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Adriana Díaz: Un águila de la montaña | #100xLoQueQueramos

October 23, 2019

♪ Popular presents ♪ Adriana Díaz: An eagle from the mountain ♪ Very good! When I was four years old, I started playing table tennis. First against the wall and then, at 6 years old, I started at the table. I went to my first international tournament and realized that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I began to see in her some skills, abilities, different hands, that was when she was about 4 years old. Then, at home, she continued to play against the walls. And I saw that she had a passion, an interest for the sport out of the ordinary. My wife and I had to build a table for Adriana and I was afraid that she would damage the technique, because she almost didn’t reach the table. If I permitted her to play at a big table she was going to hit the ball incorrectly, I needed a table where she could make the hit correctly. My parents built a small table and I practiced on it during the first days because they had done it for me and all that. And Adriana was very happy with her little table for a few days, but afterwards she didn’t want to play in it anymore, she wanted to play at the big table. Well, I ended up playing in the big one after all. You can grab the “alcapurrias”, I’m already serving. My children, 25 years ago… “Come Adri”… For Three Kings Day, they asked for a ping pong table. And well, mother at last, I got it. They started to play in the garage and it got so crowded, we started looking for places to accommodate the boys. Some closed doors, and some gave us a chance, I even cried, we passed hardship. She practically founded the sport here in Utuado. When my dad and my uncles were little, she gave them a tennis table so they could train, because they liked it a lot. If it had not been for that table she gave them when they were little, this probably wouldn’t be happening. Well, imagine, a “jibarita” from Utuado, with children traveling around the world, now the grandchildren. Imagine how I feel, I still don’t believe it, it’s like a dream. ♪ One more match? Yes, yes. Paola! Come here with Adriana. Good. You have to play more refined, more tactical, leave the ball short, give a little more, throw over it. What you want is to finish the point with a single shot. There, there, stay low! You see what I say, look, when you are serving… I started coaching in 1993, by that time I was a table tennis athlete. I was in the process of making the national team, but I also needed to work and tend to the club because in the beginning they needed a coach. I had a normal work day from 7:45 in the morning to 4:15, outside of Utuado, in the town of Adjuntas. And when I got back, in addition to being tired from the day, I had training with her and tend to the club, and really, that was the first difficulty I had. Forehand, tip, forehand, backhand and pivot. Go! As you start searching for consistency, increase speed. For Adriana to be an elite athlete, we were at disadvantage in terms of training In other parts of the world, they were full-time athletes, and I thought and said, “we will not be able to get there, if we don’t make a change to the system”. But when you say change the system, you think it’s almost impossible. How am I going to change a system that has been in the country for years? How can I do it? And what I did was, I wrote what I observed and what I wanted to happen. Well, as we were talking last class, we are going to keep working on the campaign against bullying, right? Each question you will answer in Spanish, as well as in English. I believe that what we should do to stop bullying is to treat all people well and teach the other people that are bullies the importance of each person, of each human being and always be kind to everyone and treat all others well. So, maybe what for one is normal for others is offensive, ok. Only your answer. Well, I know a friend that she got bullied last year and she was very sad but… I started to take Home Schooling, this was a big sacrifice because I had friends in school but I knew that in the end one has to sacrifice to obtain what I wanted: to play, travel, be in tournaments, and in regular school I just couldn’t. I went without my dad, only with Bryan and my uncle. It’s a very nice country! Love the culture, They eat on the floor, they sit down, so it’s cool. The process of converting the club in parallel with a school was a process that required changes in our educational philosophy, to be able to train and study within the same facility. The idea was that the athlete or youth didn’t have to leave the facility in order to concentrate on the sport. My training, I do a lot of physical because in table tennis it is very important to move a lot, because one has a fraction of second to think about what to do, and to move a lot is very important. So, half a day physical and half day training is ideal. ♪ Jun, come here! You’re fine, you have that position, you change your position depending on the ball true. But… Of course, Jun has that culture, he knows how the Japanese work. Then, he comes here to show us how they work, how disciplined one has to be. And truth is, I am very grateful that he’s here. I’m here, I learn from him and I don’t have to travel there. There, it’s the most I can! Look, he keeps here… Balance. It’s that, the body, like so. That’s why you also have to crouch a little bit more here, here. But look, head, do not change your head position. There’s a situation and I know what it is, you grew up