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Badminton-Backhand Low Service

January 23, 2020

Backhand Low Service Hello, I am Lee thanks for coming in this video I will demonstrate how to do low service backhand low service in doubles in doubles and mixed doubles also singles if a player have not got confidence in their service then difficult to be a winner because their mind will be there rather than making rallies and making tactics for the opponent so, its crucially important to have a solid big confidence in service I will explain one by one number 1 – how to hold the shuttle cock there are number of different ways in holding the shuttle cock the one, using two fingers on 1 feather or hold feather together like this its all depending on the way of a player in service in my view personally I like to hold the shuttle cock by using two fingers, thumb and second finger one feather hold like this and the other 3 fingers gently stretched rather than bending because if fingers are bent like that then it likely hit my racket so they let shuttle go too early which is not good for controlling the shuttle cock so, using 2 fingers, hold 1 feather 3 fingers gently stretched second important thing here the shuttle cock will be better to point about the knee angle rather than point the floor if the shuttle cock is pointing the floor like this then it will likely go upward which opponent can attack but if shuttle cock is pointing that way then because of the weight of the shuttle cock that will fly flatter like this big difference and then serve the feet position, some they do side by side like this some left foot forward, some right foot forward my personal opinion it really does not matter more important thing is after the shot be ready is more important at this moment, I don’t have clear reason why a player should put their feet side by side or right or left forward I don’t have any reason for that yet so, feet choose any way you are comfortable with ok, hold shuttle now put the shuttle away from the body because you need some room to make the movement now, how to hold the racket it will be better to hold the shorter grip rather than longer grip longer grip, its difficult to make flick its easier to use with shorter grip the thumb should be already lied there so they can use the power of fingers when they flick or they can use it when they do low service they can push little bit gently by the fingers so ready together and then the racket will go little bit backward my wrist rather than my arm if a player using their arm like this then its difficult to control it stay still here and use more wrist how to hit the shuttle cock push will be better, gently gently push rather than hit when they hit, its difficult to control difficult to make good accuracy gently back, and gently push in this way, push way shuttle will fly better way nice and flat way if you are tall player then it will be better to stay very close to the service line because you are tall, you can still make flat service but if you are little bit smaller then standing this close to the line will be not good idea because if you stay this close and when if you are smaller player like this it will go up way so opponent can attack it if you are small then its better to stay little bit further back so you have more flying distance which you can make flatter service and now, little bit more advanced service there is ‘T’ and there is corner personally it will be better to serve 7 or 8 serves to the ‘T’ and then may be 1 or 2 or 3 go to the corner because ‘T’ will be good, because flying time is shorter and opponents they don’t have good angle to attack but they do from the corner but some times this player should be able to make surprise corner service to do that this is the tip ready shuttle is straighted yeah from that side, if you see that shuttle is straighted like that and then if you serve like this shuttle will fly straight but in order to serve that corner from here to over there then you can turn your shuttle cock little bit side ways not when you are ready, like this because they can see it opponent can see what you are doing so, stay like this and then when you are making impact you turn your shuttle cock as well as your racket angle so the shuttle goes to the other side have a look slowly like this and then turn and hit it so shuttle goes that way ok now ready so, normal ready and then turn it ready turn service deceptive one more please if you do that your opponent will not be ready for the ‘T’ only he has to be ready for both ways which in order to make your opponent start slower from the other side you can, in this way from here to that corner you have to move your wrist little bit not straight forward you do that and then you change your angle that will be exactly the same but at the impact change it so its deceptive next one, the advanced in a way it can make some mistakes some top players they do that way their racket angle goes that way instead of vertical they do that and then they slice it they cut it from here to that way like that from here like this so it generates more spin have a look please, here from here slice it like this and some people they hold like that and they slice that way so on the move shuttle will little bit shakes which makes opponent difficult to return but remember most important thing in service is no mistake safe service will be the bests service rather than fancy and difficult service because as there is more difficulty for opponent in the other way there is higher possibility to make mistake most important things in having a good service is is the belief in your service when you serve please believe your service rather than afraid of opponent attack it does not matter what sought of technique and how much practice you do if you do that type of practice without your belief then the time will be wasted and there is no improvement can be made because, how? if you don’t believe there is no result so, does not matter how fast the opponent is as long as you do good flat service your opponent cannot attack it so, do believe in your service thank you


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