21 Most Powerful Avengers Ranked from Avengers Infinity War!

August 22, 2019

today I thought it would be fun for us
to rank the power levels of the Avengers and guardians of the galaxy in Avengers
infinity war the ranking I’m gonna give is gonna be based on the power levels of
each hero and it’s gonna be based on their overall power displayed usefulness
in battle and overall contribution towards fighting Thanos and his Black
Order this list is based on the movie and not the comic in other words I’m not
only ranking it on strength but it’s also on who made the strongest
contribution and who tried the hardest okay got it
let’s go coming in at last place being that he’s powerful and least useful in
other words the worst is star-lord for Peter quill really stuff that badly in
this movie and really contributes it almost nothing he failed to keep Gamora
safe from no way although he did manage to get spider-man in a headlock he was
to a large degree responsible for allowing Thanos to retain the gauntlet
spider-man had literally taken the gauntlet off then toss his hand only for
quill to pistol-whip mantises hand when she was trying to keep him and ax coming
in a second loss is the person who would have finished first if this was the list
of funniest characters in the movie matters of course Drax the destroyer
where is Gamora who’s Gamora I’ll do you want better
why is Gamora he wanted to charge into battle against Thanos on no way only for
mantis to put him to sleep falling noisily to the ground and I
guess that wasn’t his fault but he was easily bested by Iron Man on Titan and
contributed very little in the battle on Titan with Denis in fact he was only in
the Battle of full eight seconds yep he slices Thanos on the back of a knee and
hangs in there with Denis for a full eight seconds before being thrown
through a wall even dr. strange his cloak of levitation was more useful I
don’t know but anyway he’s number 20 on the list third last and number 19 on the
list is the Hulk now before you all kill me hear me out
yes The Hulk is powerful but remember I’m only basing this on the power they
displayed in infinity war and after getting beaten by Thanos and ten punches
he refused to come up and help so if we’re not even trying I’ve put him very
low on the list it’s not just good enough to potentially be super strong
you have to exercise that ability and just not showing up is why I have him so
low in list so I didn’t hop come out according to the film’s director they
said the following regarding the decision to not have the Hulk come out
and just say no we have to be careful with the
character banner because if every time he’s in trouble Hulk saves him Hulk
becomes the hero and he becomes whiny we wanted to force banner to be the hero
so just like the directors I am drawing a distinction between Hulk and banner so
Bruce Banner will come in higher and later on the list 18 is nebula nebula is
of the luffa moines race which are humanoid and have purple and blue skin
with no hair then us also killed her family as he did Kimora’s Dennis took
her and forced her to fight her adopted sister Gamora each time she would lose
then us would then replaced some of her real body parts with cybernetics to try
and make her car more as equal she shows a lot of bravery in taking on Thanos and
clearly loves her sister however in infinity war she was obviously no match
for Thanos in Anton combats but it’ll be interesting to see what part she plays
in Avengers 4 as she’s currently the only one on Titan with Tony and will it
very least need to give him a ride back to earth Falcon aka Sam Wilson comes in
at number 17 Sam is able to pilot the experimental
xo7 Falcon wing jetpack it was created by the Air National Guard he also
carries a pair of star technical machine pistols and a wrist mounted miniature
rocket launcher he played a role in the battle of Wakanda and contributed where
he could but his abilities are however probably better suited to a smaller
scale story coming in at 16 is the white wolf formerly known as the Winter
Soldier Bucky Barnes although equipped with the new vibranium
arm Bucky like Falcon is more useful in less epic battles although we never
really got to see what his arm is capable of instead it was his
marksmanship with a gun which is an m249 light machine gun he notably saved
Rocket Raccoon and gave us one of the most memorable scenes in the movie
swinging rocket around in the same way as Groot swung him around in guardians
of the galaxy when they were trying to escape from the kiln prison okay how
much fun I am and talking of everybody’s favorite rabbit subject 89p13 aka Rocket
Raccoon comes in at number 15 he has genius-level intelligence and due to his
cybernetic augmentations has enhanced durability strength and agility his
weapon of choice is a laser cannon which he wields in that also seen with Bucky
on the fields of Wakanda and for some reason there’s nothing quite so
