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Andy Murray – Catch the Moment – Slice Crosscourt

August 29, 2019

Hi everybody, how you doing we’re here in
the center of Wimbledon in a massive studio. You can probably see it got loads of
people, lots of very high tech equipment so that we can “Catch the Moment”. It’s basic fundamentals that everyone will do, making sure that you have your right leg
forward, if you are a right hander and your body weight moving in the right
direction. All of the players that have good slice backhands, will do this
as well You need to sort of make sure you follow
right through the ball on impact, you know you don’t want your wrist to be
breaking too much on impact, because then you’ll lose control of the
ball. I might say to you, that the slice is a very difficult shot to
control, so you really need to make sure that your wrist is strong through
the impacts and trying to get good timing When the ball’s coming at you, you know
off a serve sometimes 135 miles an hour you have a half a second to react and you know
that’s not enough time to think. So it just comes on instinct and that’s where
all the preps is and hours of preparation that you do. You know come into
play with it and there are the times in the match where you want to play your best
tennis. And in those moments on you know sort of being in present really. That would be catching the moment for me.

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