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AQA Biology Paper 1 – 2018 Predictions

August 20, 2019

– Hey guys, here are my predictions
for AQA Biology Paper 1. Now, I am not an examiner,
I do not have any connection with any of the exam boards
so I do not know 100% what is going to be in your exams. I’m just a teacher that’s
done a lot of research and a lot of reading,
done a lot of thinking and this what I think is going to come up. But please don’t just revise
the stuff I say in here. Revise absolutely everything. I’ve done loads of stuff to help you revise absolutely everything. So there’s the whole topic video, which you can go and watch after this. You can watch that in combination, with the free revision
guide which you can download from my website, which
has the check list in, So you can tick off
things as you go along. I’ve also done loads and loads of quickfire questions for you, so you can test yourself,
see how well you know things. You can download this from my website, or because it is massive, you can get Amazon to
print it off for you. To go with this video, to
go with all of these videos, over on my website not only
can you get the revision guide, Flash guide, you can
get my predicted papers. Papers based on what I think is going to come up in the exams,
I’ve written them together. So after you’ve watched this video, you can go and get the predictive papers and test yourself on how much you know, go and watch a whole topic
video, fill in the checklist, do the revision guide, do
the quickfire questions, do the seven, eight, nine questions, and see how well you are doing. I’ve done this for every single exam. We know that 15% of your GCSE
is going to be practical, so the required practicals
that you’ve done in class are really, really important. I’ve done as many of them as I
can, made you videos of them. Because, not only do you need to know how to do the practical, you need to know alternatives
to the practical, health and safety things
to do with the practical. You need to know alternatives,
graph interpretation, errors, and things that might go wrong. So practicals are so,
so important with this. We know that 10% is going to be maths. Now, maths in biology
isn’t quite as obvious, or straightforward as it is
in chemistry and physics, so we can expect it to
be something a bit weird. Something out there, something that, we don’t really know
what it’s going to be. It could be something slightly unusual, but do not let that throw you. Do not let the fact that
there’s some maths in there, combined with some biology in there, and you’re not exactly
sure what is going on. You have to expect the unexpected, because any part of the
maths specification, can be applied to any part
of the science specification. Now there are a few things that come up, over, and over, and over
and over again in exams, either every other year,
or two out of three years. Pretty much every single year
they ask you to label a cell. It’s not the same cell every single year, plant cell, bacterial cell, animal cell, but nearly every single year
they ask you to label a cell. So it’s really important
that you can do that well. Then things like osmosis,
diffusion, active transport, these are really, really common questions. So remembering the
difference between them, how they work, that is really important. Enzymes are a massive topic, and learning perfect answers, for how unlocking key mechanism, would be a really, really
good use of your time. The circulatory system is a massive topic, so something is more than
likely gonna come up on that. Whether it’s the types of blood cells, whether it’s blood vessels, or it’s how the heart
itself actually works. This is such a fascinating,
fascinating topic. It can have to do with the
biology within the body, it can have to do with health, or society, or the ethical implications of things. And then plants is a large topic as well. So again, going back to
being able to label a cell, making sure you know
how to label plant cell, what with the different set cells, it’s side a plant is responsible for. So for instance, knowing your
photosynthesis really well, the limiting facts of photosynthesis, being able to sketch and
recognize the graphs, and then linking that through to the different types of respiration. What does different types of respiration, what are the factors and
equations involved in this? For these, you need to
know the word equations and symbol equations. There are a few new
things that have come up, so I think these might feature really, really heavily in the exam. There is much more of an
emphasis on health, ethics, and society in this years specification. These can be something
that can basically become, into any part of the content knowledge. They can apply a society
question, or an ethics question, or an implications question to this. This is something that we’ve
seen happening much, much more. They’ve also mentioned a large number, of specific pathogens
within the specification. So it’s likely that they’re going to ask something about those. And then they’ve expanded
upon specifics about drugs, about vaccinations and about antibiotics. So this could be another area, where they have a big question. So good luck guys, I’m
gonna do a little bit extra for the separate science people, but for everyone else, what
I’d like you to go and do now, go and get the predictive
paper from my website, go and watch the whole topic video. Make sure you can go through
and make notes from that. Use that in combination
with the checklist, so you can check off
stuff when you’ve done it. And don’t just do it once,
do it a couple of times. Hopefully, this isn’t the morning of the exam that you’re watching this. Hopefully we’ve got like a
month or a week left to go. But, if this is the morning, good luck. Try and get as many of
the quickfire questions, or seven, eight, nine
questions in as you can. Right, separate science people. There is a lot extra in paper one, that is just for separate science. Which, I don’t know if that is
a good thing or a bad thing, because it means that the stuff that is general to everybody, they’re gonna make the
questions a lot harder. But, because there are only a few topics, that are just for separate science, they might focus on these ones. So, the expanding on
things like the antibodies, the monoclonal antibodies, the bacteria, the practicals to go with the
bacteria and the antibiotics, and then something about plant diseases. So there’s not a lot extra,
that’s it, good luck guys. Ouch, my beauty prim. (soft music)


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