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2018 Alfred University Men’s Tennis Season Preview

January 8, 2020

Yhe women season actually helped me get
a lot of good learning experiences so I’ve incorporated incorporated those
into the spring season. We’ve focused a lot more on the individual one-on-one
work where I can work on foot work you know the actual form of the tennis
players. We can actually break down their game and that’s helped me kind of
improve their games as well. So I feel like that’s gonna there the players are
feeding off of it and they’re there they seem to be hungry and they seem to be
willing to work with the the one-on-one individual practices. I think I just want
to comment on how how well my guys have been doing this year. We’ve had a lot of
6:00 a.m. practices and this is honestly the most hungry I’ve ever seen the men’s
tennis program. They’re really focused on goals that we set at the beginning of
the season whether it be individual or team goals I think especially with the
people who’ve been here for multiple years I feel like E8′ is always
the goal. I know Mike Pete and I were kind of the veterans so we know what it
feels like to not make it and be so close. So we’re really hoping that’ll be
the main goal and we’re trying to instill that and a lot of the younger
guys. I think we have a lot of new talent and we’re not really sure how it’s gonna
play out but I think we have a great group of guys. I enjoy practices probably
the most that I ever have and I think just that feeling of commitment but
enjoying it at the same time being my senior year I think we have a great
chance at E8’s. Well I feel like this year is pretty much two groups of
kids you know obviously the veterans and the new kids you know there’s no really
in between. It’s just I feel me Kevin and Pete are kind of the leaders on the team
you know we come to practice you know we just put forth the effort and all the
kind of younger guys you know they’re always there kind of putting in the
effort with us you know step by step you know just trying to make E8’s because I
don’t know it’s my last year I feel like I’ve never tasted E8’s so I want to
feel it. Well our number one singles player Kevin Volz has actually
really stepped up this year as a leader and as
player. He’s played tremendous tremendously excuse me
and I’ve actually been really happy with his performance. Some other players are
Peter Smock and Michael Wisniewski. They both have really stepped up as leaders
and it became you know captains or you know the role models that our young
players need. Some of the newer talent we have are John Papin. He’s come in and
actually kind of surprised us he’s he he’s been at Alfred University for a
while but yet he didn’t really play tennis last year so it’s good to have
his talent on the team. And then some other players are Michael Ross and Adam
Shearer. They both have stepped up they’ve been willing to do individuals
with me and they want to improve.

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