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Air Jordan 11 Concord Review / History

November 8, 2019

The Rockefeller chain was created and jay-z gave us reasonable doubt George Foreman goes 12 with Axl shorts for heavyweight title. And Bill Gates was announced the world’s richest man 1995 was the end of MJ’s brief retirement and continuation of a dynasty Tinker designed a special shoe for the occasion the Concorde alleged. This was a super high-performance shoe called the Jordan 11 and this shoe was Like I think it’s my all-time favorite shoe because there is so much technology in this field Tinker took a bit of a different approach with this one the materials range from a ballistic mesh upper carbon fiber spring plate and patented The marriage of unique materials made for a much lighter faster than doing this new Most would say that the majority of tinker’s earlier designs had some type of Cultural influence outside of the court and tinker had no idea that off the court the first debut would be in such formal fashion and a Maori shopper Tresckow shown as he They have number 45 so if he’s not wearing his own shoes, I guess there’s nothing else that I could do But take his old shoes home mark. Yes, I bought sporting the Cotton Club where Jordan went on to win the 1995 1996 NBA Championship against the super Suns and the 11 retro became one of those covetous towards to date is it? All right, what’s happening everybody? It’s your boy DJ boy and we are the DNA show and this is a huge release for us because obviously you could tell there’s a lot of history a lot of Just I don’t even know nostalgia with everything. There’s just so much going on with this Shoot right off the bat King, toe which one is the new one? So what are your first thoughts on the sneaker just compared to the collection I think is cool We saw with the Space Jam with the kite With the ice blue so the 45 of that right we’ve seen before I like it I saw my station gym because I wanted to scoop it but I’m like, I’d rather have the money So for an issue, I probably will hold out and have mm air. Mm-hmm have the 11 pair. I’m good Me personally as you can see the collection lines up, it all makes sense. I don’t really want to get the sneaker as well Just because of having other ones I’m still working on beating these pairs, but I just feel like it’s only right to pick up the shoot It makes sense just for a collective purpose, but when it will be rocks, who knows I don’t have no clue when that’s gonna happen So who knows about this pair right here? There I don’t even think this should be at the table. I’m gonna be honest with you Why’d you put this on the table time? Well, I mean it has the same colorway except for it’s like a gold edition But as you know, that’s not a part of the discussion. It’s all a trick We should put this one on a pedestal just like you say this little box right here It’s a little bit like exactly that right there. How many pairs do you have? Two pairs? Yeah. I got two cents now I’ve been through like four or five but I kept two dead stock sets. This might be worn on my like, I don’t know I Don’t know well Just all these. These are like the holy girls for all sneakerheads. At least. I know that came up from about ten years ago That’s for sure and then we have what cleats got low tops baby shoes. I mean overall this is probably Man, it’s hard to say if it’s the most iconic shoe. I think for our generation that 11 is probably the most popular model for for us so growing up I know I had a one of the space jams on one of the Conchords the bread I had I had the bread so that that like I sent him he thought sentimental value for me for sure But the Conchords for sure is a classic shoot. You cannot go wrong If you didn’t get the other pairs, you should definitely snack this pair for share the 45 hours back. Is it double gate and Overall, I think this will aged pretty well with the dual bottom Actually we should go into The comparison and show you guys the difference between the Aging in the soles the materials the cuts and a little bit of short history on each sneaker and how it came about because uh, Like you’re saying about aging there’s a some different things in the soles that you’ll see that you’ll be very surprised But for sure, so let’s go ahead and hop into that. We’ll be right back at you Air Jordan 11 Concord 2018 retro released in December 8 retail 220 dollars first I want to start with the box This is the exact same box as the original Air Jordan 11 from back in the day Going into the back of the sneaker This is something that everyone has been talking about the 45 on the back the cut and the materials So I want to show you guys differences between each shoe I’m gonna keep the left foot the same and the right foot is gonna continue to change throughout the video Starting off with the first one. We’re gonna go with the cleat this cleat released earlier this year and Obviously, it’s a football cleats So it has a different sole the cut on the patent leather is actually pretty much the same The material is a little bit thicker and then obviously you can see the 23 on the back compared to the 45 Going into the low top You can tell the major difference between the high and the low cut and has a small 23 on the back but a little Jumpman On the back symbol instead of on the side where the ankle is that? Here’s a baby shoe from 2011 and Obviously you can tell there’s a huge different in size cut and everything with it Just once you got to show you guys this one because it’s a part of the now going into the 2011 retro This is the hugest comparison Everyone’s been talking about just because it’s the most recent Concorde that everybody’s been able to wear over the past couple years So first things that you can see is the 23 on the back. It’s going sideways and it’s pretty wide compared to the vertical 45 on the left foot Another big thing that I think is very very noticeable is the cut on the back of the sneaker if you look at the patent Leather on the right foot you can tell that it’s way lower than the new og style And now the og Concord 11 had a high cut patent leather and everybody was kind of bugging out when they saw that the 2011 Retro didn’t have that high of a cut. Now. Let’s look at the 2009 sample This is a sample that really has never been seen before and I’m not sure if anybody really cares about it But let’s go ahead and show you anyways, it’s a little bit different on the cut and the shape of the shoe This was made in 2009 and the retro came out in 2011 But they made the shape of the shoe similar to the Space Jam 11 I’ll show you more about that later in the next video Here is the holy grill the DMP 11 now Obviously you can tell there’s a huge