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1999 U.S. Open Film: “Payne Reigns”

January 28, 2020

hi I’m Curtis Strange and I’m honored to
have been asked by the United States Golf Association to introduce the
official video of our national championship it has been made possible
by a grant my friends at Rolex ten years have passed since I won my
back-to-back us over this year’s championship is held at Pinehurst number
two one of the world’s greatest courses and one of my favorites it was here at
Pinehurst where I won the North and South amber in both 75 and 76 as well as
where I got my start on Tour Qualifying here in 1977 back when I was getting
started youth golf played a major role in my life and I take pride that the
proceeds in this video will help support Junior Golf programs
remember golf has no future without our kids so thanks to the USGA and rollers I
know you will enjoy our national championship the 1999 the United States
Open at long last storied Pinehurst number two host to our national
championship it is here were a hundred and fifty six
of the world’s best golfers will converge in pursuit of golf’s ultimate
prize in the end only one of these men will
endure golf’s ultimate test and stand alone as United States Open champion the United States Golf Association
proudly presents the 1999 United States Open Championship pain reigns hi everybody I’m Dan Hicks just outside
the clubhouse here at storied Pinehurst number two this Donald Ross masterpiece
has charmed and challenged golfers for nearly a century and it takes center
stage for the first time as host of the national championship and it promises to
be a national championship unlike any other Donald Ross serves up 18 fiendish
greens so not only you’re gonna have to have power and precision you have to
deal with these closely shaved greens which fall off in every direction
slightly errant shots roll right off of the target so you can add a few more
words to the list of requirements for this year’s US Open champion imagination
creativity fearlessness and finesse this is the final US Open of the 20th century
and the United States Golf Association just may have saved its best for last after months of anticipation the game’s
finest took on a challenge of this fabled golf course with this legendary
Donald Ross masterpiece withstand the power and might of the world’s best the
first to make his mark was Phil Mickelson with his wife back home
expecting their first child Mickelson was plain inspired doll here at 13 for
birdie and a share of the lead after another birdie at 14 he alone held
the lead but no one was taking advantage of the Donald Ross full shape dreams
like everyone in this open Mickelson would need an extra supply of patience alongside Nicholson David Duval a
patient player many had predicted with Windus open and at 15 he showed why the
birdie here took him to 2-under in quest of his 12th win in 18 months and his
first major but Nicholson was not giving up any ground after a good chip shot
this to keep the lead both players parred the difficult 16 and then Duval
took dead aim at the par-3 17th this was for a share of the lead at
3-under par and it was never in doubt at the end of the first round the world’s
number one ranked player found himself in a familiar spot at the top of the
leaderboard with a bogey-free 67 Duval appeared focused and determined but
Mickelson was also a man with a mission I didn’t fly all the way across the
country and be away from my wife who’s expecting to have a top 10 finish I’m
out here to attack and to see if I can win a golf tournament otherwise it’s not
worth my time I’d rather be home with my wife his par at 18 capped a strong
opening round matching two balls 3-under par 67 with the scores of both Mickelson
and Duval stand a constant drizzle has softened the greens but many players
would still feel the wrath of Pinehurst number two less than perfect approach
shots would be denying greens and regulation for the field as a whole was
just 52% in this opening round but veteran players with major
championship experience found inventive ways to par or better despite the
conditions one of them a North Carolina native Scott Hoch had posted five
top-ten finishes at US Opens in the 1990s
and at the par-3 6th that experience which
Oh clearly had a feel for the Pinehurst sand hills he would finish with a 71 but
even a few non-locals were also getting the hang of the bunkers a bit of
artistry at 11 from the reigning Masters champion Jose Maria Olazabal but after a
disappointing 75 he withdrew admitting to an anger induced injury the 1996
champion Steve Jones knows one way to handle a US Open greens is to avoid
puddy moon that birdie at 10 took him to 1-under par meanwhile Hal Sutton was
making his birdies the old fashioned way with solid ball strike Sutton would finish at one under prong
and so did the defending PGA champion Vijay Singh after getting this one up
and down at eight but some of Thursday’s best scores came
from less prominent players one of them Tarek wised Carlos Franco paired with
Mickelson and Duvall Franco held his own with a round of 69 Billy Mayfair had a front nine of 33
