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February 5, 2020

Hey guys it’s Patryk, welcome back! In today’s video I would like to discuss with you
15 incredible facts about Australia that may surprise you! But before we get started if you are new to this channel make sure to click the subscribe button so you don’t miss any of the next videos
about Australia that I’m about to make! All right let’s get to it! If you are into wines it may surprise you that
Australia has over 60 different wine regions covering approximately 170,000 square hectares. This is a lot! The five that I would suggest that
you should visit once in Australia are going to be put on the screen right here… In Australia there are around
1,500 different spider species… 1,500 spider species… But you don’t need to worry
because between 1979 and today only one person died. World’s largest war memorial. Great Ocean Road
because that’s what we are talking about stretches 243 kilometers along Victoria’s west coast and it was built by soldiers
who returned from the First World War in the memory of those soldiers
who lost their lives during that war. And this is exactly the reason why
this is considered as the largest war memorial! The world’s longest… fence?
/Surprise/ Probably you didn’t know that
the longest fence in the world is here in Australia. The Dingo Fence because that’s
how it’s called in southeast Australia was built in the 1880s
and stretches for over 5,600 km! The idea behind the fence is simple to keep dingoes on one side
of the wire and sheep on the other. Speaking about sheep did you know that in Australia
there are around 74 million sheep? If we compare it to the number of people
which is 25 million we get the ratio
three sheep to one person! What about kangaroos? Well what they say it is true in Australia there are
over 50 million kangaroos all around the continent. The word “Selfie”. I don’t have to explain what selfie is.
We all perfectly know. But did you know that the term
was firstly used by Australian student? Yes this is true and I can believe that! In my opinion Australians are well known
for their love of abbreviations and in the country you may hear words like Burger King If you are a fun of this fast-food restaurant you may be surprised that you won’t
find . any of the Burger Kings in Australia. And why is that? Well… when they wanted to open
the first Burger King in the country they realized that the name is already taken
by a takeaway restaurant in Adelaide. So they came up with a solution
and provided a list of possible names gave the list to the franchisee
here in the country- Jack Cowin who nowadays is one
of the richest people in the country and he went with a name Hungry Jack’s! So whenever you see a sign
Hungry Jack’s here in Australia you can be sure that it’s the same place
as Burger King in other places in the world. Languages Australia is a multinational country
with over 200 languages and dialects spoken here. The most popular non-english languages are Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese,
Vietnamese, Italian and Greek. 85 percent of Australians
live within 50 kilometres from the coast and this has a huge impact on their laid back lifestyle! Coat of arms So if I ask you what two animals
can be found on the coat of arms in Australia what would be answer? Well let me help with that! It’s a kangaroo and an emu. So why those two animals? You may say it’s obvious because those
two animals can be found only in Australia. but so are Koalas… so why did they go with kangaroo and emu? Well because kangaroos and emus
can only move forward. So this is a symbolic way to say
that Australian nation is always moving forward. The world’s largest population of… What?! Australia is a home of
the largest head of camels in the world. They were imported to the country in 19th century and they were used for transport
and heavy work in the outback. Nowadays when they are no longer needed they were released to the wild and they are still there! So apparently sometimes the camels are even
exported to United Arab Emirates, Malaysia or Brunei. Quite a surprise huh? The most livable city in the world. Between the years 2011 and 2017 Melbourne was considered
as the best city to live by the Economists. Right now is on the second spot
right behind Vienna, Austria. Australia has over 10,000 beaches! If you were to see one beach every single day it would take you over 27 years to see all of them! So what ready to get wet? Australia is huuuge! It has over seven and half million square kilometres and if you compare the size of Australia to Europe this is how it looks like! If you wanted to drive from
Melbourne in the south to Darwin in the North it would take you over 40 hours! All right guys this is it for today! Thank you for watching and if you liked the video make sure to click the thumbs up
so we know that we did a great job! I see you in the next video!


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