January 13, 2020

Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back
to LA Noire for more crime fighting point-and-click action. We are right back
where we left off at the Marquee Printing Company about to do a little
investigation here I think after the little tip-off from Jean Archer but
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the usual warning this episode could contain scenes which some viewers find
upsetting or distressing so let us carry on and head into this place guess we
just go through this door got some questions will didn’t like we understand
your company prince california vehicle titles yes i have the government
contract to print pink slips i’ve done for some years okay we’re running up
against stolen cars with seemingly legitimate paperwork not recently have
you ruled out forgery yeah you know something me mine okay she we which we
did can we look around or no I guess we’ve got a tool to me now Dunaway stuff
for you mister like little conversation it’s kind of weird right knowledge of
theft racket mister light ball we’re currently working to auto theft cases do
you know anything about a car theft ring certainly not why would I get mixed up
in a thing like that why’d you hesitate did they is
definitely hidin somethin isn’t he do we have anything to tie him to it let us
have a look anything to do with Gordon light fall
no not really I mean the only thing I mean that was the thing we got from the
cop that won’t help no not really
we’ve got the bad cop here I think we have suspects with legitimate pink slips
they were printed here like fall you better give me something before I bring
the whole department down here yeah but give me some in life okay as a matter of
fact we had a similar problem a couple of years ago a number of used car lots
for selling blank documents to a criminal organization
why don’t you mention that before okay pink slip supply do the names cliff
Harrison and James Velasco mean anything to you
no they do not God he’s such a liar I think it’s bad cop again though isn’t
it because we didn’t have anything Harrison bought his car from Coombs the
pink slip looks good and that points the finger here do you have any employee
trouble and it’s got your company name on the button they’ve all been carefully yeah funny that just rung a bell
somewhere in the back your mind right Coombs Auto deliveries you have a
delivery ledger would like to cross-check against the Coombs
automotive Emporium records a Cathan we just got have two bad copy again cuz
that’s not even a lie or anything is it and an over light ball you don’t want us
having bad thoughts about you do you very well but this really is irregular
no it’s morning we’re investigators why would it be on a regular ok Markie
printing Co look for patterns occurring names unusual addresses anything out of
the ordinary there’s Bigelow
certainly encourage repeat business like all this 58 Industrial Street oh okay I
guess we found it okay so I guess we’re going to 58 Industrial Street which was
the address we actually got given by a Jean Archer wasn’t it so we sort of knew
we were going there anyway but let’s head there now so I mean did we even
need to come here really learn anything new
suppose this helpful though we’ve got a lot of clues IMing me for this one I
think this is actually um one of the DLC cases our believe it seems a lot longer
than the other cases to me and these people going through your red lights
yeah I don’t know it just seems a lot longer I don’t know if it is a DLC case
or I’m enjoying it though even though it is longer than the other cases I think
it’s quite in-depth isn’t it I mean we will do some of these dispatch calls at
some point but huh get the road ma’am but at the moment I’m just enjoying
newbie cases so I don’t feel like doing the dispatch calls I might at some point
I might want to change it up a little bit I guess they might contribute to the
story or something I don’t know maybe they just standalone things maybe they
increase our level awesome in them I really don’t know if you guys know
actually I’m looking at likes of Matthew Antoine he knows everything about this
game yeah let me know but whether it tight ties into the story or whether it
helps us in any way or if it is just like a side thing to do it doesn’t
really matter right fifty-eight Industrial Street
we’ve gone past it brilliant quick I’m just testing on the brakes on
the car guys don’t worry about that all right here we are 58 industrial street 4:40 p.m. forty-five don’t you ever want to use it
I’ll take the back no give me a few seconds I’d rather do this smoothly I
guess we’re going in shooting then we haven’t done any shooting for ages on
this game not since I that very first introduction case type thing when we
stopped the bank robbery or whatever it was it’s been a long time Cole Phelps
LAPD all of you are coming downtown with me how’d you get into cover again r1 there’s a lot of guys into it
is there an explosive canister anywhere there is always go for the explosive
canisters I was talking to poofy about this
actually on and my son andreas playthrough if you turn up in this
explosive cases the canisters you know urine whoa that guy’s shot my hat off
that was lucky me you know you’re good if you see it explosive chemist is why
is this last one how do you run Oh like that okay is he upstairs or something oh no no no no Oh No getting shot trying
I’m trained well I don’t wasn’t expecting it to be more guys upstairs all right it’s one over there I can see
him behind those boxes we’re a bit lucky here actually Bukowski I swear down don’t die on me I might hate you but I don’t need to die
just yet oh crap bad time to reload the gun okay
we did quite well I’ve got a bullet wound in my back which is an idea he
doesn’t move until I’ve tossed this place right keep your gun on him
listen have a look around this place then I guess is there anything in it
what’s this delivery night mark he printed gordon light fall there’s
nothing like going direct to the source thought gordon Lakeville wasn’t involved betting slips with light bowls name on
it has been on a losing streak ah does he owe money possible where else do we
have in here marquee printing code pink slips stealing car stole Christmas
okay can we become a got it playing with detail stolen cars that leads right to
your door Bigelow you’re in this up to your neck make it easier on yourself
give him up I do work on cars with customs you charge in here shooting up a
place like it’s the ballot of bulge I can’t give you anything we all guys were