before facing this putt for birdie at 10 that got a bit 3-under then at 18 with a
chance to take sole possession of the lead regardless 67 stood as Mayfair’s best
score and eight US Open appearances as an ammeter david berganio jr. won two
USGA titles in the Public Links championship but on Thursday he played
like a pro a part here at 18 gave him a 68 who hit the most greens on
Thursday a young man from Tokyo named Kaname yokoo the putting surface at
number eight was one of 15 greens he hit in regulation and this shot also gave
him another birdie chance this was to go – three yoko had finished the day with
an impressive 2-under par 68 but perhaps the day’s biggest surprise
was Paul Goydos this putt at 17 for a share of the lead
but with three under par hold up this is the first time in 23 years that
the USGA has visited a course untested an Open Championship golf the rough this
year is not the opens usual six inches in height it has been half to just three
but the fairways have been narrowed in some areas to just twenty four yards and
width those who find the rough will have no easy task hitting and holding the
fame Turtleback greens of Pinehurst number two these are targets designed to
turn a slight error into a costly one the genius behind heiner’s number two is
Donald Ross his arrival in the village at the turn of the century would have an
everlasting impact James Tufts one of the USGS pioneers first lured Ross to
Pinehurst at the age of 27 Ross transformed the
existing number one course into a championship test and began construction
of number two in 1907 his gem was complete although he would continue to
tinker with it the rest of his life my native of Scotland Ross made full use
of the hollows and swells of the Sandhills to create the most distinctive
putting greens America had ever seen Ross so loved this part of the world
that he built his home alongside the 3rd fairway up number two his spirit is
still very much here and the legacy of his genius will remain in Pinehurst
forever on Thursday afternoon
Phil Mickelson could relax a bit while others pursued his 3-under 67 however it
had been a frustrating day for Greg Norman he was not at his sharpest and
even when he was he fell victim to the Donald Ross design Norman opened with a three over par 73
for Davis Love the third however the ball was spinning his way love was won
over when he hit this one 2:13 and with help from this birdie he’d go
into the clubhouse with a round of 70 meanwhile the defending champion got up
to a solid start with two pars and this putt for birdie at the 3rd but Janssen had been faltered to a 74
for the day the day’s fastest start came from none other than John Bailey who
birdied 1 & 2 hit an enormous Drive at the 3rd and been played this deaf pitch
to set up his third straight 3 he would give a stroke back at the 8th
but just as quickly regain it at the night at 18 he had this for a share of the
lead a disappointing finish to an outstanding
round of 68 2 under for the championship 1997 British Open champion Justin
Leonard had just birdied 13 to go 1 under par when he hit this approach to
14 that would get him to – to Leonard who
finished with a 69 along with Leonard is 1-under was the
straight hitting Jim Furyk whose accuracy was on full display at the
par-3 17th Furyk would card an impressive 1-under
69 for the day late in the day came a charge from Rocco Mediate 2-under at the
13th when he played this approach pick up another birdie there and was
move into a tie for the lead but a double bogey 6 at 18 with dropping back
to minus one one year earlier Payne Stewart led the open after 54 holes
before losing by just one shot and on Thursday he was back on the attack this
approach to the 10th set up a birdie to take him to 2-under par for pars
followed and then Stewart gave himself a chance for a rare birdie at the 15th dead center and into a tie for the lead
another player on a quest was Tiger Woods intent on showing that he has the
kind of game that can win US Opens with his tee shot at 17 there seemed to
be little doubt about his ability to make something happen at Pinehurst the
eventual birdie took him to 1-under par 1 hole later he had this for a birdie
birdie finish Tiger Woods headed to the clubhouse one
stroke off the first daily back behind woods Stewart still out on
the course with two holes to play and this great tee shot set up a birdie
opportunity to get him to 4-under par and sole possession of the lead but like
the rest of the field Stuart found out just how exactly number two can be this is a great golf course and if you
manage your game around here then you you can shoot in the red if you quit
thinking out there one time all of a sudden you’re gonna flip it over a green
and then you really got your work cut out for you this golf course just tests
everything I think it’s a it’s a it’s a great challenge for us this week
Stuart’s only bogey of the day came at 18 and he finished with a 68 one stroke
off the lead after 18 holes four players share the honors at the top after rounds
