Andy Murray – Catch the Moment – Slice longline

November 30, 2019

Hi everybody, how you doing? We’re here in
the center of Wimbledon, in a massive studio. You can probably see it got loads of
people, lots of very high tech equipment so that we can “Catch the Moment”. When you’re hitting the backhand slice you want to make sure that your body weight is moving forward, so on to your front
leg. So, for me as a right-hander that would be playing the shot of my right
leg, so the body would be going forward. Left-hander, obviously, is the opposite and
your left foot is the one that’s coming forward. You need to sort of cut
underneath the ball, like if you almost imagine if you are
using a sword to cut through something. You want to try and keep it
like that, so your rest would be stable. The whole way through would be flat, like I
said. If your wrist breaks at any point, that’s when you start to lose
control the ball. You need to try and keep your wrist firm the whole way through it. You go in there, with tactics and a game
plan, but often you have to make adjustments during the match and make
changes when things aren’t going as well or if your opponent makes adjustments as
well and starts doing something different than what you expected and it’s important
to be unpredictable yourself. It’s not luck, when shots come off on under
pressure. That comes from a lot of hard work and preparation and that’s the
secret, really.

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