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20 Questions With Maria Sharapova – Porsche, Woman With Drive

January 20, 2020

[music] [laughs] Look at that! Twenty questions with Maria Sharapova Chocolate or crisps? Chocolate Beach or snow? Beach Coupé or convertible? Coupé Driver or passenger? Driver Dance music or RnB? Dance music White wine or red wine? Both! [laughs] Warm bath or hot shower? Warm bath Head massage or foot massage? Oh, head massage Grass court or clay? Grass court Federer or Nadal? Hmm, Nadal Stilettos or trainers? Trainers Shorts or skirt? Shorts Necklace or earrings? Earrings Early morning or late night? Early mornings Protein or carbs? Hmm, carbs [laughs] Cinema or night club? Cinema Yoga or pilates? Pilates Carrots or broccoli? Carrots Home or vacation? Home Aisle or window? Aisle Thank you, Maria Of course [music]

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  • Reply Junilo Mende January 17, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    I wonder why she said Nadal instead of Federrer.

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