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2019 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes – entries now open

January 8, 2020

I’m Nalini Joshi. Professor Alan Duffy. We’re the RE100 team. My name is Sally Dunwoodie and I work at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. I won the Celestino Eureka
Prize for the Promotion of Understanding of Science. Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology. Innovation in Citizen Science. Scientific Research award. We’ve developed a clock, which gives the purest signals that have ever been created by humans. Used optical physics to understand better how the brain works. A citizen science app about engaging people in nature exploration. It feels amazing. I am stunned. It’s absolutely fantastic. I’m very honoured. It’s fabulous. It’s well known to be one of
the very best awards that you can get, in terms of raising money, in terms of
getting students excited and it just gives you great recognition.

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