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2020 W&M Men’s Tennis – Season Preview

January 24, 2020

I think the fall season was very productive for us. The guys came in and we started training pretty hard. It was a great mix this year with our fall season of sending guys to a few different tournaments that we haven’t been to before, and you know, we progress
pretty well throughout the fall season. Because it’s not our championship season, we were able to mix up some doubles teams. We were able to send some guys to tournaments that they hadn’t been to the before to play some different players, but then it ultimately culminated with a the Tribe Invitational at the at the end of the fall for us, and I really think we came together very well at that tournament. So it was great to see them all come together, and I really think, we played well, we gelled well as a team at that event. So a lot of positives moving forward into the spring season. I really think that we’re a deep team. We have guys that really the entire team can probably play at any position in the lineup. I think for us that team’s strength of just never dropping off anywhere in the lineup is going to be a huge part of our success this season I think the biggest challenges this year will probably be consistency. Consistently playing well and not just playing up for the bigger matches and then down to potentially competition that we should be taken care of it’s just going to be that consistent play day in and day out that that will probably be the biggest challenge. We have a great mix this year of upperclassmen and then some of the underclassmen as well. We have one senior on the team, Brenden Volk who’s been with us for two and a half years. He came in as a transfer so he’s actually been here the same as the other three juniors we have on the team. We do have a good good mix in there of those four upperclassmen and then the five underclassmen. I don’t typically do just a straight captain but I really try and put each player into a different role. You know, whether that is intensity during practice, whether that’s, you know,
whoever’s going to kind of lead it in the weight room, whoever’s going to lead it in conditioning. So I try and put different guys in different roles so they all feel like they have that part on the team. But certainly having those the upperclassmen, four upperclassmen, that have been here through it all through some of the better seasons and then some of the rougher seasons of knowing what to expect and how to handle all that. Yeah, I think that’s how we try and approach it. Yeah, I think George is going to be a great addition to the team. He competes incredibly. He’s very smart on the court. He knows his game in and out. We always joke when he comes over to the changeover. A lot of times we’ll sit down and start to talk to him and he’s already telling us exactly what it is that we’re gonna tell him. So he’s very intelligent, he knows his game very well but he’s going to be a big contributor in both singles and doubles. Great, great doubles player, you
know, feisty, feisty singles player. So we’re very excited about having him join the team. Aidan’s a workhorse, and he both in his personal life, professional life, he just has that mentality of really trying to maximize his potential and everything that he does. And on top of that, he knows the goals, he knows what it is that we’re trying to accomplish as a team. That the culture that we’re trying to bring to the team. So in that I just know what he can bring to each player as well. He’s known them. He’s, you know, certainly not having graduated that long ag, he knows the players on the team. He has a personal relationship with quite a few of them. It’s always trying to push them to be, to really maximize what they have because he’s been through it. He knows, you know, that goal, and some of the pressure as well of, hey, we’ve got to win at this big time, he understands what they’re going through. But really just his work ethic is second to none. It’s unbelievable, and he pushes to get that out of the guys each day in practice. I think we’ve got a very good schedule. I think it’s pieced together quite well and I think it allows us a good chance to see how we’re playing when once we start peeking, once we start getting closer to conference time. But really the most excited just to see them relax a little bit and trust in themselves and then they’ve got some good tennis that’s that’s ready to be played. It’s just kind of seeing that come out I think will be very exciting to watch.

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