shooting at me first okay let’s ask him about the pink slip supply we know about
marquee printing you can make this easier on yourself by giving us your man
on the inside I sometimes repair cars and put them
back on the road I need a pink septum you sell them there’s no problem yeah
except that they’re actually stolen and do we have evidence though check fake
look all this Clues man there’s so many clues here no from Ray Pinker I think
than that’ll work no I don’t think we do actually all right bad cop Erik are
suspicious he hooks was doing the shifty eye thing like the dog from The Simpsons
the shifty eyes is light falling using debt association with light ville light
ball the guy was no luck at the track tell me about him well the guy’s lying
over there right no it’s not okay do we have any
evidence to tie them together maybe that the note perhaps thinking the note can
we use it let’s use an intuition point just to UM jeez yeah I’m gonna go for it
then that’s the best lie you can come up with Bigelow so he’s no it’s taken some
of them out right so I think it’s the night Gordon light bulb yes you printing
a government print shop he’s losing big at the track
where’s guy no with Phelps it’s no use well your cards right and you’ll be able
to count your time and Quentin on one hand yeah doubt it he’s still going away
even if it is only for a little time still getting locked up bro okay now
we’ve got apprehend Gordon light vault where we come out so far away from the
car come on fella hurry up get in the damn
car the Kowski so lazy looking get in the
car Bukowski what the hell this kind of was kind of with the door
there it was really weird right back to Marquis printing company then to arrest
a Gordon light fall mined-out don’t crash into right that was him he crashed
into me he wasn’t my fault yeah I mean we didn’t have much else we could do in
that situation are we sure it was LAPD and they start shooting they actually
start to believe their own bullshit they get sloppy yep
Bigelow Mike ball all of it if they hadn’t who knows how long that could
have kept this racket drawn completely yeah exactly agree there’s a good little
scam that going on whoa what is a major 415 okay I think I’m gonna put the
sirens on because we’re getting a bit lucky with this drive in it find out
people coming through police business get out the way woof woof that was lucky
mind out people come on we’ve got a criminal to catch it
we’re nearly returned the sirens off so he doesn’t do a runner Marquis printing
company 449 p.m. it’s only 9 minutes seems ridiculous we’re back time to
arrest you you’re under arrest ok deliveries to Industrial Street year
you found a box of pink slips in a warehouse full of hot cars you signed
for them light bulb deliveries you’ll need something better than that cowboy
oh I’ve got evidence we found some evidence on you
we already have all we need to send you down you either produced some shred of
proof or I called my attorney it’s not gonna come to that look all these clues
we’ve got the bank slips with his name on it you’re in the hole with the
organization we know about the debts lightball it’s a big problem from what
we’ve been told twenty thousand big ones we’ve been told you need to come down to the station to
be looked away all I’m charging you with conspiracy and fraud hands behind your
back yeah hands behind your back that’s right
that’s us we did that one I mean Bukowski’s again did it really do
confronted a large group of armed thugs after an exchange of gunfire more than a
dozen you helped took the shoe how I know about some places but the LAPD
pretty much it I will do happy reading okay not bad at all
we under trophy the printer’s devil here we go
a slip of the tongue five stars 18 out of 18 clues 21 out of 21 questions
correct and only 16 dollars have damage this time we’re getting bad guys
case notes with the theft record smashed light vault and his cronies will climb
over one another to cut a deal sounds like a successful day in the
office erm close it what’s next what’s our next
magical case well it’s a flashback back to the early days we just have two ships
a week to Tokyo we’ve been in shipping for two generations Hank I’ve never been
on a voyage anywhere feel like Odysseus in the beginning of his journey The
Odyssey took 10 years cold this is the American Century America can rule the
world after we win this war you need to stay alive okay mate if you say so
you’re what the veterans are saying of each other no golden gate and 48
that’s for more hard years of fighting so many soldiers ma’am okay another little flashback there so I
wonder what the next case brings the Fallen Idol I love the little music transitions as
well and the black-and-white if that is so cool what the hell you rigged that
car to go over the edge that’s weird huh maybe someone was in the car she was
dope somebody tried to kill her where did this take place look like
somebody tried to kill somebody cross the street that stuff underneath the
cola King billboard I’m doing boys we got bad guys to catch okay wanna make a
new clue victim drugs shirts tie lines new to you and also a new objective
investigate the crash site new person of interest female passenger feeling our
driver a new location is the crash site new person of interest suspect what was
a lot going on is in there so it happened right across the street from
here how the hell do we go out this place again here we go
do we need to take the car maybe we’re taking the car anyway Helen Bukowski
hurry up just takes forever doesn’t he it’s kind
of annoying he’s a really annoying partner actually doesn’t do much full of
wise remarks wiseass remarks I should say yeah they raid me okay let’s get to
this crime scene how do we get there well here we go looks like we’re going
offroad to get here stop just ahead I’m stopping I’m stopping all right here’s
the crash site okay guys I think we’ll leave it there we are out of time and so
we will try to look into this morning the next one
yeah it’s getting interesting isn’t it I didn’t know whether it’s gonna save
there so I thought we’d you know let go for now am I going for a bit too long
but yeah I am loving this game I know I say every episode but it’s so good it is
honestly just ticking all the boxes for me right now and I’m so glad that I am
listened to you you guys advice to play it because it is amazing that it’s gonna
do it guys so as always thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the
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