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Airsoft Battle Royale | Dude Perfect

August 31, 2019

Oh yeah. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Airsoft
Battle Royale. Here we go! Woo! Dude Perfect. Today’s battle is simple. Each of us will be
scattered throughout the map to scavenge for weapons
and eliminate opponents by popping their balloons. Last man standing wins. Purple Hoser here. What’s up, guys? Cor here. Coby checking into the game. Cody here. What’s up, guys? Ty. Let’s see what loot we can find. Could really use some shoes. There we go. First weapon find
and a backpack. Yeah, I don’t think I
really need a backpack. I’ve got to get off the road. These rocks are killing me. Oh no. That was bad. OK? Grenade. That’s going to come in handy. And a backpack. Got a backpack. Two more backpacks. Oh! That’s an Uzi! Let’s go! Let’s go, baby. There’s my rifle. I think we’ve got a gun range. OK. Four more backpacks. So, for those of
you that don’t know, Chad and Tim set up the course. And whoever was responsible
for the North Swamp, I’m going to kill them. Nice. The game makers are too kind. All right. I got everything I need. I just got to find a
good place to camp. We sit. We hide. We don’t go out into the action. That’s how you get shot. I think we’re going to
get on the golf cart. Bumpy. Oh! Goodness gracious! We got an air drop. We got to go. Oh! Oh yeah! Oh! It’s a sniper! It’s like a podium in a box! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh, there’s a crate. Frying pan. Boat. There’s Coby. He doesn’t even see me. I going to get in this
truck and snipe him. It’s going to make
way too much noise. Let’s row. It looks like he’s
using a paddle. I, I am very confused right now. No need to rush this. I cannot miss this shot. Oh! Got to get to cover! We’ve got a runner! He’s running away! You’re going down, Purple Hoser! Oh! I got him! Did he get me? He’s– oh gosh. Dad gum it. I think he got me. I got to bail. All right. It looks like I got two
balloons down on Coby. He just took off in the woods. I did run out of
ammo on my pistol. I’m going to go
back, get my sniper. Start heading to town. Play the other side. Let’s go find some people. All right. My balloons are right here. In a safe, secure location. All I’ve got to do is
wait them out, baby. And I’m going to be sitting
here taking a siesta. There we go. Right there is Corey! Oh! Out of ammo. Did he get one of mine? He got two. What? God, I handled that so wrong. I thought I could hide
behind these barrels, but my balloons stick up. Obviously. Ah, there’s Coby. Oh, God! I’m taking fire! Uzi’s down. Yeah! I got him first! I got him first! 100% Let’s go! All right. Here’s the deal. Coby and I just shot each
other at the same time. Technically, it’s not
actually the same time. Because I shot him a
little before he shot me. A millisecond. But ultimately, it doesn’t
matter cause neither of us have balloons anymore. We’re not happy about
it, but we’re both out. Gotta get up top. Pretty sure I got
two pops on Cory. And I am in desperate
need of a new weapon. I’m going to try and search
around here and try and see if I can find some. I need a gun. Bang! Let’s go. Ah! Dang it! set fire Oh, wow. That’s a lot of bullets. Ah! Incoming fire. Oh, grenade! Grenade! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, Yeah. I’m getting out of here. There we go that’s what I need. I think someone’s downstairs. I’ve got him. I got a balloon. I got a balloon. Gosh dang it. Come on, boy! I’m in it to win it, baby! Cody! You camper! Did I hit you? You, uh. You did not Oh, sick! A K! Not worth it. Dang it! Dang it! Line them up, baby! Ah! I got Ty! I got Ty! Wait a minute! I got popped! I’m eliminated. This gun’s amazing. That was so worth it. You got nothing, boy! Come on with it! Here. Pull it! Gosh! Plenty of down fire. Give him some warning
shots with this. Oh, gosh! He’s got a pistol. You know what? We’re taking this on the road. Oh! Taking fire! Taking fire! Got to get– for more? Are you ready for He’s got a new gun! I don’t know what he’s
shooting, but it’s fast. Oh! How did I miss? goal. Oh. Out of ammo. I got to push. I got to push. I’m charging. Got him! Woo! No! Valiant effort, my good man. Dude! That was a blast! Hey, rule number one. Don’t get tired of hiding. It’s what keeps you alive, baby. It was so fun. Oh, man. That is exhausting. That was well done. I think it’s time for a
little trophy presentation. I agree. As always, not my honor,
certainly not my pleasure, Cody Jones. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Thank you. That looks fantastic. Very nice. Twins? By the way, good to
have you guys back. Hey. Thanks, man. Can’t wait to hear that story. Oh! If you’re not already a
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friends at PUBG Mobile for making this video possible. Click right here
if you want to play the mobile game for yourself. If you want to see some more
DP videos, click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya!


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