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Apprendre les règles du tennis de table | Tennis de Table

November 6, 2019

The rules of table tennis In this video, you will discover the basic rules of table tennis. Table tennis is played on a table measuring 2.74m long by 1.52m wide and 76cm tall. The table is divided into two sections by a net, which is 15.25cm tall. The rackets can be of a variety of weights and shapes, but must have a black side and a red side. The ball used is made of plastic and is 40mm in diameter. Table tennis is a game for two players, where each player uses their racket to try to hit the ball onto the opponent’s side of the table. Players scores one point if the opponent doesn’t hit the ball back, if the ball bounces more than once on the opponent’s side or if the opponent commits a fault. For further details on faults, watch our video entitled ‘faults’ A match is divided into 3 rounds, each played to 11 points. Each round is called a ‘set’. In order to win a set, a player must have a two-point lead over the opponent. At the beginning and after scoring, play proceeds with one player serving. For further details on serving, watch our video entitled ‘rules for serving’ In a doubles match, the pair of players on each team must alternate hitting the ball. You now know the basic rules of table tennis Why not give it a go?

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