difference because he has the gold on the back with the gold on the jump man And then the patent leather cut is a little bit higher but not too much. So it’s it’s I don’t know it’s kind of hard to say but It’s I guess you could say his preference based on which one do you like? So do you like the high cut or do you like the low cut now going into the mm? They’re right here Now this is not any Mm Concord 11, this is Michael Jack. Stop it. This is Michael Jordan’s personal pair size 13 and 1/2 Sample that he wore made for him. This was his way around shoe I was lucky enough to get my hands on his shoe a couple years ago And I’m never gonna let this thing go. This is honestly one of the biggest girls of my collection Okay back to the side of the shoe I want to show you guys the front and just kind of the cut if you want to look at the toe you see the Patent leather here and the and the cut on the back towards the ankle and in some of the mesh I want to show you the differences and how it’s evolved over the years With each sneaker. So let’s go ahead happens to the cleat You see a little bit difference on the toe here and then going into the low top you see it’s a lot smoother and lower on the low top at the toe and the baby shoe obviously is cut way different with the different also now here you have the new pair and You have the 2011 pair look at the toes look at the difference now look at the back and look at the difference Look at the spacing on the white leather in the back Compared to the spacing on the white leather on the back here a little bit different. Huh? Let’s go into the 2009 pair now you can see it’s shaped a little bit different compared to the 2011 pair and that’s because it has a spacejam shape going into the DMP You can tell it’s way smoother and a lot lower on the leather And then if you look at the back, obviously the biggest hit is the gold jump man Everyone loves that and then into the og now, I want to compare this to the og now. You can see the differences It’s actually pretty much the same shoe I mean this one has a little bit aged to it, but it’s pretty much the same shoe And I know this is the first retro not the og og, but this is the first retro I want to show you a little bit difference now on the lace holes and how tight it was compared to the 2000 P Here’s the 2018 pair on the right and here’s the 2000 pair on the left now You see the laces and everything looks the exact same now let’s hop into the 2011 pair and the 2018 pair now you can see the difference you have the 2018 on the left the 2011 on the right the weight. These are to both the headstock sneakers But the way they laced them and how far they separated the lace holes Is a big difference on the sneaker the way it stacks inside the foot going into the soil You have an ice blue Sol solid carbon fiber. That’s too bad. And then you have a football cleat now This is the low top very similar to the new one. This one released in 2014 So it hasn’t really aged as much and if you go to the 2011 pair you can see the pods Now a lot of people’s pairs are yellow and really bad and then it has an orange type Q coming around each pod and mine has that hue, but the Soul for itself hasn’t really yellowed that much. So it’s been pretty good. Now. This is a 2009 Sample, it has been worn but you can tell no yellowing around the pods which is kind of weird Right because it’s a 2009 sample and this is a 2011 Retro there’s no yellowing on this 2009. I’ve been into the DMP This one is I see it kind of has a gold tint, but I think it was meant to be like that There’s no yellowing around the pods and it’s super clean Must-have sneaker in your collection going into the og. It’s got a little bit of yelling just from character and overtime Nothing too crazy as you see there’s nothing around the pods just kind of yellowing all over so it’s not too bad overall This is a little look at the shoes here’s a couple looks at the back of the sneakers just so you can see the differences between the OGS and the cuts and a Different angle and here’s a look at everything which one of these is your favorite. Please let us know down in the comments section Let’s kick it back to the boys and finish this video off. So what do you guys think about the review? which era which shoe was your very favorite one of all these me personally I Always come from the root of the og of every single sneaker. So no matter how nice and clean This one looks I still have to go with the og just because of that It’s just this is where it all came from. It wasn’t for this one for Tinker. There would be none of this So for me, I’m still rocking with this one shit first retro from usable 2000 period that yellow is beautiful it’s like a bronze to me, you know, this this right here is the sign of Maturity and when you give them a cherry, you’re wise and you’re always you’ve seen a lot. You know, there’s you can go So this right here for me was my personal favorite. I Think they went crazy with this cleat. Oh, man when these came out Beautiful It’s crazy because when a clip comes out now and as general release you saw everybody would eat right and I was a sneakerhead You want some exclusivity, right? But I feel like 10 years down the road If they don’t retro these again as a cleat, right? This is gonna be a gym These are gonna go for three four hundred bucks easily. I think exactly why I got the whole collection So if you haven’t seen that video make sure you check out above on that. Let’s get back into these videos So I think they did a really good job comparing the new newest retro to the og You could definitely tell the differences between like the 2011 pair and obviously the low top is a little taller But I think it has a lot of similarity to it The back on the leather is a little bit nicer the height the cut of the leather On the patent leather it all kind of makes sense Obviously they do the blue tint on the sole, but it used to be like that back in the day So it really makes a lot of sense for this new retro and they have been doing a good job of making the newer retros look similar to those similar like the ones fours different things like that, very very so the next biggest question is How do you guys feel about this shoe? We always are interested in your opinions We know we’ve got some people have Jordan round watching this. So tell them what you think down in the conversation They might actually listen to you and implement that on the next leaker But that being said you’re on all the time It is hit that subscribe button hit the like button share the video do all the things you’re supposed to do It’s hard time to go. We gotta go make some more videos I’ll know what?


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