satisfying as watching it talking raccoon wield a weapon while
spinning around shouting number 14 on the list is vision now a vision was far
weaker in this movie due to being caught off guard in the
streets of Scotland and being stabbed by Corvus glaive the blade prevented him
from phasing and weakened him overall compared to the Civil War where he was
essentially and vulnerable so it may be surprising that I have him so low on the
list but I can understand why the full mech is immediately depowered him
because they must would never be able to get the mine stone if he was at full
power and able to face but he still has the ability to fly and held his own
against Corvus glaive and ultimately defeated him
Corvus glaive scepter was able to deflect and absorb the power of the mine
stone and throw it back at vision it’s one heck of a scepter 13 is Colonel
Rhodes aka war machine he was able to stop one of the wheeled weapons that was
able to bore under the wakandan force field and of course he has a lot of
firepower but overall the filmmakers never really gave him much to do and he
was easily taken down by cull obsidian Zechs
he was however very effective against normal art riders remember 12 is Gamora
and now you may be asking why is Gamora so high on the list
Bob firstly it’s because she was the one who was willing to sacrifice everything
to try and keep the secret of the soul stone she was even willing to sacrifice
her own life the only thing she wouldn’t sacrifice was her sister nebula she knew
her efforts would most likely end in her death she asked everyone to kill her if
they must ever captured her and even tried to end her own life to protect the
soul stone so for effort alone I’m gonna put her quite high on the list at number
12 so as I said she really went through a lot so you may be saying this is a
pity ranking and to a large extent you would be right and hey if you don’t like
it you could just tell me in the comments below in fact I would love to
see all your lists and rip them apart as well in a friendly way like you can
reply list apart or live here on crafty media almost making it into the top 10
but not quite is mantis at number 11 now this might be a surprise to some and a
ranking that you don’t agree with although physically she’s not the
strongest her powers were actually able to put the
mad Titan Thanos and she was able to subdue him and for that fact and power
alone she makes it to number 11 no other avenger had the power to do this but of
course her lack of physical powers and the fact that she could only use these
powers when she’s actually touching the person puts her at number 11 just making
it into the top 10 is Rogers aka Captain America or more
accurately probably in this movie Nomad his superhuman speed matches even that
of black panther and how awesome was it when they were sprinting ahead
after opening sector 17 of the wakandan forcefield fearlessly throwing
themselves at the outriders he of course has superhuman strength durability and
speed he’s also now equipped with vibranium shield gauntlets and was able
to take on Corvus glaive single-handedly as well as this arm him of his very
powerful scepter he was bested in the end by Corvis but it ultimately only
served as a distraction for long enough so that vision could stab him with his
own sceptre he was strong enough even to take on several art riders at a time and
was even somehow able to catch a punch from Thanos when he had five Infinity
stones in the gauntlet cap surely has one of the bravest hearts on the list
and what he lacks in strength he makes up with pure wool and heart the number
nine spot goes to someone who really surprised me with their incredible
contribution and if it’s shown in the movie and that is of course the
phenomenal Natasha Romanov Black Widow not only is she able to disarm Corvus
glaive but she was able to stand toe to toe with Proxima midnight she did have
help from Akoya but the fact that she’s really just a human with no cybernetic
enhancements with only her skills makes it pretty incredible and that’s also why
I put her so high on the list Black Panther was able to take down coloured
Citian with one punch using his armor colab Cillian demolished even war
machine with his axe as we know Black Panthers vibranium armor is able to
absorb kinetic energy and then expel it in a violent punch cull obsidian or
black dwarf as he is known in the comics is massively powerful Black Panther also
made a massive contribution by using his armies to fight against the hordes of
outriders coming in at number 7 is Thor’s friend the tree Groot for much of
the movie teenage Groot was doing nothing more than playing arcade
defender but when it mattered he was directly responsible for helping to
complete for his new Stormbreaker axe this directly led to the saving of
Thor’s life but the fact that he was able to wield that weapon for even a few
seconds is itself incredible as for said you simply lack the strength to wield
