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2017 Canada Summer Games: Tennis

December 23, 2019

– Well it’s a really good experience, especially
for Team Manitoba since it’s such a small team, we aren’t really involved with a lot
of players usually, so it’s good to be a part of a big team. A lot of kids here, a lot of
encouragement, the stands are crazy, they’re so loud. We’re not used to that, so it’s an
interesting experience. It’s new. – It’s a total, different experience for this
sport because tennis is so individual, it’s ‘Keep quiet, keep quiet’,, and here everybody’s
moving, everybody’s cheering you on, so I love playing in this type of atmosphere. I
think it really boosts my energy. – We played doubles yesterday, so we mostly
just worked on what we needed to work on from yesterday, like, if we had something that
was a weakness yesterday, we worked on that, and just worked out anything we didn’t really
have. – I love that when you’re on the court, you’re
by yourself, with the exception of these games, of course it’s a very different atmosphere
here. But there’s no team, and everything’s up to you, so if you lose, you only have yourself
to blame. So, you can go out and improve, and next time if you improve on those things,
you’ll perform better and you don’t have teammates to drag you down or rely on. – It’s an honour to be on the team because
we didn’t have to fight for it that hard, but just to be able to, like, push ourselves
even though we are such a young team, to keep going. We’re performing really well as a team,
so I’m proud of us. – It’s very different for sure, it’s a great
motivator to get out and do your best and not let anyone down. So, I really do like
the atmosphere here. I think it’s important to just spread awareness because tennis is not one of the most popular sports in Canada, and we need to get all the players we can
get over here to keep improving so we can have a future for tennis in Canada. – Tennis isn’t a very common sport. It’s hard,
too, but it’s really a fun sport, it’s very interesting, so I think if you’re just starting
with it, keep with it. It’s a really fun sport, it’s very fun.

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