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Andy Murray Retires!

November 19, 2019

This is Marco with TennisPAL and this
is the Tennis Minute. Andy Murray finally retiring he’s got a hip injury and
apparently it’s very painful so maybe just maybe the hip injury will get a little
better but it sounds like it’s not this is very sad he has been one of the top
four players will last ten years and he’s won everything people sometimes
forget how much he’s won so I’m gonna just tell you he’s won two Wimbledon’s
the US Open two gold medals 14 Masters Series tournaments 45 career singles
titles and he’s won 61 million dollars he’s like fourth all-time in earnings.
What else has he done? He’s finished a year number one as well in an era where
you have Djokovic, Federer and Adele this is a massive body of work caught
him in the Hall of Fame immediately what a career this guy. Good luck to Andy, that
was amazing

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