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2018 MTU Women’s Tennis Season Preview

February 4, 2020

Yeah we did have a good strong year last
year we got our freshman Ivona was freshman of the year in the GLIAC last
year and the team’s leadership is is outstanding we have we have seven or
eight players that could be captains so last year was we made some strides both
in depth and and where we were our number once in twos we did have a strong
freshman class to begin with we get the two girls who signed early Jessica brown
out of Midland and Samantha Johnson from South Africa both strong players jessica
is already pushing of ona our number one from last year the matches are
unbelievable that they’re playing against each other Samantha very strong
it doubles good all-around game it’s it’s those two were the ones that signed
early and and kind of set the pace and gave us some momentum going in then
later on we got Mirna Golac lots from from Croatia was really a nice pickup she’ll
give us some depth she’s a solid all-around player as well
big serve just just just a really solid class all the way around a lot of our
preseason practice is doubles specific we have we have plays we have that we
use we have a certain way we play and very seldom do we ever get anybody that
comes in as a freshman and understands doubles right away it’s a it’s a pretty
involved process about the way we what we go through but once they get it it
makes sense to them and it works for and it works for us the scoring format
change from from d2 to d1 to the d1 format, we’re not going to change
our strategy so far yet we are going to put emphasis on doubles its doubles is
still very important that it gets the it gets the match started even though those
three matches only count for one point getting off to a strong point is is
critical so we’re going to continue to put emphasis on doubles we
start with Lawrence Tech down it down in Detroit we’re gonna have an exhibition
with Lake State in Marquette then we have the ITA
regional tournament and then we kick off the season against Ashland and Wayne
right after the ITA regionals it’s gonna be the GLIAC is strong this year the
recruits that come in that are coming into the Glac this year very strong so
it’s it’s gonna be a challenge really ours is how how the freshmen respond
right now they look good in practice they’re strong everybody including the
freshmen really took the offseason conditioning program to heart this is
probably the best I’ve seen us come in conditioning wise since I’ve been coach
we put an emphasis on that over the over the course of the summer from there it’s
just going to be how the freshmen respond to the pressure especially when
we start the GLIAC season

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