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ATP 2020 High School

February 11, 2020

“I don’t know about you, but I like school.
I like learning, experiencing new things, and especially seeing my friends every day.
And even though I sometimes think about something bad happening at school, it’s really very
rare for there to be an active threat on campus.If something does happen; we should know what
to do to stay safe, though.” Do you have a plan? Would you know what to do if there
was an active threat of violence at school? This is why we all should participate and
take safety drills seriously! “If possible, you should RUN far away from
the threat as fast as you can even if this means leaving campus. Follow a teacher or
responsible adult whenever possible, but do not wait around. You can alert others and
take them with you, but you shouldn’t wait around if others refuse to go. Look for a
safer place to hide, completely out of sight of the threat.” “The best hiding place is one that can protect
you from physical harm, like: Parked cars, or buses (near the motor or a
wheel) Concrete Walls
Other solid buildings Large Trees or a telephone poles” “If
you must run away, take any path or action that can get you to safety. Use
Any exit doors, even emergency exits or doors normally only used by school staff
Break a window, and escape through the window if it’s safe to do so.”
When it’s necessary to hide, look for the safest space in the room or whatever location
you’re in. Look for a place that keeps you out of sight of windows and doors, and it’s
VERY important to be as QUIET as you can. Noise can give away your location to an active
threat! If you’re stuck in a bathroom, stand on a toilet so they can’t see your feet,
and crunch down so they don’t know you’re in there.” “If you can’t find a safe
space because there are a lot of windows in the room, you can use furniture, backpacks,
and books to create a safer space to hide behind. Turn large tables and desks on their
side facing the door and pile backpacks and books in front of the tables. Get low and
get quiet!” “If you can’t run away, you can help your
teacher and your friends block the door of the room by pushing tables and chairs against
the door. Use the heaviest and largest objects first.
You should also help cover the windows, and close the blinds so nobody can see inside.
Also, turn off all the lights and remember to be as QUIET as you can.
Pick up things that can be thrown at an intruder if one should get inside your room. This could
create a distraction allowing you to run away! Get into the safest space within the room.
Get low and find the best place that keeps you out of the direct line of sight of doors
and windows.” “Once police arrive, they will open your
door and escort you to safety. If you see the police, show them your empty hands and
ALWAYS OBEY THE INSTRUCTIONS OF ARRIVING POLICE.” “If you come across a weapon that was dropped
by the attacker, do not handle or pick up the weapon.” If your life is in immediate
danger, you can use your phone to call 9-1-1! When it’s safe to do so, and if you have
a phone, you can text or call a responsible adult to let them know where you are. If you
see something, say something! We can help keep our school safe by reporting any concerning
or suspicious behavior to a School Resource Officer, Safety Guard, or another responsible
adult. Schools are still the safest places to be, and active threats are very rare. We
just need to be prepared in case something like this happens at our school. You can survive
an active threat. You do have options. Now is the time to think about what you would
do. Talk about it with your teachers, your friends, and your parents. The only wrong
response is to do nothing at all. Take safety drills seriously and always report safety

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