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Andy Murray wants Rafael Nadal back

February 3, 2020

“He’s one of the greatest players that’s ever
played the sport. I think when he’s out, you’re obviously going to miss something, his rivalry.
(Along) With Roger it’s been one of the best our sport’s ever had. It’ll be great when
he comes back I hope it doesn’t take him too long to get back to playing his best tennis
because I think before he got injured, I think tennis has been in a great spot. There’s been
a lot of great matches. The players right at the top of the game – Roger and Rafa – two
of the best players ever. Novak (Djokovic) has had an incredible few years. So, if we
can get Rafa back and hopefully he gets back to his best game as soon as possible, it’s
good for tennis.” “All of the Grand Slams are special for different
reasons. Everyone knows why Wimbledon would be special to me, but you know, last year
I think I started to understand and appreciate the history maybe more and more each year
that I played there. And to get to play in a final there was great. I’m a member there
now, so I spend a little bit more time at Wimbledon. Last year, I would just go and
sit out and look at the Centre Court when it was empty. The tournament means a lot to
me. I always look forward to it.”

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  • Reply Chandra Ramdass May 15, 2013 at 4:30 am

    Murray speak so well of Rafa and he's so genuine about his feelings ! Hope he win some more tournaments!

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