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2018 Australian Open: Behind The Scenes with Nick Kyrgios

January 6, 2020

Hi I’m Nick Kyrgios​, I’m 22. I use the EZONE 98. Yeah that’s me. I could hit the ball the
hardest and I can control it the most and it just suited my game style it it allows me to
hit the ball harder than any other racquet I’ve tried so that’s major you
know you need a lot of power to win these matches. Yeah it was massive for me to
win that first title in Australia was huge to play in front of home crowd
and and finally you know perform and give them what they wanted was a special feeling and hopefully I can just keep that going into Melbourne. Yeah I mean
the Yonex family has given me you know unlimited support throughout my whole
career so you know massive thanks to them. They’ve always been supportive
in my career and my choices I make.

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