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970XX K – небольшой обзор толкового Off+ основания от фирмы YINHE (Milkyway) 970 XX

November 10, 2019

I’ve been asked many times about blade
Yihne 970 XX K, with which I recently played. What the blade is it?
What interesting is there about it? Who will it suit? It’s blade with Kevlar-Carbon. So, it’s composite one. It’s Off+. It’s not the fastest from Off+ class. For example, Long 8S is faster. I would like to try T4, but
I’m sure it also will be faster. Nevertheless, it’s rather Off+ than Off. About peculiarities in
defense of this blade. It’s very flexy. more elastic than Long 8S,
as Long 8S is a bit flexy. 970 XX K is very flexy. And this flexibility in defense absorbs
the strength of the incoming attack. When in attack you play a loop
this flexy blade adds spin. But when you needn’t play high-speed ball,
but have to fend off opponent’s fast ball, so this flexure makes the ball slightly jump off,
if to compare with general speed of this blade. At first game and even sometimes
now for want of habit, I have a lot of situations, when I hit
not at full strength, especially FH. I used to play with less flexy blade last time
FH and due to it, I sometimes even
played my chop not long enough to reach the table. So if you want a blade which provides
strong attack and weak jump-off at chops, so this fast flexy blade 970
XX K will be perfect for this. It provides the wide diapason of speeds in attack. It speeds up and has
light jump-off in defense. About interesting peculiarities. Defense with short pips
Uranus Poly is amazing. The sponge is 2 mm FH or BH. I played with it BH, and pip-in FH. Uranus is great on this blade. I’ve also tried long pips,
but I don’t remember filming it. I tried them for myself. Long pips are also great, but as for
short pips, Uranus Poly is perfect for defense, block on the table is great,
but there is one thing it’s lack of, is the thing which is unimportant for
defenders, if to speak about Uranus Poly, it’s lack of strong countering,
aggressive hit BH. Placement attack is quite comfortable:
it’s easy to drive and hit in any direction. It’s great with Uranus, but speaking
about strong hit – not so good. You need faster pips or Uranus
Euro, or other pips for stronger hit. But remind you, that it’s combination
for defense and perfect in it. As for attacking abilities, I played
pips-in rubber Big Dipper Spin. It’s a new developing from Yinhe, which
is awaiting on the market in June-July of 2019. Yinhe provided me with a sample. It’s a hybrid rubber, of higher than
medium hardness, but not of maximum. This rubber and I tried other rubbers,
similar to this one, they all are good on
this blade, both in defense and attack. The only thing is that flat hit due to blade’s high flexibility, is not very good. It’s good for high balls, but it’s not
for every balls, as it’s too flexy. I’ve also tries tensors, loop is great, and
flat hits are better than with hybrids. As for loops, different rubbers
are good for this blade. You may play witn more power, or with more spin, or more precisely due to chosen rubber: either loop and spinning, or heavy
serves, or other, due to your aim. I tried a lot of them, and every
is great on this blade. And I have one advice for those who will
chose this blade and it will feel overweight, when I tried it for the first time
I felt, that it’s overweight, but I realized, that it’s not actually
overweight, not excess weight. but because of two thick rubbers the
weight was concentrated in the paddle. What I didn’t like in defense. And I don’t like such effect. What did I do? I took heat
shrink tape for the handle by Yinhe, which weighs about 6-7 grams, and put it on the handle, general
weight of the racket increased. The balance went to
the handle, and it felt lighter. So, if you will have such problem,
you may try to solve it this way: put the weight on the handle and the
balance will go to it. So racket will feel lighter. Besides 970 XX K, Yinhe has already
presented two more blades. With letters C and A. I will tell about them in other video. But I want to mention that C is carbon,
it has outer layer of kiso hinoki wood, softer and more vibrating,
if to compare with 970 XX K. And A is ALC, but I haven’t tried it yet,
just held in hand without rubbers.


  • Reply TT-Maximum Table Tennis Настольный Теннис July 1, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    То, что этим основанием так хорошо играть не только в атаке, но и в защите, как бы намекает на необходимость не только поставить лайк, но и подписаться на канал!

  • Reply Gangster July 1, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    На фоне таких хороших изделий покупка всяких батов становится поступком, который плохо влияет на карму игрока, не говоря уже про карму его кошелька 🙂

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