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January 14, 2020

The new HEAD Graphene Touch Speed MP Limited is just like Sascha Zverev. The new version of the Speed MP is designed in his favorite colors what makes the racket a truly highlight. The racket is a variable all round weapon on the court. Cause to the perfect balance and its 645 cm² head size, the Racket offers the perfect combination of power, spin and control. The tennis racket is ideal for tournament players. Thanks to the Graphene Touch Technologie the Speed MP is able to improve in the feeling and comfort. Hello, my name is Jens Wöhrmann, my name is Thomas Niehaus And today, both of us were testing the new HEAD Graphene Touch Speed MP Thomas: Jens, how do you like the racket? Jens: I was pretty satisfied with this racket. It fits good for my way of agressivly playing It is a racket for tournament players who likes to have a accurate hitting point. But if you hit he ball on the right point, the racket has a lot of power. Thomas: It fits to my way of playing as well, even though I rather play at the net. I am not playing that much agressivly from the baseline. But you can also play topspin and slice really good. You have a high control and you are also able to play successfully from the baseline. Jens: I agree with that. You were able to play every kind of shot perfectly. The racket gives a good feedback, a good feeling and not to much power but control. Usually I am not playing with HEAD like you Thomas, What do you think of this racket compared to your HEAD racket? Thomas: I am original playing a HEAD Prestige. The Speed MP is pretty lively and would also be a good choice for me. The racket in this review, was played with a high quality polyester string. The stringing strength was 24kg length and crosswise. You would like to have more information? Then visit us at our Tennis-Point Website and find everything about this Racket and much more!

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