of three under par 67 another 5 checked in with 68 a total of 23 players managed
to get around number two with scores under par while 11 equaled the par of 17 many of the most highly touted players
stayed well within the range and the leaders Thursday’s clouds and rain gave way to
sunny skies and light winds on Friday and that put some fire in Pinehurst
number two the main challenge was not getting out of the long grass
it was staying on the short grass on this day the average score of the
hundred and fifty six players that would be two and a half shots higher than in
round one and no one took a harder hit than John
Daly his round was a struggle from start to finish and his total 77 was nine
shots worse than on Thursday but Daley’s misery had company david
berganio jr. also followed a 68 with a 77 Tim Herron who had shot 69 on
Thursday was determined not to stumble and when this one dropped he had 33 the
lowest frontside score of the day his nickname may be lumpy but his
putting stroke is plenty smooth Herron would finish the day with a 72
plus one for the championship meanwhile two of Thursday’s unsung
heroes Billy Mayfair and Paul Goydos weren’t hanging tough Loida showed some
early brilliance with this approach to number two the end result a 74 the join
Tim Herron at 141 at the par-5 4th Mayfair gave himself a
chance to take sole possession of the lead
unfortunately for Mayfair he would not capitalize on that birdie opportunity
Mayfair’s only major stumble came at the 9th after missing the green with his tee
shot he was forced to take on Donald Ross and lost Mayfair took a double bogey there
finished two over for the round and 1-under for 36 holes for how sudden things were looking up at
the night he was won over for his round when this putt tracked right into the
center of the cup son were the round of 70 joined Mayfair it had been a two-day struggle for Jack
Nicklaus and his first major championship since hip replacement
surgery although he showed a flash in the Golden
Bear here Jack would miss the cut at plus 13 but he wasn’t the only prominent
player to have the weekend off Greg Norman faded with a 78 two-time US Open
champion Ernie else followed his opening round 72 with a six over par 76 and the
struggling Nick Faldo bogey three of his last four holes to miss the cut by just
one stroke but Colin Montgomerie kept the international hopes alive with a
second straight 72 and yes / Parnevik did even better with a pair of 71 s that
put him in good position with two rounds to go especially if he could summon some
more of this matter much of the drama in round two came from
the two young stars looking for their first major wins Phil Mickelson and
David Duval and Duvall wasted little time and staking his claim this birdie
at number two gave him the sole link or under par
and then at the toughest hole in the course the fifth a rare birdie to
5-under but his run didn’t last long although this was a very good bunker
shot it wasn’t quite good enough for the US Open at Pinehurst number two he would need this hut for a bogey and
he would not get it Mickelson had scrambled to stay at even
par for the day but at the 6th his luck ran out although this tee shot avoided
the sand it did lead to a bogey starting out I knew it was going to be a
difficult day because of the wind and it was it was difficult to keep the ball in
play off the tee and hit greens that’s the the opportunity that this course
presents although we’re not seeing very low scores par is still realistic if
each shot isn’t just perfect at the 7th Duval was pretty close to perfect
Vista set up a birdie to get him back to minus 4 then at the 8 a par-5 converted to a par
4 for the open he was right on target again and then the putt for the lead at
5-under PAR meanwhile Mickelson continued to
scramble as only he can he would sink that to save par at nine and then after
the ball suffered a pair of bogeys Phil had this birdie putt at 12 for a share
of the lead despite being in position to win the championship
Mickelson still kept it all in perspective if the beeper goes off I’m
taking a stream line to the airport that’s the that’s what’s going to happen
she is doing everything that she can to not have the beeper go off she’s seen
the doctor every day but again if that if that thing goes off I’m gonna
hightail it out of here meanwhile Mickelson had his own work cut out for
him this an opportunity for the outright lead many had predicted Mickelson would
win this championship because of his innate ability to play shots like this
one saving in par at 15 but on Friday even Phil short game was
getting a thorough workout still a par here would give him the lead it wasn’t to be he joined Paul Goydos
and Payne Stewart then at minus-3 Duval also had bogeyed 16 but with this next T
shot he’d ironed out his problems fifteen feet for birdie but first
Mickelson had this one from about 40 feet Vinh Duval for a share of the lead two of the game’s greatest stars have
gone toe-to-toe for two days and found themselves together on top of the
leaderboard and three under par Mickelson and Duvall each it shot even
