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Badminton Racket Review : Yonex Muscle Power 80

January 21, 2020

OK today we want to review an old racket. For 2018 Yonex just introduced their flagship rackets for this year from Astrox series, Astrox 88 S : Skill and Astrox 88 D : Dominate. But for today we want to look at Astrox series predecessor which is Muscle Power racket. So, today our sample is Muscle Power 80. This racket is said to have been used by Peter Gade from Denmark around 2001. OK, so we look at it. OK, as usual start with butt cap. As usual, there are a logo of Yonex and JAPAN word as production country. This sample handle is G5 in size. OK The control cap does not change much from the current standard control cap. At the front and back there are Yonex logo and the YONEX word. At the right side there is laser engrave code. OK, while at the left side there is information for the racket size. For this sample size is 3U, average weight is 88g. So, recomended tension is between 17lbs to 22lbs. What I found difference of this Muscle Power racket compared to the latest racket is for the control cap, inside here, if anyone is diligent to read for ways to identify aunthenticity of the Yonex racket among its features is to have lips at the control cap area. But, for this Muscle Power racket it has no lips. It is straight here like the old Carbonex racket. Even it has no lips, there is still a screw that holds the shaft to racket handle. So, if we open here there is no control cap lips. OK, we keep going. OK, we go to the shaft. At shaft has written model name, Muscle Power, at the front and also at the back. First, we go to the right side. OK Here there is some information about the material. OK, we read from the left. Ultra light weight. OK, for this Muscle Power 80 is said to be among the earliest racket that breaks the tradition achieving weight in 4U category, which has an average weight of 83g. Not this sample as for this racket the size is 3U. So, its feature is ultra light weight. Secondly, head heavy balance. OK, this racket is categorized in head heavy balance its balance point (BP) is located close to the frame. OK, for the latest racket which are categorized as head heavy balance in 2018, there are rackets in the Voltric series and also the latest and also the latest in the Astrox series. Made in Japan, this racket is produced in Japan. We go to the left side. OK, there is high modulus graphite (HMG) for the material used to create shaft and also frame. and then there’s plus ultimum ti. Ultimum ti What is this ultimum ti? This ultimum ti is a kind of alloy. Yonex developed an alloy consists nickel and titanium. So, for every part which have ultimum ti is said to be able to increase the repulsion power during impact between racket and shuttle. That’s the ultimum ti technology. So, for the latest racket it seems that Yonex does maintain this if we read the specifications of some latest racket, similar to the ultimum ti is called ti ni fiber. During the early year of 2000/2001 this was ultimum ti. And then slim shaft. This shaft is slimmer than regular one. For slim shaft we usually find it for racket that is categorized in heavy head series ie Voltric racket is mostly slim shaft. Even now the ultra slim shaft also exists. OK, we go to T-Joint. T-Joint is built in T-Joint. OK then we go to the frame. Frame is called the Muscle Power Frame. The Muscle Power Frame is different (*compared to conventional frame) if we want to tell a little bit about it, look at that. OK, Muscle Power Frame is said differs at the side edge in order to hold the gut/string longer, so that it can keep the tension Yonex has introduced Muscle Power Frame whereby at the edge of the frame, the shape is more R(Radius). So it’s the characteristic for the Muscle Power Frame. Its difference with conventional racket is said that a racket which has this Muscle Power Frame is more radius at the edge. It’s function is to hold string for longer tension consistency. For the side of this frame we can see grommet similar to current continuous grommet just larger in size. Based on reading, it is called the Muscle Power Strip. OK The Muscle Power Strip exists at left side and right side of this frame. Position between 4 to 5 as well as between 7 to 8. Both left and right side. It is an interesting feature for this Muscle Power *80 racket. OK I can feel here this is a box frame. Indeed we can feel the box frame. At the top there is no continuous grommet, just the regular grommet. Regarding the stringing pattern, I’m not sure. OK For the price, this racket is already discontinued from the market. But Muscle Power series for the low end market that is currently made in China is still being sold For low end Muscle Power series rackets from Yonex, mostly targeted for beginners/junior players. For the high end rackets ie Muscle Power 80, Muscle Power 99, Muscle Power 100 are no longer being sold. That’s all for this time. Thank you for watching!

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