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2019 Toyota RAV4 #MoreOutThere: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

December 16, 2019

(wind whistling) (upbeat music) I’m in Yellowknife, and we are heading to the Dettah Ice Road. I’m excited, I wonder if there
are lanes on an ice road? Is this it, are we on the ice road? I’m not going to lie,
this is a little freaky because just kind of
looks like frozen water. – Great Slave Lake is one of
the largest lakes in the world, the deepest lake in North America. Over 2,000 feet deep,
over 700 meters deep. The Ice Road is a vital link for a lot of the indigenous communities
in the Northwest Territories. For example, this one here
connects the modern city of Yellowknife with the traditional indigenous village of Dettah. – If I didn’t know otherwise
I’d feel like I was on a regular road,
probably because of the car but I don’t know why I
thought I’d just be slipping all over the place. You kind of feel really tiny. (upbeat music) When you get out of the can
and you really look down and you see what you’re
actually standing on, it’s a whole other experience. Yeah, that’s freaky. I wonder if there’s a
massive Zamboni that comes by to keep this thing flat
because I have no idea how this is just like a, it’s just a road. You can’t help but think,
like is it really six feet? We’re good. There’s something in this
environment that’s just so refreshing, where
there’s such a slow pace. It’s pretty great. (calm music) We went to Bullock’s Bistro
and it’s an incredible place. There’s business cards all over the place, and written notes. Kim the chef taught me
how to make whitefish. – This is your beautiful whitefish, it was just fileted upstairs. – Even when the lake is completely frozen you’re getting fresh fish. – All of it comes out of the big lake, about 30 kilometers into the big lake. – [Michael] Can you tell
me what these spices are? – No. – [Michael] Is that all for my fish? – For your one fish, yes. And you want to put that
in the pan skin side down. – Whoa! – And flip it that way. – I’m going to flip him this way. – Good, I was holding my breath. – She just makes this incredible fish and serves it to people with a smile. You could just see the love
she has for what she does. Wow, do you put any of that butter on? – No.
– No, okay, that’s excessive. That would be too much butter, alright. (calm music) It’s so good! It’s so good! That is unreal. So it was like crispy and
then it was like soft, and then it was like salty
but then it was sweet. Like I couldn’t even
begin to, I have no idea what was in that thing. I keep forgetting that I’m
trying to guess the flavors and I’m just enjoying each bite. It’s so unlike any other
fish I’ve had in my life. One person said you
haven’t been to Yellowknife if you haven’t eaten at Bullock’s Bistro. – That’s a compliment. – Yeah, and that’s what I’m going to tell people now, I think. – Yeah. (laughs) (calm music) – So what you do, you go halfway down. You pull up, get this
water out of the hole, and keep drilling. (drill buzzing) – Yes! – Finally. So now we’re going to get the bait ready. To drop down the hole.
– What are you dunking that in?
– It’s a secret sauce. – There’s citrus, there’s
some kind of citrus. Like orange. There’s definitely orange in there. You’re not going to confirm
any of these to me are you? – No. – [Michael] I went ice fishing
for the very first time in my life with this really cool man, Randy who is known as the Fish Whisperer. – These little bells, you
just stick it on the end. So when the fish bites, it rings, right? Now you’re fishing.
– Nice. – Now just got to wait
for the line to bend. – I can get used to this. Randy, he has a really
chill way of looking at it. He wants you to make the
whole, sit back and be patient. So why do they call you
the Fish Whisperer, Randy? – Usually, I’m pretty
good at catching fish, but I don’t know what’s happening here. Oh check that guy out. (bell jingles) – Do I think I have something? – I think you got a fish. Pull pull pull! Your first fish! – It doesn’t even look like a fish! – No it’s half eel, half fish. – It’s half eel, and it’s this
massive weird looking thing. I was so pumped to get my first fish. – I’m going to hold it up and
now you’ve got to kiss it. Right on the lips. It’s tradition. – No no no, I can like kiss
it on the side, Randy, right? And I have to tell you, it
was really really gross. – Now she’s gone. – My first Yellowknife love is gone. (Randy laughing) – And now, hopefully you
see the aurora tonight. – That’s right, and maybe now
also because I was the one to catch it, you will
give me the secret recipe. – No.
– Okay. – Never. (Randy laughing) – The freedom that everyone
shares here has kind of rubbed off on me. I could take my RAV4 and point it in any direction and just drive. – I’m not too sciencey about it, but it is because of the sun. And the sun sometimes like
the flares that come out of the sun and then poof,
it hits the ozone layer. It’s like the earth is defending herself against all these solar flares. – Rachelle took me out to see
the aurora borealis tonight. We drove out on to the Dead Ice Road and we found a beautiful little patch. – I don’t get tired of that show. For me it’s the best show on earth. You don’t even need a TV. – Right. – They say that if you
whistle to the auroras, they will come down and take you away. – I don’t really want that. I just kind of want to see them. That’s a little extreme. (Michael whistles) – Well nobody’s going to. – I’m really trying. Auroras? (horn honks) – But it’s clearing up. Look.
– You think? – Yeah, I think you did it. (peaceful music) – Whoa, that’s so wild. I started to see them
dance, I started to see that the lights flicker. Look it’s changed! It’s changed Rachelle! This is now how it looked before! I literally turned around and that’s, that little dip there, that’s brand new. What’s happening there? I’m going to need to
sit down or something. Lay down. This is so incredible. Could it get better than this? (peaceful music) I’ve got the chance to meet
so many incredible people, hear their stories and their experiences and what it is about Yellowknife
that really speaks to them, why they never want to leave. Getting to fall in love with it myself. I have no idea where we’re going next, but it’s going to be
really hard to top this. (peaceful music)

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