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Andy Murray – Catch the Moment – Serve

December 3, 2019

Hi everybody, how you doing, we’re here in
the center of Wimbledon in a massive studio. You can probably see it got loads of people, lots of very high tech equipment so that we can catch the moment For the server using the Chopper
Grip or the Continental Grip, depending on what you prefer to call it. Mostly
spreading my fingers a little bit as well which allow you to manipulate the raquette head a little bit more for more spin and bit more control. You know it’s the
one shot in tennis that you can control yourself, so it’s something you can continue
to improve, I think all of the time and learn new things about having a
good serve, but it could still be better. You always have to be thinking when
you’re serving, because your opponent might change their return position
depending on whether they have a single a double-handed backhand. You always have to analyze during the match what’s going on and tried to depict the right
serves for the most important moments I love serving aces, I think all the all
the players do. Very satisfying when that happens and especially in today’s game
where the courts are quite slow, heavy balls and most rallies are extremely
long. When you can serve an ace and finished the point and not to have to use too much energy is a good feeling. Don’t loose your patience, practice is the most important thing I had probably fifty thousand serves every single year during training. So
just keep going keep giving your best and hope you tune in for the next video and we can catch the moment.

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