Armie Hammer Ascends From an Underground Cave | Running Wild With Bear Grylls

December 14, 2019

[music playing] ARMIE HAMMER: Whew! Yeah. Good to go. BEAR GRYLLS: OK. Our gear weighs
nearly 75 pounds, and it’s too heavy to
carry up this ladder. So we’re going to cache
it on the sea floor like Navy SEALs do when they
hide their gear until it can be retrieved later. The danger is when
we’re resurfacing. You’ve got to make sure you
continually breathe out. If we hold our breath as we
ascend, the change in pressure is going to expand the
air inside your lungs and can cause them to rupture. Right there. Good job, Armie. OK. I’m gonna go first. Go for it. You’re good to climb. Good job, you. Good job. OK. So that’s where the
last cove– that’s where we’re gonna get through. All right. We went in the water, we
went down, we swam for a bit. And it got pitch black. This might not
look very pretty. ARMIE HAMMER: I mean,
like, scary dark. The next thing you
know, we’re in a cave. And now we’re about
to crawl through what looks to be a birth canal. OK, we’re good. ARMIE HAMMER:
[groan] It’s really– came to Sardinia
for the comfort. All right. Oh. [groan] BEAR GRYLLS: Good. [inaudible] out. That’s how they
access these cliffs. ARMIE HAMMER: Amazing. BEAR GRYLLS: I’ve got
our clothes and our boots and backpacks and stuff. Let’s get geared up. We do a lot of things
on these journeys. That was definitely, though,
for me was on the edge and is committing,
just because one thing goes wrong in a cave like
that in the dark, you could– I mean, you can feel it
here, this swell, you know. It goes wrong very fast. I mean, just have
a look down there. It’s like a [inaudible]. But we’re now into this journey. We’re committed. And the only way
from here is up.

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