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Badminton-Tips for Freshers (14) How to put a grip onto your racket handle

January 22, 2020

How to Put a Grip onto Your Racket Handle This is how I put grip on my rackets If you buy a grip one side is square another side is sharp like this some people use this one at the end first and some use this one first but I personally like to use this one first why? Because, if I use this one the end part is thicker and then after that thinner so this square one if I do that as you saw the bottom part is like that not smooth so when you do that way your hands feeling will not be smooth some part will be overlapped like that so to prevent that I use that side first so I put it there and then go round like that and then I do 2 or 3 times at the bottom because I like the bottom part thicker so 2 or 3 rounds and then I go down after 2 or 3 rounds when you go down, beginning to go down that is the most difficult part because thick and thin so when you go down from thick part to thin part you have to pull it little bit I have to pull it so there is no gap but if I do it not the right way this will happen so after 2 or 3 rounds I go down normal not pulling it then that will happen like that so you don’t want that so after 2 or 3 rounds at the bottom you have to push bit harder this part so this part goes bit longer so as you see it there is no overlapping looks smooth that is the difficult part, that is the technique you have to push it not to make that room and then if you like to make your grip little bit thicker then overlap deeper and if you want to make your racket little bit thinner then overlapping very tiny bit like that can you see it like that just tiny bit overlap but if you want to make it little bit thicker you like thicker grip then you have to overlap half I personally just do normal so I go all the way that way after you have done that part its easier just go all the way so at the end like that square some people they cut it but I don’t want to do that it takes too much time so at the end what I do is the bottom part I bend it that way it was like that I bent it half and then I go like that and then use this one go on top go round Good Luck


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    I have wetty hand which grip I should put and after how much games I should change

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    I had playing for 4 years now I am using voltric 7 DG which tension should I use currently 24 should I upgrade my racket

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    I have been confused about replacement grips. I have Arcsaber D5 Head Heavy…after I wrapped a replacement grip, my racquet became Head Light.

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    Which racket do u personally use sir

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    Hi sir,bought a grip today and searched on YouTube and to my surprise I found your video.Very clearly explained sir.Here most people but narrow part on top.But ur logic seems good sir.Please don't forget to add detailed split step video as you promised sir.

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    Does it matter if it's tennis racket grip and not badminton racket grip?

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    how to improve the body move ment ( hard move ment into soft move ment ) like robatic movemnt into music rythem movement

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    Excellent tutorial. Thank you. Just follow the steps. My wrap had a thin cushion inside to provide more grip. When wrapping I applied each layer just under the rib when overlapping. It measured accurately till the end and gave me an excellent grip.

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