A Short Guide to Finding the Right Mentors in the Fitness Industry | Charles R. Poliquin

September 18, 2019

Last week something very strange happened
I got my inbox filed with the screenshots of people who were actually very sad and distraught
and frustrated because they were scammed. They were scammed by this Australian guy who
now lives in Indonesia that promised them two things: a lot of money, with no effort,
well that doesn’t happen in real life. So what he claimed and I remember seeing his
post over six months ago, that he was going to show you how he made two million dollars
selling programs online on the internet. Wow when I saw that, I said okay, this guy is a
bullshit artist. What did he really sell you? He sold you greed
and laziness. Some of you fell for that. Doesn’t make you a bad person, but you know
it could be an interesting proposition, you can make a lot of money and you could have
a very lavish lifestyle. But I’ve been doing this 30 years and I know
on this this not to be true. So the subject of today blog is how can you
find the right person to learn from, and is the proposition realistic. There’s a thing called, it’s a website
that’s your number one tool. What you do is you enter the sales guy’s website on it and
you look for a certain number. So there’s about 10 billion websites right
now in the world, so the growth of number of websites is actually coming to a halt,
now it’s six to eight percent a year. So what Alexa does is it gives you a ranking
compared to these ten billion websites, the lower your score is, actually the better you
do. So for example Google gets one point because
that’s the number one visited website in the world, I think number two is Yahoo and something
like CNN would be 53 points one week, it could be 34 if there’s a lot of terrorist attack or,
you know, something or an earthquake or whatever, so political events will affect news website,
makes sense. Training websites are seasonal, so for example
if it’s beach season in Canada training websites in canada are not visited because people are
at the beach, when it’s minus 60 training websites in Canada are popular. How do I know? It’s like for example in December I got more
visitors from Canada and less from Australia, because in December in Australia it’s beach
time ok. What’s the magical number? It’s 500,000. So if your website is 500 thousand points
or less, you’re getting a lot of visitors, now here’s a rule of thumb people have five
hundred thousand points on the internet on have enough visitors to warrant
a multi-million dollar business, but it’s not a guarantee, but it’s a minimum to achieve. So i googled the website ranking of that crook
and it was not even ranked, so it’s impossible that he’s made two million dollars a year
selling programs. So that automatically disqualified him, number
two that you have to look at is does the person have a reputation, that’s fairly easy to google,
so for example if I was looking for a guide to teach me stretching and I really wanted
to get good at stretching I would find that the name that comes up the most often or the
system that comes out most often is Stretch to Win, which is ran by Chris and Ann Frederick,
so if I look at them and I see their reputation internationally, and look at all my choices,
I would say I’m going to go study with them. So the reputation, the Alexa score also dictates
are you dealing with the right person? So when people got into the greed and the
laziness aspects of the sale they obviously did not verify those credentials, does a person
have a right repetition and what’s their ranking. Principle number three is what i call the
1 to 25 rule, so if the course is really good and it provides a lot of useful information,
and that’s what the person you should try to sell you, they should sell you not revenues
but they should sell you knowledge, if they sell you good knowledge and it costs you a
thousand dollars to take the class, typically but not all the time, you will make 25 thousand
dollars a year from that piece of knowledge. So for example if you look at Powerlifting
you could take a weekend “certification seminar” from a guy who could barely make it at state
level and he charges you 400 bucks for the weekend, because that’s max he can get, then
you multiply that by 25 times and that’s the most you’ll get out of that class per year,
so you could get an extra ten thousand dollars a year, but if you take somebody with a high
repetition let’s say like Ed Coan and you charge your three grand for the weekend, what
you’re going to learn that weekend will be worth 75 grand per year. And the rule of thumb is pretty simple the
higher the person is ranked in reputation the closer the number will be to 25. There’s been a lot of people who’ve copied
my certification, and Nick Mitchell calls them Poliquin light and people say oh I can
take a class with the strength sense it for 3 grand but I can go take this class in Indonesia
for 250 bucks, I don’t have to travel, and I’ll get there, well multiply 25 times to
250 bucks, you’re not again getting much out of it, and that 25 x factor is probably
not going to even be there. Ok so let’s recap, you have to look at the
person’s ranking, their reputation and the 1 to 25 rule. And if you look at those factors, then you
could have a more realistic expectation of where you’re going to be. However to get that 25 x factor, I’m going
to tell you right now, you’ll have to put in about 70 hours a week into the personal training
field or strength coaching field, you need to put in your hours, Malcolm Gladwell talks
about the 10,000 hour minimum investment rule, there’s the Talent Code, which is a very good
book, but he also talks about how much time you put in, so if somebody promises you a
lot of money with very little effort, he’s selling you greed and lazyness. The top educators in the field will sell you
information you can use. However you take the seminar and you don’t put in the hours, you’re
not going to get that 25 x return factor, does that make sense to all of you? So keep this in mind when you’re looking for
an expert, so if you say to me I want to look, I want to be certified in physique coaching,
ok what’s the reputation of the guy teaching you? If he’s only coached two girls in a bikini
contest in the Southern state in the US, it’s probably not the right guy, but let’s say
if its Larry Vinette who puts people in the IFBB pros on a regular basis or Francine Savard
or Christian Maurice who trains a lot of movie actors, those guys are forced to produce results
on a regular basis, then I would say go learn from them, but one thing you should know, not
everything that you learn needs to be certified and also it doesn’t have to be
a seminar. I would say one of the best ways to get ahead
for you is to find the expert and ask them, hey I want to learn from you how, much does
it cost? So Larry may say, ok you want come to Montreal
first and I’ll charge you 10 grand for the day, based on this experience that’s a great
investment but to take a certification course by somebody who has never had any real result
is a complete waste of time, you just can’t collect certificates, you got to collect high-level
information. Alright so I hope to see you soon in one of
my classes, and keep your mind open: it’s like a parachute if it’s not open it doesn’t work

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