doesn’t come cheap – but
San Andreas is the land of opportunity, and the perfect place to invest in a fledgling
business. With sufficient capital, you could make a
killing on the stock market… as long as you make sure to protect your business’
interests. Of course, spending money is more fun than
making it – and if you’ve cash to burn you could do worse than to treat yourself to a
new set of wheels. Go shopping for some new hardware – and practice your marksmanship to get the
biggest bang for your buck. If you fancy yourself a seafarer, then perhaps
you should buy a boat – or leave terra firma completely behind and
acquire your own private jet. If you’re after entertainment of a more adult
nature, consider visiting one of our many nightclubs or bars – your hosts will ensure you receive a warm
welcome: and even on the clearest day, you can still
make it rain. Of course, after a night out and a few drinks,
it’s always prudent to check your balance. For those not fortunate enough to be flush
with cash, it’s lucky that Los Santos is a great place to earn a living – whether shifting
cargo containers in the dockyard, operating a crane, exterminating pests, combating malware, thinning out the coyote herds, or simply taking out the trash – there’s a
wealth of industry here. If you feel the call of civic duty, then perhaps
you could assist your local constabulary on the streets, take to the highways on patrol to tackle speeders, or apprehend a mugger – with extreme prejudice. A good samaritan always makes sure their fellow
citizens are OK after an accident, and you can clean up the resultant mess by
towing broken-down or abandoned cars: just be sure to take good care of your cargo
en-route. Of course, all these activities will require
some means of transport – but thankfully, Los Santos offers a number of options beyond
driving. There’s the underground metro, providing regular
service to a number of stops: comprehensive taxi coverage, taking you wherever
you need to go in a hurry; and a regular bus service that won’t keep
you waiting too long. The cable cars at Mount Chiliad will avert
a long climb, but if you want the best view possible then
flying is perhaps the most efficient – either by plane,
or by helicopter. Back on the ground, take things offroad in
a buggy – or even traverse the Pacific Ocean by submarine. If all else fails, you can always just walk
to your destination – just remember when on the move: safety first! Of course, cars are the most flexible transportation
available, and offer a whole range of activities themselves: from pulling J-turns, to burnouts, tire-popping, to rim-scraping doughnuts – your car will do much more than simply carry
you around town. If your vehicle is dirty after a long road
trip, take it through the car wash – but if you really want to make your ride shine,
pimp it out at Los Santos customs. It’s a shame to let a good-looking whip go
to waste, so why not take part in an illegal street race to really test your mettle – or zip down the highways with a multi-million
dollar supercar, weaving in and out of traffic. Just be sure to not drive too hard, else you
might end up driving into a beautiful lake. If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty,
the seedier side of Los Santos has a lot to offer as well: immerse yourself in the colourful
world of gang culture, make some new friends, or even embark on a redneck rampage. Punch a random stranger just for the heck
of it, park a bus full of passengers at a level crossing, hijack a plane – why, you could even steal a car. There’s so much to do in Los Santos and San
Andreas you’ll never be left wanting for activities: the only thing left to do is to plan your
visit. Thanks for watching, and until next time – farewell.


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