15 Seconds

October 14, 2019

a young kid who wants to be like you
fifteen seconds of advice what would you say? oh, man uh.. umm.. ummm… I don’t know.. uhhh.. uhhh.. uhhh.. you started? yah.. yah I’d say… uh I would say.. work hard.. get used to losing.. get used to losing.. it’s important to keep in mind that you have to work hard I would say to really make it out here you have to learn from all your mistakes to get better for the next tournament just enjoy the process just keep working hard everyday and take your losses as more of a learning experience then as a defeat and not focus on results to just understand that yah I dunno Dane said it pretty good if you want improvement there you just have to keep going at it I like to always tell the kids.. just work hard just keep getting better love uh, like the game of tennis you gotta really love to do it have an idea of how you want to play don’t focus on results have a plan uh figure out what you need to work on have a game style, and start working on it I say uh practice well don’t be afraid to admit fault I say just do what you love to do believe in yourself make sure you like what you’re doing and uh, support yourself with the right people I mean whether it’s tennis or soccer sports music whatever it is you know wake up everyday and really do what you want to do follow your passions stay dedicated just try and get better every single day just not lose that perseverance really make sure you’re passionate about the game play for fun

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