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Australian Open 2020 Tennis Championship Novak Djokovic

February 13, 2020

Hello My Name is Ibrahim Ibrahim I’m really for gonna to Rod Laver Arena that’s Australian Open Men’s Final On Saturday 2nd February 2020 already time 7:30pm Night then Beating of a Lifetime Australian Open 2020 Title at Trophy Match Novak Djokovic Challenge for Dominic Thiem a then Novak Running to Tennis Bat Ball Novak Powerful of Determination a Enough Novak I Say to Breath timeout Because at Novak Dizzy the Sickness at Then Chief Medical Officer Dr Caroline Broderick I Tell Want to Can I Help a Novak happen to kind of Heartburn Get one Pharmacy with Water drink on Bottle I’m Not Sure Treatment a ATP Tour Physiotherapist and on Novak pick up Few 10 Minutes Waiting that’s Djokolife Fruit & Cereal Bars or Crunchy Bars Anything eating to Green Grapes and Banana all eating Great Healthy I’m Finally Novak to Started at Player Game Tennis a Novak I Will Powerful a Strong for Great Improvement at Come back I Have to Novak I Tell us I’m Fine Okay Better Feeling Already to Novak Running Tennis Bat Ball throw Right grabs then Dominis Tennis Bat Ball throw out game over Left Then Novak Winner of Champions a Victory Yo! Yo! Yo! Beating Vows for loss Facepalm On Crying Dominic a I’m Sorry so Feeling Kindness Then Novak Djokovic Kiss Every year Australian Open 2020 Championship at Trophy Men’s Singles and Prize Money $2,500,000 Rich Great Sweet I’m Congratulations of Presentation a Achievements 6,4,2,6,6 Beating for Dominic Thiem 4,6,6,3,4 by lost migrant Then Novak I saying for Announcements to about talking say his pay to Respect a Family Great Enjoyed Thank you all our Fans Novak Djokovic Kiss again for Australian Open 2020 Championship at Trophy 8th Time Champions Becomes to 17th Grand Slam at The Greatest of all Time Professional Healthy Congratulations Novak Djokovic The Anniversary of Firework Sound 100/100 Happy Jump Love Me Very Best Excellence of My Applause , Noise I Hopefully for Next year again I Want to Promise me Australian Open 2021 Men’s Singles Novak Djokovic Winner 9th Time Champions with 18th Grand Slam Becomes a Maybe I am Best in the My World Summer Electro Party Hand Rock Thank you very much I’m Appreciation ( IBRAHIM HAND ROCK ) ( IBRAHIM TURN OFF )

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