them your bodies would crumble as your minds collapsed into madness so the fact
that Groot could wield Stormbreaker is impressive indeed he himself was also
able to take out several outriders at a time in the
Battle of Wakanda six is Bruce Banner our banner had a lot to do in the movie
due to the fact that the directors didn’t want Hulk always saving the day
of course earlier in the movie he was pretty useless in the attack on
Greenwich Village and served more as comic relief but the impressive thing is
that instead of just sitting out the fight he showed the true hero spirit by
strapping on the Hulkbuster armor and jumping into the fight this shows how
much heart and fighting spirit Bruce Banner has the Hulkbuster armor itself
of course was even able to beat the Hulk in the Battle of Johannesburg in age of
Ultron and in this case was able to beat even the strongest of the black order
cull obsidian not by pure strength alone of course but by using his genius level
intelligence to use one of the suits on thrusters to shoot cull obsidian into
the air and then explode it’s possible that cull obsidian may have actually
beaten the Hulk as he was winning the fight from a strengths perspective
against the armor that had already defeated the Hulk into the top five week
girl and at number five it’s Peter Parker aka spider-man a spider-man was
able to get in several good punches and kicks with Denis and was instrumental in
defeating the terrifying of any more with his alien movie plan also he saved
Drax star-lord and mantis after Thanos hit them with a massive energy blast
from the Power Stone he was even strong enough to assist in holding Thanos and
actually succeeded in getting the gauntlet
off his hand only for tennis to snatch it back thanks Peter quill he also
showed tremendous bravery and effort throughout the movie now before is Tony
Stark Iron Man his new nanotechnology suits in the comics is known as his
bleeding edge armor he was able to stand toe-to-toe with Dennis for a fair amount
of time and was the only Avenger besides sport to actually make the mad Titan
bleed all that for a drop of blood but as I said the most impressive feat was
that he was able to stand toe-to-toe with Thanos Thanos needed to use the
power stone to defeat Tony and if you consider Thanos was able to defeat the
Hulk without using any Infinity stones it just shows you how powerful Iron Man
is now it’s down to the top three and this is where it gets really tough to
decide coming in at number three is Doctor Strange he was also able to
withstand tennis using the mystical arts in fact Ennis needed to use the power of
three Infinity stones the space power and reality stones on
several occasions he was able to withstand a massive energy blast from
the Power Stone he was able to turn it into blue butterflies and then
impressively replicated himself trying to restrain Thanos with magical
restraints and that was all without using as Thanos put it his greatest
weapon the time stone number two is the incredibly powerful Scarlet Witch scott
of which is starting to realize her full powers not only did she single-handedly
keeping us at bay and five Infinity stones
she laid waste to most of the black orders army she’s able to fly same
massive bursts of energy and it’s interesting how she was born of the mine
stone but has seemingly become far more powerful than the mine stone itself the
fact that she was able to destroy the mine stone is incredible but she had to
sacrifice so much by destroying the mine stone when she knew it could kill the
love of her life vision and of course she had to cruelly injure Dennis just
turning back time with her having to watch vision die a second time and of
course there’s no doubts for who is that number one the god of thunder himself
Thor besides having the most epic entrance in the history of comic book
movies he took the full force of a star in the revelry air he is able to wield
storm breaker which weapon is so powerful that it could actually
withstand the power of the entire completed Infinity Gauntlet with all of
the six Infinity stones it has a connection to the Bifrost which allows
him to travel through space Stormbreaker also gives him the power of flight and
of course he has fully realized his powers of lightning and thunder and was
easily able to destroy the outriders transport vessels and mow down tons of
art riders and of course he did actually defeat Thanos and if it wasn’t that he
wanted to get up close with Thanos and tell him that he got his revenge he
would have actually defeated Thanos completely and I think if we’ve learned
one thing from infinity war it’s that you should always go for the head so
what do you think of my ranking of the most powerful and most useful Avengers
and guardians of the galaxy I’d love to share what all your lists are so please
tell me in the comments below please like this video if you did and subscribe
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