par 70 on Friday and only three others would better that score one of them Jeff
Maggert who’s quiet 69 took him to even par after two rounds another was John
Huston who also followed a 71 with a 69 to join Maggert an eighth place heading
into the weekend one of the day’s most exciting rounds came from Paul Azinger
zinger conquered the 15th green with his shot and then served up some more
artistry one hole later singer from the bunker at 16 finished at 144 plus 4 for
the championship but perhaps the day’s most courageous round belong to Rocco
Mediate who is out to prove that his opening round of 69 was no fluke here at
the par-3 6th to get to minus 1 for the championship
then at the 15th to get back to even Rocko would finish the day with a 72
plus one for the championship American Brian Watts a runner-up at last year’s
British Open was looking to make his own movie at 11 he judged this approach
perfectly a 3 over 73 for the day kept him in the chin doing his own chasing with Vijay Singh
after a 69 on Thursday he was looking to stay even for the day with his par putt
on six then at the 9th for a frontside 34 and
around a 70 he was within two shots of the lead meanwhile Payne Stewart had
played the first night and even par while just behind him Tiger Woods had
suffered a pair of bogeys but at the night Tiger looked to turn things around
that got him back to 1-under for the championship he was still at that figure
when he hit this approach to the monstrous 489 yard par-4 16th there were only three birdies all day on
this brew to the par 4 but it turned out to be a missed opportunity for Tiger he
had another chance at 17 but once again could not convert in an Open Championship cars are good
and Tiger did make a very impressive one at 18
his 71 kept him under par for the championship and left him an excellent
position for the weekend but Tiger and everyone else would have to deal with
Payne Stewart who was managing this golf course expert Nate
that pitch enabled him to save par at 14 and after a superb tee shot at 15 he had
this for a share of the lead but then trouble at the 16th until this
third shot and this pot Payne Stewart already the Open champion
and eight years earlier knows what it takes to win the national championship any US open calls for four great
patients and this golf course takes a lot of patience it you have to really
think about where you want your ball to finish after a par at 17 and this par
saving putt at 18 and no one played minors number two for the first two days
with a greater resolve in Payne Stewart as the only player to shoot two rounds
in the 60s Stewart joined Duval and Mickelson on top of the 36-hole leader
board we’re 23 players bettered par for 18
holes now only seven were in red figures through 36 the cut came at seven over
par and 68 players were within 10 shots of the lead going into the weekend but
some of the game’s biggest names would have to wait until next year at Pebble
Beach the open is just that open to anyone with a USGA handicap index of 1.4
or less Tennessee’s Memphis National Golf Club
played host to this year’s largest field of qualifiers a hundred sixteen players
competed for just 24 spots in 90-degree heat they played 36 holes among those
who fail to qualify were three PGA Tour veterans Carlos Franco won himself a
spot along with Wake Forest grad Jay Haas played my way into the open and I played
my way out of the ocean so I think that it you know the best players are in
there and if I can qualify then I’ll count myself among those if not then you
know I shouldn’t be there he’s got to tee it up if you want to play you got to
do it J solid play through the first two rounds earned him a pass through the
weekend the low ammeter title went to hanky knee his plus seven through 36
made him the only amateur player to make the cut as play began for round three a
host of young stars and seasoned veterans at the top of the leaderboard
put on their game faces and prepared for battle they came to the first tee with
different backgrounds different strengths different golf pedigrees and
resumes but on this Saturday afternoon each of them had the same intent to make
a move on moving day but before any one of them would tee off
an explosive move came from Steve Stricker Stricker was to over par for
the championship when he hit this shot from the left-hand fairway bunker at the
third a miraculous Eagle stricter would shoot
the low round of the day a 69 Spain’s Miguel on healthy Metis and
quietly positioned himself at 2-over but there was nothing quiet about this putt
at the fair all day long Jeff Maggert had begun the
day at even par but bogeyed the sixth and seventh and seemed headed for
another bogey at the eighth that is until this shot Maggert posted a 74 the day’s
penultimate pairing showcased the talents of Tiger Woods and Phil
Mickelson and it didn’t take Mickelson long to show his short game prowess on
an opening ball while Tiger found trouble early for an
opening double bogey and then there was David Duvall seeking
his first major championship and the veteran with open experience both good
