Bard College Campus Tour

October 5, 2019

Hi, and welcome to Bard College. I’m Pranjal. I’m an international student from India. I major in economics and this
is my third year here at Bard. Our campus is about 1,000 acres in the beautiful Hudson Valley
of New York. Here we are at the Admissions Office
to start our tour. Along the way we’re going to
look at some beautiful buildings and learn about the unique academic
traditions that we have here at Bard. So, why wait then? (clap)
Let’s get rolling. ♪ Music ♪ Hi, my name is Alex. I’m from Queens, New York, and I’m a junior here at Bard
majoring in literature. I’m also one of the captains
of the men’s rugby team. Bard students are required
to go through five academic traditions
before they graduate, the first of which is the
workshop in Language and Thinking, which takes place three weeks before
their first year officially starts. We’re here at Blithewood, home to the Levy Economics Institute. It’s our graduate economics institute and also where students come
to take classes, attend seminars, and discussions. Hi, my name is Abiba and I’m a senior studying biology
here at Bard. All first-year students are required to take part in
our Citizen Science workshop. Citizen Science is basically
just the science version of the Language and Thinking workshop, where students get both a unique
hands-on laboratory experience and classroom experience. So, this building that we’re walking in is our Reem-Kayden Center for
Science and Computation. This is our main science building at Bard, where we have a number of different classes, such as biology, chemistry, physics,
and computer science. What I really like about
the classes at Bard is the fact that we have
very small classroom sizes. This means that you’re
able to build one-on-one relationships
with your professors. Hi, my name is Sage Warner. I am a senior psychology major
here at Bard. I’m also in the Orcapelicans, which is our coed a cappella group. So, here at Bard we have 10 distribution requirements, which are different areas of study, which we are required to take
one course in each, and that can range from analysis of art to mathematics and computing. And the purpose of that is to get you
to step outside of your major. So as I said, I’m a psychology major, but I took a lot of political studies courses, and I loved them so much that I’m headed towards a
career in Washington, D.C., that combines those with
my psychology knowledge. So here we are headed towards
the Fisher Center, which is a world-class facility
designed by Frank Gehry, and it houses spaces that faculty, professionals, and
students can actually use for art, music, theater, and dance. Hi, my name is Chase and I’m a sophomore
majoring in philosophy. I’m also part of Bard
Emergency Medical Services, a student volunteer service where students train as EMTs. Now, each student is required to take
the First-Year Seminar course— or, as we call it, FYSEM— a two-semester course in your first year where students engage in a series of texts followed by a central theme. As of now, we’re in the
Olin Humanities Building, where students take a variety of courses from the social sciences, languages,
and literature. As you can see from the setup of this classroom, our classes are generally discussion based, where students sit around a large rectangular table. Hi, my name is Maddie
and I am a senior here at Bard studying history and experimental humanities. And one thing that all Bard students
have to do is moderate, and basically that’s our version of
declaring a major. And so, it’s a multifaceted process. It involves doing some reflective writing on your past course work
and your future ambitions. You also do something that’s determined
by your program of study, so you could be doing lab work or putting on a performance or writing a longer essay. And then, basically, the Moderation
process culminates in a meeting with three of your professors and they evaluate your performance and, basically, help you set academic goals for yourself. Hi, my name is Claire. I’m a senior in the Conservatory
dual-degree program. I play French horn in the Conservatory and my academic degree in the
College is French studies. We also have music majors in the College and music classes that are open for anyone in the College regardless
of their field of study. The fifth and final academic tradition at Bard
is the Senior Project. Every student does one, and it can take one of three forms: either a long academic paper, a research project for those in math and science, or some sort of art installation or project for those in film, theater, music, fine arts. Every student is given a Senior Project adviser, who helps and advises the student
over the course of the year. We’re currently in the library, which, in addition to the other facilities on campus, has over 500,000 volumes and 4,000 academic journals. We also have a number of special collections, including the personal library of Hannah Arendt, who is a political theorist and philosopher. Hi. My name is Casey.
I’m a sophomore here at Bard majoring in global and international studies. I’m also a member of the women’s
soccer and lacrosse teams here. We are currently walking within
the Stevenson athletic facility, which houses a 25-yard swimming pool, aerobic studios, squash courts, a fitness center,
a full athletic training facility, and our main gymnasium, where both our basketball and volleyball teams compete. Outside of this facility we have six hard-surface tennis courts, our Lorenzo Ferrari Soccer and Lacrosse Complex, we have a rugby field, a baseball field, and we also have miles of groomed cross-country running trails. We are a member of the NCAA Division III Liberty League, where we have 18 varsity programs. (Cheering) Thanks for joining us today
on our tour of Bard College. As you have seen, Bard has a beautiful campus situated 90 miles north of New York City. Academics at Bard are
both challenging and enriching. Our campus here is also incredibly diverse. We have students from all 50 states in the U.S. and 67 countries abroad. As an international student from India,
I’ve really found my place here. This past fall, I even got to host the international students’ Cultural Show, which was a true celebration of the diversity that we have here at Bard. If you have enjoyed this tour, we would love to give you one in person. Come drop by at the Admissions Office,
where we are right now, or schedule a tour online. If you want to know more about Bard, visit us at On behalf of all tour guides,
we hope to see you on campus soon. ♪ Music ♪

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