and you are not used to your new body. As a coach and as a father, it really is a fine line that I am walking all the time. Because I also have a daughter with a strong character too. Not one, I have 4 personalities at home, plus my wife 5. And even though I am very happy, I have to tell you that it is a challenge. Well, my relationship with my father is a bit difficult because, sometimes, we fight a lot, but I know he does it for my own good. Because he always pushes me a little further because he knows how far I can go, the good thing is that we have a lot of trust And when we are at the table we communicate very well. That Adriana, Melanie or any of them, understands that what I am giving is a coach instruction and not a scolding or something else. You have to have the correct body language, you have to speak with the correct tone, I mean, it’s very difficult. Well, I almost always try to differentiate it, when I’m at the table, well, I’m a player When I’m at home I try to be a daughter and all that, but he cannot differentiate it. If I do wrong here, then he comes home and keeps talking about table tennis. It is very difficult but we have already achieved it, I understand that we have already reached a connection, a very good one. However, I have to admit that sometimes there is difficulty. Number one! Right now, I beat everyone, yes. By a lot, I think the most difficult is Melanie. And the last time I won. Hahaha wait, but I was not playing at my 100%. Well Melanie, she could play with all the friends she had. And since I was very young, many people did not want to play with me because I didn’t know much. I always said, “I want to be like Melany, be able to have many friends and be able to play with them.” I liked to train with her a lot, I knew that she was very disciplined and wanted to be like her. The fact that the smallest one beat the biggest one was something that caused a little bit of frustration in Melanie. But there was a lot of understanding from Melany, a lot of maturity. This united us a lot and I took many of her advice and thanks to her, I’m where I am, because of her advice and inspiration. Take this! Throw it here. Just a little, not much. How much? A little Like this? Yes, softly. I have precision, trust me. ¡Adriana! I believe that sport has united us more as a family. Sometimes, because of the routine, one doesn’t realize the family that one has and how happy one is. And when I’m out, I can be in Paris, in Venice, anywhere, I think of home and that gives me peace. I love coming home and seeing Fabi, seeing mom, talking with Gaby until 3 in the morning, so that’s the most important thing, family. Attending the first Friday is mandatory, except if, like my sister, you are an essential worker. She has permission to… We are very close sisters, we always do things together and know that if we win, we all win and if we lose, then we all lose. It’s the most important thing, that my family is playing the same sport, and that we do everything together. Puerto Rico team, Adriana… for the history books! When she was six years old, she made the Puerto Rico team sub-10, as the 3rd racket. And when we were in the Dominican Republic, I got a bit annoyed and said: “Marangely, It’s our turn and we go against the first in the event, she had not lost!” Adriana loses the first set and she loses the second set, that was what was meant to happen. And then, Adriana make a comeback and wins a set and wins the other set as well. And then, she was losing 10 to 7. She was crying a bit, you could see a little bit of tears, and got through it. But the way she did 10-9 and 10-10 was impressive, she made two plays like a pro… service and attack, 10-9, served again and shot 10-10. Everyone paralyzed. [Crowd cheers] And then when the match ended it was spectacular. It is really a dream to see that our children have surpassed us. And Adriana has already won the U.S Open, which was an event that I saw 100 light years away, that I could not even participate in because I did not have the level or the resources. And that Adriana could get there and win the event, I really could not believe it, it was an unforgettable night. ♪ In America and in Latin America I’m #1, in the world sub-18, I’m #6. There are 4, who are Asian and one who is from Romania, that I’ve won against, but in points she is ahead. In the world ranking I’m #83, but I really hope to earn more points in these tournaments that I still have during the year. And… my dream is to win at the Olympics, obtain an Olympic medal and reach the top 10 in the world. Someday. Good, excellent. We started with a sport that was not traditional, unknown Fighting against powers such as Japan, China, Sweden, Germany. And as you continue to conquer things and you continue to achieve goals, you will see it so natural. And that’s where you say that you can achieve much more than what you’ve done. We athletes have to pass by so much, we have to make a lot of sacrifices. It’s in you, the training, be strong, all you have to do to get far and to continue putting the name of Puerto Rico on the highest scale out there. Adriana Díaz continues with firm steps towards her goal. At the beginning of 2018, her ranking climbed up to #37 in the world. Her actions, the support of her family and her training at the Club Águilas de la Montaña in Utuado inspire optimism and invite us to open way to new paths. They are proof that 100 x 35 is just a measurement and not a mentality. Adriana, like Puerto Rico, is … 100 x what we dream ♪


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