and bad eight years ago at Hazeltine Payne Stewart sank this putt to win the
open in an 18-hole playoff over Scott Simpson but last year at Olympic Club after
taking a four-shot lead into the final round he came to the 72nd hole needing a
birdie to tie instead the title would go to lead
Janssen so pain had come to pine burst with a
score to settle and with this approach he showed just
how focused he was a birdie there got him back to even par for the day at the same hole and with a similar shot
Duval got a much less desirable result deval would bogey there and fall back
from the pack with a front nine of 40 meanwhile Tim Herron was looking to make
his way up the leaderboard after opening with a string of PARs he made his move
at number six which perhaps the best shot of the day
Karen even impressed himself Tiger was still too over for the day when he found
sand at the 6th and that bit of good fortune enabled him to save his par this had the makings of a bogey for
Payne Stewart in the seventh great approach enabled in the two pilots up ahead Mickelson had this one for
birdie and a share of the lead with Stewart at 3-under but Stewart now answer him that would result in a bogey five then after bogeying the night he had
this to save par at 10:00 three bogeys in a row for Stuart now
Mickelson had a three shot lead but after this putt
it dropped it too Karin now tied for second left himself
some work at the 15th but he made it look easy the other man in second was Vijay Singh
but with this shot at 13 he assured himself of sole possession of second
just one shot off the lead meanwhile Tiger had settled himself
after his stumbling start getting fairways and greens
he’d strung together eight straight pars and this shot left him an easy two-putt
for Tiger would remain at 1-over for the
championship three shots off the lead but up ahead the leader was scrambling
again at 14 Mickelson would need to get up and down from here just to save par I wasn’t really worried about what other
guys were doing I was more concerned about as Bobby Jones will put it old man
par because ultimately that’s going to be the final say and at 15 the old man
was about to get the better of BJ back to even par for the championship bhim from the rough at 16 he gave it all
he had in an effort to get home but that brought another bogey he would
bogey 17 as well for a round of 73 that left in a 2 over par with one round to
go Tigers string of PARs ended with a bogey at the 14 but he came
right back with his tee shot the best of the day and number 15 Mickelson missed the green and had this
one to save his par pretty good effort but on the Greens of Pinehurst number
two pretty good was not good enough and so a stroke lost for the leader but for one of his pursuers a stroke
gage up at 18 Billy Mayfair had one last
chance to gain a stroke on par and in dramatic fashion he did just that a 74
foot made there at three over for three rounds two strokes better than that was
Tim Herron after a solid round of 70 that put it in third out at 16 Tiger
didn’t like this swing much something in the galleries seemed to bother him
but if that was a miss hit it was the kind of Miss hip that can make a golfer
smile Mickelson on the other hand was finding
little to smile about especially after this one missed for a second straight
bogey now he was back into a tie for the lead
with Payne Stewart and this was Tigers chance to join them for Tiger Woods on his next shot he found some trouble
but that bit of bunker artistry gave him a chance to save par and
another stroke on Nicholson who would be and that is exactly what he did
like woods the ball had steadied himself and played park off through the back
nine including this great save at 16 he was +2 going into the final round now
the only man at even par was Payne Stewart with this chance at 17 to go
1-under after a perfect Drive at the home all
Mickelson was in position to attack a much relieved Mickelson with a birdie
opportunity to end the day Tiger needed this one to return to even
par and a tie for the lead this was also to get back to even and it
brought Mickelson a standing ovation clearly the Pinehurst galleries
appreciated the special pressure Nicholson was bearing this week back in the fairway pain now needed a
birdie to take the outright lead and with this shot he gave himself a chance he had been in firm control of his game
for three days Stewart had the lead again with one
round ago I wanted to give myself a chance to have you know to win the golf
tournament to share you know I’m doing that right now I have to go deal with it
just as I had to deal with it last year and you know I think that I’m better and
then I was at this stage last year and now there was only steward under par
and only Mickelson even as Steve Stricker’s 69 was the only round of the
day under 70 involve a fur and Maggert all lost up in a crown but stayed in
touch but for many players brooding day meant a move to the middle of the pack
while others moved toward the back as this day was won by Pinehurst number two so after three rounds only one man
stands under par Payne Stewart who will take a one-shot lead into the final
