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ABOOT 3: Stop That Racket

December 9, 2019

[Mento] You seem off. [Discy] Well, I sort of regret breaking up with Ringy. [Mento] Dude, forget about it. You were the only one supporting the relationship! [Discy] Yeah, yeah, okay. I’ll stop being so sad and dramatic. That’s Blueberry’s job, that crybaby! *Horrible elimination time theme song* [Host Token] (lisps) So, we got a record of 21 votes! [Axe] Wow, only 21? This show sucks! You have more contestants than voters. [HT] What? Oh. There’s almost… 30 of you. 28. That’s a lot. Hey. Since I’m more original than Win Token, This episode, 5 objects will join the show, And 3 will be eliminated! *Right Lens gasps* [HT] The 3 with the most votes will be eliminated! And those are… Axe! With 6 votes! Goodbye, pessimist! [Axe] Well, at least I won’t have to listen to you annoying lisp anymo- AAAAH! [HT] Glad he’s gone. He’s not going to the Blank Dimension, though. Apparently it’s illegal to send living beings there against their will. Next eliminated is… Ringy, with 4 votes. Not surprising. [Mento] I’m surprised! Surprised she didn’t get more votes than that! [HT] Anyways. The last eliminated is… Boney! [Boney] What?! Why?! I did nothing wrong! (except for in season 1) Boomerang! Boomerang wanted revenge on me! He- I bet he rigged the votes! AAAAAH! [Saw] This alliance is broken. [HT] Anyways, here are the new debuters! (First is) Clapperboard, the super-fan! [Clapperboard] OMG, am I on Battle Of Objects? This is a dream come true! Gasp! You two?! I think it’s tragic that Win Token got jailed. And that my favorite character Boney got eliminated! What did he do to deserve it? [Onion] It is very tragic indeed! Three objects have just been dropped, probably to their own demise! [Choice Token] And that was Onion. A sixth year drama student and aspiring actress! [HT] Last but not least… well, maybe not least. Dollar! [Dollar] It’s great to be here! I love trying new things! I remember really getting lost while exploring the forest in my backyard, and fell in the Blank Dimension. I just hope I don’t get eliminated too early! [HT] Anyways, we need an original challenge idea! Something never been done before! How about tennis? [Discy] But, that’s unfair to armless contestants! How are we supposed to hold a racket and run at the same time? [HT] Oh, right. Well, I don’t care. There’s a tennis court over there. So, each team will be against another. [Discy] But we don’t have teams! [HT] Oh. Then, TV, randomize teams. There will be 6 teams of 5. [Football] Argh! Half my team is armless and the other half is DUMB! [Basketball] At least the armless teammates are your FRIENDS! [Football] Yeah, but, we’re armless, those useless and brainless boys are just gonna drag the team down, and Beach Ball is both armless and stupid! [Basketball] AUGH! Why do you hate her?! Why can’t you accept that she’s my girlfriend?! Why can’t you be nice to others for once?! You know what? Why are we even friends?! Have you ever been nice to anyone?! HOST TOKEN! Can I switch teams with someone? [HT] Only if someone wants to switch teams with you. But I don’t think anyone wants to be on Football’s team. [Beach Ball] OHH! *popped by Football* [Football] You broke my ears! [Basketball] We don’t have ears! [HT] Don’t break the fourth wall. Anyways, time to pick the rest of the teams! [Remote] Picked last again? Oh well. At least I’m with you, iPhone! [CT] So- [HT] So grab your rackets! Team Red vs. Orange, Yellow vs. Green, and Blue vs. Purple. [CT] Um, Host Token? I’m supposed to be co-host. And you’re not letting me talk much. [HT] But, hosting a show has been my dream! [CT] Yeah, but you’re being selfish. [HT] I guess you’re right. would you like to do the honors? *New intro rolls* [Football] I hate this team. Bready, French Fry, we need you! [French Fry] What’s with this grass background, anyways? It’s just blue and green. Hooray for effort. [Football] Guys! Get your stupid faces over here and help us win this stupid challenge! [Bready] But- [Football] No! You will help this team, or else! You hear me? *Bready runs off, doing a horrible impression of a cry* [Basketball] Great! What did I tell you?! [Football] What?! [Basketball] I told