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Adrian Mijangos’ Tennis Elbow Classroom Success Story

February 5, 2020

hi my name is Adrian and this is my
testimonial for Tennis Elbow Classroom dot com. about two years ago I got Tennis
Elbow on my right arm and a year ago I got Tennis Elbow on my left arm from carrying scuba tanks on a dive trip. So, a year ago I had Tennis Elbow in both arms and I
was waking up every morning with pain and soreness in both my elbows and
throughout the day the pain just would not go away. So, I went to my primary care
doctor and recommended a list of stretches and exercises which I did for
two months – saw no improvement so I went back and he recommended sessions with an
Occupational Therapist try that for eight weeks – I mean eight sessions in an 8 week period and no results… went back to the doctor and he recommended he
referred me to a Orthopedic Surgeon, so, the Orthopedic Surgeon did an MRI I came
back negative for anything serious so he said it’s just Tennis Elbow and he said
don’t worry about it, it’ll just go away with time – Just get used to it!
So, after a series of months I get nowhere – no results and I was out
hundreds of dollars in doctor co-pays and therapy sessions and the MRI so I
was frustrated and waking up sore – sore arms every morning, so, I went online
and on the Internet on YouTube and I found Allen Willette’s video series. I
watched all the free videos and then I signed up for the videos you have
on the actual cure – and within days within a few days I was not waking up
sore anymore so I was I was shocked I mean how quick it started working – and
slowly my pain is going away – and it’s been about two months now and I almost
have no pain now – so the videos work – The method works, and I can assure you in my
case, I got better results these videos and I did with my primary
care doctor and with an Occupational Therapist and with an Orthopedic Surgeon – So I’m a believer in the series and I’m sure you will too after you try the video
series. And that’s my testimonial. you

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