round of this US Open last year at Olympic Club
he held a four shot lead into the final Sunday before Lee Jansen rallied to
catch him so can the 42 year old veteran win his
second Open title or will Tiger Woods win his second major championship David
Duval and Phil Mickelson perhaps the best players in the world without a
major championship will this be their weekend to break through but perhaps the
biggest obstacle of all tough Pinehurst number two who will have the patience
and the perseverance to survive the final round open pressure there was one
other adversary for the final round as well at Pinehurst mother nature as a bit
of wet and windy weather greeted the golfers on Sunday morning the players at
the top of the leaderboard would have their hands full on this day battling
the golf course the elements and each other while also controlling their own
nerves for the pressure cooker of the closing holes each of them hoped to grab
the advantage with a strong start and Billy Mayfair did a birdie putt at
the opening hole Jeff Maggert hard the first and then
wasted no time with this 40-footer at the second that took Maggert two plus three four
shots behind Stewart then the rain began to really come down but David Duval
seemed impervious to it on this shot he made birdies on holes two and three
to reach even par just one shot back and Tigers seemed to enjoy the wet stuff as
well this shot splashed from the rough at the first was on target on the way an
opening birdie for Tiger Woods meanwhile the day’s two leading
characters had made their entrances the young challenger hoping to at last make
his big mark and the veteran hoping to reverse his fortunes of a year ago Stewart struck first with a drive down
the center of the fairway and this approach right into the heart of the
dream and that one would go down to give him a two-shot advantage Mickelson would
have to work hard just to save his par but his opening hole nerves seemed
intact at the second Stewart under played his
approach shot and then under played his pitch and just as quickly his lead was
back down to one but he came right back with this
controlled iron hey we gained his 2-shot margin after
Mickelson at par the tiger had given back a stroke at the third but like
Stewart he to bounce back this pitch at the par-5 4th set up an easy birdie Tiger would navigate the first nine and
even par but his playing competitor would struggle this soggy sidehill lie
brought Tim Herron a double bogey at the 6th then one hole later it was more
greenside grief and a bogey as Aaron fell from the leaderboard for good
closing round of 75 perhaps the biggest surprise of the day was the about-face
by David Duval who followed his birdies at 2 and 3 with bogeys at 6 and 8 and
then danced with Donald Ross at 9 to the tune double bogey 5 he was never a threat after that and
finished the championship at +7 and for Duvall it was yet another day of major
disappointment the PGA champion had held steady with a 34 on the front nine then
at the par-5 10th he took advantage of his length with two strong shots and
this pitch to set up a birdie back to even par for beaches but still
at minus-2 was steward and at the 7th he looked at distance himself from his
pursuers almost did
Mickelson now had an opening and this putt was pure perfection now he was just a shot bhai both players
partly ate but then both missed between of the nine and that gave Phil another
chance to show off his short Jay mansion but Payne was ready and able to match
him with a pair of pars here the two leaders completed the front nine
and impressive thirty four strokes apiece when the green slowed a bit by the rain
everyone seemed to be scrambling successfully at 11:00 DJ nearly went
from a bunker to a birdie and a whole later he made the difficult
look easy once again with another par save and stay that even pod at the 10th Tiger had a birdie in his
sights until the last role of the ball but number 10 would be a turning point
for the final twosome pain hit this with perfect direction but in four big
distance Donald Ross had struck yet again then from closer n fill punched a
sandwich one that the green rejected almost immediately Payne stance was awkward but that shot
was not up to his standards of this week he had bogey par five on Saturday and
would bogey it again on Sunday from the bunker who bill had little room
but plenty of gain he would make that to save his pop and so with 8 holes left to play
Nicholson and Stuart were tied for the lead at 1-under meanwhile other players
were then reach at the start of the day have lost ground a spate of bogeys took
Willie Mayfair to a 75 and a tie for 10th while Steve Stricker just never got
anything going 73 gave him solo Phil Tiger was still on the prowl though and
1 over but he didn’t help himself any when he missed this par putt at 11 and despite this artful bunker shot at
the 12th who shots behind with six holes left Mickelson’s games seem to be
strengthening as the day wore on at 12 he found a center of the fairway and
where this shot set up a two-putt par that was good enough to take the lead as
