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Barcelona: Yes Valverde, this is an industry

January 20, 2020

yes Valverde this is an industry this week in jeddah Antoine Griezmann lost
the ball Angel Korea scored and Ernesto Valverde was reminded of Anfield by the
world Barcelona have grown used to living with
roadies and surviving with Lionel Messi it’s the same club that pushed until the
last day of the transfer window to re-sign Emery who currently has them in
court it’s the same institution that is attending a parade of its sporting
directors it’s the same company that didn’t dare to change direction after
Roma and Liverpool Barcelona’s season is reduced to seven games ending in the
Champions League final the rest are a mirage the mechanical Fernando Alonso
the call – Xavi suggests that Barcelona have the intention of going back to
their roots to a place that they were happy like the kid who remembers a
football match in the sand with bruised knees this return to roots is what
Fernando Alonso has experimented he stripped away the engineers timekeepers
and mechanics and headed for an American movie of repairing a car in a desert the
two-time world champion continues his face of exploration wherever there’s a
clutch he’s willing to go there if he wins
even better if not he still has the American movie modern life twists its
origins the Vuelta a Espana will start a new trick this year which isn’t a
Spanish province the Davis Cup was played in Madrid formula 1 will be held
in Bahrain Abu Dhabi China and Vietnam in 2020 and not for charitable reasons
the Dakar Rally doesn’t pass through Dakar and is in Saudi Arabia
the NBA is installing themselves in Mexico in the New York Yankees have
filled London with baseball bats and gloves Euro 2020 will be held across the
continent and the Supercopa de españa is being played in Jeddah under the
presidency of Luiz rubles which makes you think of Xavier Tillis and Miami
Wimbledon is played in Wimbledon Ernesto Valverde before being fed to the Sharks
to define this all as an industry that’s it you have to accept it for those that
manage to chaos those that watch football on a mobile phone or fans that
watch it in a bar in Nepal are more important than the fans that sit in the
stands in the stadium every week for the moment Wimbledon is being played in
Wimbledon Barcelona are sticking to their roots related tags marketing glish


  • Reply Hilary Jalhad January 12, 2020 at 3:24 pm

    Oui il doit partir vraiment

  • Reply Cawil cabdulle Deeq January 12, 2020 at 3:32 pm

    Really i'll not support them as i like now Valverde out and out

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