Adam Meets Ellen Fans at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

February 26, 2020

Earlier this month, I did a
live Q&A at the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida. Thousands of fans
came to see me. So I had my writer Adam
go talk to some of them before the show. And here’s what happened. Hi, I’m here at the Hard
Rock Hotel in Florida where Ellen is about
to do her Q&A live. The one, the only, Ellen! [APPLAUSE] Now, I notice, show
us what you have here. I have a tattoo of Ellen. That’s my hero. Are there any other
celebrities that you want to get a tattoo of? No No. Just Ellen. Just Ellen, yeah, that’s it. Yeah. And then you’re probably
freaking out right now. Because I’m Kevin the
Cashier from the show? They’re starstruck, clearly. They can’t believe it. You’re the best. We’re great fans of Ellen. But we love you. You’re– They love me. You’re so handsome! Oh, thank you so much! Look at those eyes! They match mine. But you’re wonderful, really. And I love how you wrap
presents and stuff. And you’re so serious
when you do it. Thank you. You’re here to see
Ellen’s Q&A tonight? Absolutely. She’s the best, the best
for the whole world. God bless her! Everybody said,
coming by myself? I said, yeah, of
course, it’s Ellen. Are you guys going to
hang out after this? Have you made friends? I’ll be at the bar. I don’t know. You’ll be at the bar. You and me both, sister. I’ll see you there, blue eyes. Yep. Hey, I love Ellen DeGeneres. Listen, Ellen, I love you. And let me tell you something. I’m from Miami. And I saw you when
you walked down there. And you were just
all with your– That’s how she walks. She does. Around the office, she
walks through the office. A lot of attitude. Listen, I love it. And I love you. Cool. Oh, God, they’re pushing
me, they’re pushing me. Here’s some more people. Here we have some more people. Hello, what’s your name? Marissa. Oh, my God, I’m shaking. You’re shaking? Is that because of
Ellen or because of me? Both. OK, good. I shake like a Chihuahua. I’m sorry. Shake like a Chihuahua. Does that happen a lot? No, just when I talk to Ellen. Just when you talk to Ellen. What are you guys hoping to
hear Ellen talk about tonight? Oh, my God, anything. I would just watch her
breathe if she wanted me to. I don’t care. So long story short, I
went through breast cancer. And I used to watch
her on the show. And I used to make jokes about
how she was my best friend. Uh-huh. Oh, sorry. No, not at all, not at all. We love to hear
stories like this. I’m glad that
she’s able to help. So I posted a picture
of myself bald. Nobody’s ever seen me bald. My husband said, there’s no
way in hell you’re doing that. I said– oh, can I say that–
yes, yes, I am doing that. And he said, there’s no way. But when it got posted,
he said holy whatever. And I said– What do you mean by “whatever.” Holy what? Listen, listen, I got
a mouth like a sailor. We can bleep it. I keep it clean for my career. What did he say? Holy what? Holy what? Holy [BLEEP]! See? There we go. Then he said, you’re out
of your [BLEEP] mind. Well, I’m glad you
could make it tonight. Is this going to be your
first time seeing her live? Yes, and I said, I’ll just
share oxygen with her. That’s fine. Oh, let me see your shoes here. And I’m wearing these
ridiculous shoes for her! Crocs! We’ve got Crocs with socks here. And my girlfriend
made this shirt! Look! And your girlfriend
made this shirt, “making the world a better
place one heart at a time.” We’re so glad to hear
stories like yours. And you’re making
knockoff Ellen items. So you’ll hearing
from our lawyer. We love you, Ellen!

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