Stewart could do no better than a bogey and now Vijay was in a tie for second
and with this putt at 14 he had a chance to tie for first Tiger after pine 13 hit this one
straight at the stick at 14 but just a bit long at this point they
neither deceives every chance he had and he sees this one now he was too back with four to play Stewart was just one back and he didn’t
like being there after Mickelson part 13 Cain had this to
regain a tie for the lead meanwhile the rain had never relented on
the Sunday afternoon and neither did Vijay Singh until this go-for-broke
approached at 16 a bogey there would drop DJ to one over
par and that is where he would finish the championship in third place so it
came down to Mickelson stewart and woods at 15 Mickelson had a 30-foot putt for
birdie with shuttle for pod he needed this one to match him and so
once again he dropped the shot behind at the long 16th the powerful Tiger
Woods had an advantage and he took it this then was to pull within one shot of
the lead pinehearst crowds with prevalent Tigers moments later Nicholson had a lengthy
approach to the same hole but it wasn’t quite long enough Stewart was also shooting from long
range but you two came up short up ahead at 17 Tiger was in the bunker and certainly not out of the
championship yet Payne’s third shot to the 16th was perhaps his worst pitch of
the day and Phil’s wasn’t much better and so it would be a battle of the
putters and what a stroke that was from pain while a could Tiger matches save for say disappointing
I’m Bodhi back at 16 Mickelson’s attempt to match
pays far the bogey trap fill into a tie with pain
with two holes left woods one stroke behind the boat there was determination
and Payne Stewart sighs and this shot 2:17 groove he was determined to win the
title but the shot that Phil Mickelson hit
said he was equally determined to win the two balls together were not more
than ten feet from the hole and yet they were two of the longest putts these men
had ever faced and so Payne Stewart and had the chance
to turn the tide once again Cooney steady his nerves steady his hands and
pulled one stroke ahead with one hole to play at the final green Tiger Woods had given
himself one last chance he needed to make this and then hope that even par
280 would be good you know I’m very pleased at the white
play while hugging there I grinded grand my butt off today
I think that’s one things I take away from his eye I know I could win his
tournament there’s no doubt about it but now only two players had a chance to win
this championship and one of them had a very good chance stood up there and collected myself
pretty well on on 18 tee and hit a drive I actually thought that God was in the
fairway but I got up there and I had no chance to even think about the greens
the goal of this shot was just to position himself for an attack on his
third and he was able to do that but now Mickelson was essentially back
in a tie and after a big straight tribe he could attack with his second shot Payne had just under 100 yards but almost 20 feet short now Mickelson had a birdie opportunity
on the final hole of the US Open his valiant par placed him an even par
for the championship his fate out of his hands and into the
hands of Payne Stewart for Stewart two putts to force a playoff
one putt to win the US Open one year after his disappointment on the
18th green at Olympic Club Payne Stewart found Redemption on the
18th green at Pinehurst number 2 on the final three holes he had sunk three
putts totally nearly 50 feet but the one he made at 18 is the one that will
were most you gotta give thanks to the Lord for
giving me the the ability to believe in myself and you know without that piece
that I have in my heart I wouldn’t be sitting here in front of you right now I
never gave up I kept playing I kept plugging I didn’t hit the great shots at
certain times and then I did hit great shots and then I hit great putts and
four chips but I got the job done and that means a
lot to me I couldn’t believe that uh I’d accomplished another dream of mine


  • Reply Corek BleedingHollow January 26, 2020 at 2:42 pm


  • Reply Corek BleedingHollow January 26, 2020 at 2:50 pm

    6:24 don’t tell me that was all skill. That was really lucky. If it was just a inch offline that would’ve been screaming past the pin.

  • Reply Connor Kreppner January 26, 2020 at 2:53 pm

    What a beautiful course

  • Reply StFidjnr January 26, 2020 at 3:09 pm

    golfing's answer to the 1994 Bassmaster classic

  • Reply SmackItUp-FlipIt-RubItDown January 26, 2020 at 4:48 pm

    Pinehurst, Shinnecock and Pebble Beach are the best golf courses for the U.S. Open!!

  • Reply StFidjnr January 26, 2020 at 10:53 pm

    28:18 out of the 6 amateurs that make it to the U.S Open Hank Kuehne was the only amateur to make it through

  • Reply zen babaloo January 26, 2020 at 11:59 pm

    Interesting timing with Kobe Bryant dying today.

  • Reply high plains drifter January 27, 2020 at 6:13 am

    Payne's the only pro I've seen who repairs his divots

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