you, you should try to be nice for once! You are not helping this team, Football. Nobody likes you! You just made our own team member run away in tears. We will probably be up for elimination, and you will get eliminated! How does this make you feel, Football? *Football blinks in response* I would feel bad if I were you. But you probably feel nothing. You are a cruel, soulless creature. And this whole time you were causing us this problem, they were getting free points on us! [Football] *hit by tennis ball* Ow! *Bready sits sadly* [FF] Hey, Bready. [Bready] Why would he be so mean? He knows about my sensitivity! [FF] Well, Bready, don’t listen to Football. He’s just a jerk. You can’t change them. Jerks like him just want to make people feel bad. But I’m here for you, Bready. You know how much I care about you. *Bready tries to kiss French Fry* Woah, Bready! You- I- I didn’t know you felt this way. But, I just don’t like you that way. *Bready is upset* I didn’t mean it like that! I- I like you, but just as a best friend. [CT] We’re down to the final minute! Team Orange and Team Yellow have no chance of winning. Team Blue and Purple are tied. [Mento] We only need one more goal to win! [Almond] It’s not called a goal in tennis. [Mento] Whatever! [Discy] Yeah, noone cares. [Blueberry] Just serve it already! Woah, where did that come from? *Tennis ball hits racket* *iPhone fails in slow motion* [HT] And Team Purple loses! So do Team Orange and Team Yellow. They are all up for elimination! You can vote one from each- [CT] Wait, i have an idea! [HT] Not now! I- I mean, tell us your idea! [CT] First of all, turn off your megaphone. It’s just irritating. And I was going to say, Having a contestant vote would build the plot and develop the characters. And we want that, right? [HT] Yes! Let’s make this show a contestant vote! [Axe] So you’re going to exclude the viewers? [CT] I wasn’t finished. This show should become a contestant vote, but still include the viewers, because they are, and should be, a big part of the show. So, contestants on losing teams vote between their own teams, and one from every losing team would be eliminated, and the viewers vote for one of the contestants on the winning teams to win the season! [Basketball] Wait, what? Win the season? WHat’s the point of eliminations then?! And you’re really going to have the finale on episode 4?! [CT] I wasn’t finished. I was going to say, the viewers vote for someone to win, all the votes will be accumulated over the season, and at the end of the season, the one with the most votes wins! And, if you’re eliminated, you won’t have any more chance to earn any more points unless you rejoin, but the votes will still count of you’re eliminated! So, it’s possible for someone to win, even if they’d been eliminated. And don’t worry, we plan for this to be our longest season yet. And if something goes wrong, we could end it early by giving the one with the most votes the grand prize. [Discy] Grand prize? We don’t even get to know what it is?! [CT] It’ll be a surprise. So, viewers, vote for someone to win the prize! Poll links are in the description. *credits roll* [Discy] You know how there’s always been clear sky, except for that snowstorm in episode 6? [Muggy] Yeah, that was weird. I miss snow. [CT] Well, you’re in luck! Snow is predicted to come soon! [Muggy] Oh, when? [CT] About right now. *snow falls* [Lemon] Hey, what’s this? [Bready] It’s SNOW! It’s snowing!


  • Reply D. Casey Animations April 22, 2018 at 5:11 am

    2:20 to 2:31 is the best animation in any part of the episode.

  • Reply A_Random Spooky Guy June 8, 2018 at 12:56 am

    0:56–0:59 Amazing.

  • Reply Land Walker June 19, 2018 at 11:54 am

    You have improved. A LOT!

  • Reply Stomacus January 23, 2019 at 12:14 am

    Where's episode 4?

  • Reply Catte Official March 30, 2019 at 3:42 pm

    0:37 WH.. WHAT

  • Reply David Stevens May 12, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    *Yeah yeah yeah yeah*

  • Reply object show german no 1 September 13, 2019 at 1:33 pm

    Why not use your mouth

  • Reply TheFunnyAnimations November 16, 2019 at 1:00 am

    Remember kids. Don’t be a battle of objects hater.

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